Are We Doomed to Settle for the Name U.S. Bank Stadium?

A few weeks ago, it became public knowledge that US Bank, after having assisted the team in assuring their downtown stadium got built, would retain the rights to name the new palace. It seems to be a foregone conclusion now that, like the vast majority of other teams in the league, we will eventually be forced to mention the name some large multibillion-dollar company every time we talk about our homefield. Not just any multibillion-dollar company, but the cliche among all of these, a BANK!

Here’s a list of all the current stadium names in the NFL:

Metlife – Insurance Company – Giants & Jets
Lambeau Field – Historic Head Coach – Packers
AT&T Stadium – Telecommunications – Cowboys
Arrowhead Stadium – Team Logo – Chiefs
FedEx Field – Shipping Company – Washington
Sports Authority Field at Mile High – Sporting Goods Conglomorate – Broncos
Sun Life Stadium – Life Insurance – Dolphins
Bank of America Stadium – BANK! – Panthers
Mercedez-Benz Superdome – Car Dealer – Saints
FirstEnergy Stadium – Energy Company – Browns
Ralph Wilson Stadium – Team Founder/Owner – Bills
Qualcomm Stadium – Telecommunications – Chargers
Georgia Dome – State of Georgia- Falcons
NRG Stadium – Energy Company – Texans
M&T Bank Stadium – BANK! – Ravens
Lincoln Financial Field – Holding Company (BANK!) – Eagles
Nissan Stadium – Car Dealer – Titans
Gillette Stadium – Bathroom Supplies – Patriots
Levi’s Stadium – Clothing Company – 49ers
EverBank Field – BANK! – Jaguars
CenturyLink Field – Telecommunications – Seahawks
Raymond James Stadium – Holding COmpany (BANK!) – Buccaneers
Paul Brown Stadium – Team Founder (Browns Legend) – Bengals
Edward Jones Dome – Financial Services – Rams
Heinz Field – Food Company – Steelers
Ford Field – Car Dealer – Lions
Lucas Oil Stadium – Fossil Distributing Company – Colts
Soldier Field – US Troops Recognition – Bears
TCF Stadium – BANK! – Temporary squatting grounds for the Vikings

So, out of 32 teams, we have 2 Energy Companies, 2 Insurance Companies, 3 Telecommunications Companies, 3 car dealers, and 7 Banks/Investment Firms! Add to that, 6 other stadiums named by a unique style of business, (Bathroom Supplies, Food, Clothes, Fossils, Shipping, Sporting Goods), and we’re left with only 6 venues that have a name that mean something to their respective fans.

So how can we get around that? After a national bank has invested over a hundred million dollars on the naming rights, it seems like a lost cause now. But maybe the future isn’t quite so bleak. Afterall, Mall Of America Field was still the Metrodome to all of the loyal fans, and I’m pretty sure most Broncos fans stick with Mile High Stadium, especially since the name has an extra meaning since November 6, 2012.

But of course, those were names that existed before money grubbing owners sold out for a little extra profit. So where does our hope lie? Maybe it lies lies in doing something new and revolutionary in the stadium naming history. What if someone were able to convince US Bank to give us a meaningful name, while keeping their own name attached to the stadium. Something akin to US Bank Field at Valhalla Stadium, Asgaard Field at US Bank Stadium or Ragnarok Battlegrounds at US Bank Stadium. This way, whenever mentioned on the radio or TV, the Bank would still get their advertising, but the fans would get to call it something that they loved!

But what about this makes it revolutionary? That’s where my idea kicks into gear. The Bank could generate a whole lot of extra advertising and positive vibes towards their company by holding a stadium naming competition! Get a list of the best names anyone can add to the boring US Bank portion of the name, and have a fan vote to decide what our home will be called! Just think about how much interest a gimmick like this would generate in the team AND its sponsors! Now if only there were a way to contact the sponsors and convince them that they need to go with my idea…

Anyways, throw your vote in below! Do you like any of the names I suggested, or do you have a better one that I haven’t proposed?

Something this grandiose deserves a better name than U.S. Bank

101 comments on “Are We Doomed to Settle for the Name U.S. Bank Stadium?

  1. You’re spot on Parody. These sponsored company names is taking away from the uniqueness of the original stadium names. Since it’s their money that’s being contributed it’s their call. Nothing like hearing how teams feared coming to Metropolitan Stadium (in my Howard Cossell voice). I may be nostalgic and all, but that name to me had an aurra to it. I guess the guys have to be dominant on the field to make US Bank Field a name to fear…

    • I’m not buying into the Charles Johnson hype just yet. I still like Patterson better. He’s definitely the better athlete. I just hope that he can figure out the things that the coaches are asking of him so that he can display his freakish athletic skills.

      If not, then Johnson sure the heck had better figure out how to pull in the contested catches. If your receiver can’t catch the ball, it doesn’t matter if he’s where he’s supposed to be.

    • That was the impression I had when we drafted him. I think that if Diggs shows promise early on, it will be enough to convince Speilman to let Wright walk at the end of the year too. I think Wright’s a good #3, but I’m hoping that Diggs will prove to be just as good or better.

