The Wait…

imageCurrently we are in the middle of the long wait till training camp, July 25th, and as a result nothing of substance has really occurred, which is a good thing. No Vikings’ player has been involved in legal trouble and none of them are holding out, so it is a good offseason; minus the LBs seemingly dropping like flies during OTAs giving guys like former CFL S/LB Brian Peters extra reps to get acclimated. Hopefully when it comes time the starting LBs stay healthy, so the defense can run at a high level.

By roger

88 comments on “The Wait…

  1. I was driving southbound on New Brighton Blvd last week up in St. Anthony — the view of the stadium from there is incredible– it looks like it overtakes the entire city– like something from outer space. Definitely the most imposing view of any angle I have seen so far.

  2. Was just thinking how unlucky we were not to sign Michael Johnson. We could have had a rotation of Griffen, Johnson, Robison, Chricton and could have spent that draft pick on a DT or another offensive linemen. Might have even used it to trade up and get a guy ready to start. If only…

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