  2. I just listened to KFAN for a while in my car while they were covering training camp, and they really made this year’s team sound like it is by far and away a rebuilding team.

    They made it clear that they thought both of our top draft picks, Waynes and Kendricks are not doing anything impressive, and will probably not earn the starting roles this year. The way they described Kalil’s play, it sounds like he’s as much of a swinging door now as he ever was. And they were saying that they don’t think guys like Patterson or Munnerlyn will even make the team.

    It didn’t feel like they had anything positive to say the entire time. Hopefully the KFAN crew on board tonight just doesn’t have enough of a clue about what the Coaches are asking and what they’re seeing, because I was really expecting a much improved team from last year.

  3. That’s odd… I listen to the fan every day, and it’s 95% positive, 5% negative (the common man). Not sure who’s on there on Saturdays though. I went to the night practice tonight and it was PACKED, so the optimism down here is as high as I’ve seen it in years.

    • I listen every day too. It’s the only station in my car going to and from work. I didn’t take note of who was reporting, but the voices were definitely familiar which helped to add to the confusion, because I had not heard them talk so negatively about the 2015 team until now.

  4. I’ve been following it pretty closely and all I’ve heard seems to be positive. I don’t know why anyone is expecting Trae Waynes to contribute in his first year not many corners ever do, but he’s now getting reps with the 1st team so that can’t be bad. Waynes and Kendricks may not be automatic starters but rookies Stefon Diggs, Pruitt & Danielle Hunter are standing out in training camp and look like they’ll be contributing from day 1. I’m just concerned about that offensive line.

  5. //From Sunday’s practice//

    HEINICKE GETS A CHANCE: The coaches gave quarterback Shaun Hill a break today, and it was rookie Taylor Heinicke who got a look with the second-stringers. He has been streaky in camp so far, but he fared OK today. He threaded a touchdown pass to rookie tight end MyCole Pruitt and hit receiver Cordarrelle Patterson a couple of times on the sidelines. It looks like Heinicke has the leg up on Mike Kafka to be the No. 3 QB.

  6. So is everybody still in for fantasy football?
    If so what time and date would be good for the draft?

    Also (to quote Ronda Rousey after knocking out Bethe Correia) don’t cry when I repeat as league champion, therefore proving why I am the Best in the World.

  7. I just finished throwing together my early predictions for the season, and it looks like it’s going to be a tight race in the North. While I have Chicago sitting at the bottom with a score of 4-11, I have the Lions finishing 1 game short of the division lead with an 8-8 record. Meanwhile, because Chicago surprised the world in week 1 and edged out the Packers, the Vikings can stroll into Lambeau field in week 17 and graciously accept a loss, knowing that they have the tie breaker locked down. (MIN 4-2 in the division, and GB 3-3 in the division).

    Early Predictions for the NFC NORTH:
    CHICAGO W-L: 4-11, DIV: 3-9, CONF: 2-4
    DETROIT W-L: 8-8, DIV: 6-6, CONF: 3-3
    GREEN BAY W-L: 9-7, DIV: 7-5, CONF: 3-3
    MINNESOTA W-L: 9-7, DIV:7-5, CONF: 4-2

    • Biggest surprise is the WR lineup. I would have expected Wright to be #2 behind Johnson, and the favorite to step in the slot in 3-WR sets. I don’t think Thielen will make the team unless we go with 6 WRs, as the team will favor Diggs for his growth potential.

      I don’t understand why the author says Yankey is a surprise at Guard. He was drafted as a guard, and had there been no news of his need to bulk up, it would have been a bit of a surprise that he wasn’t able to earn the starting spot outright after the hype he received in the draft.

  8. I’ve been reading the training camp reports (and re-posting some) from the Daily Norseman.

    Mixed feelings about them. On one hand, it’s great to hear ANYTHING new about the team, but on the other hand they are reporting player weaknesses.

    I can’t imagine that telling opposing teams that Kalil can’t defend a bull rush will help us out any.

  9. ( Joe Buck )……..” Troy, why did they name it ” Kill Wobschall Field ” ?

    (Aikman)…………” Because Fox threatened to not broadcast any of the games if the first choice……. ” Drown Joe Buck In Any Of Our 10,000 Lakes Stadium ” was used.

  10. Hey Buddy…..Bit of a long story, but I’ll try to summarize it……

    A few months ago I had to put Sonja down because of her back and hips (a common problem with large dogs) and it really bummed me out. I fed her a $50 prime rib roast before the vet gave her the needle. I guess now all the standard poodles and bobcats in Atlantic Canada are sleeping better these days.
    The place just wasn’t the same without her, so I thought an extended road trip was in order. I visited friends in (chronological order) London, Bermuda, Belize, Guatemala,Mexico, Houston and Boston.
    It cost me a BUNDLE but, like my father used to say, ” F— it, feed the cat another canary “.Not once did I touch a computer or cell phone and I didn’t miss it at all.

    But now I’m back and I just want to say…..” Mounted Beaver Revolution ” would be a GREAT name for a rock band !!!

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