Popping Cherries

On Friday the Vikings rookies got their first taste of what playing for Coach Zim is going to be like. Some of these guys were impressive like Waynes, who shocked Zim by how quickly he has picked up new techniques. Zim has also said it likely will be starting out at MLB, but may eventually move to WLB (likely when Greenway moves on). Another interesting note from the first day of rookie practice is Clemmings will get a shot at LG.

By roger

92 comments on “Popping Cherries

  1. Okay…there’s a 80% chance I’m going to the hall of fame as a guest of Bud Grant, Fran Tarkenton, Randall McDaniel, Carl Eller and Mike Tinglehoff. With a ticket to the Vikings dinner beforehand. If I do go and anyone wants something signed I’ll try my best to get it done for you.

        • The draft picks punish him in a roundabout way.

          I think 4 games is a fair punishment for Brady. The first 4 games set the tone for the season, and could ultimately effect their playoff hopes.

          I think the million dollar fine might be a bit over the top, but then again, they ARE repeat cheaters. Penalty should get stiffer as you go.

          Agree with you – I think it’s more likely that Belichek had at least “general knowledge” of what was going on, while Brady was directly responsible for the equipment guys sucking the air out of his balls.

          • I disagree on multiple points. The draft picks punish the team and its fans more than the individual(s), much like the suspension did in Peterson’s case.

            Tom Brady’s punishment is far too high. How is what he did different from an offensive lineman holding on most plays? Did you know that they are encouraged to hold defenders, but in such a way that they can get away with it?

            Why do we never hear about the refs getting any punishment or fines for not addressing these issues early? They handle the ball in between EVERY snap! It should be easy for them to say “there’s something off about this ball” and fix it IMMEDIATELY. That’s the same argument being thrown at Tom – How could he NOT know that the balls were under-inflated when he holds them on every play?

            The penalty should have been immediate, and on the field. 15-yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Because the refs were inept about this, the penalty is being blown way out of proportion.

            • Fair arguments, but I will point out that Holding is a subjective call, and fairly frequently enforced. The team also deserves punishment (win as a team, lose as a team, pay penalties as a team). Does anyone believe that Brady was the ONLY one on the team who made his pressure preference known? I’d be willing to bet each of the backup QBs met with the equipment guys and let their preference be known. I’d be surprised if the QBs on EVERY team didn’t do the same. Every single aspect of the game is so micromanaged these days.

              As far as refs getting punished, you got me there. I’d like to hear more news stories when they DO get reprimanded or fined (for all mistakes, not just ball pressure). I think we’ll see something enacted soon because of this. Too bad Mr. Whipple is dead – he’d be perfect to train a squad of ball squeezers.

  2. In other news, we signed Gopher WR Freuchte, who managed to rack up 292 yards last year, and won Gopher Receiver of the Year award.

    292 yards. For the season. Best on the team. Woo……hoo.

    To make room for the signing, Vikings parted with Kain Colter, who must have really sucked.

    • Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to look into that stat. The stat book says that Freuchte was actually the 3rd leading receiver on the team. TE Maxx Williams was far and away the best with 569 yards and 8 TDs.

      WR KJ Maye was #2 with 298 yards on 16 catches with 1 TD.
      WR Isaac Freuchte was #3 with 292 yards on 18 catches and 1 TD.

      Their stats are so comparable, I think they gave the award to Freuchte based on seniority. Regardless, they’re not enough to keep a player on a team long in the pros, so I doubt that he’s going to be anything more than a tackling dummy.

  3. Well at least the media has some fresh meat that is taking the focus off the Vikings/Peterson…
    They should suspend Brady for the LAST four games of the season instead of the first four.
    And how come nobody ever asks where I’ve been?!?
    I know, I know, y’all just think I’m down on the Strip fraternizing with all the show girls huh?

  4. SO, looks like AD will be with us after all this drama? Well now, I think we have a season to look forward to— Peterson will be on fire and with a good QB and great defense,watch out everyone, especially you cheeseheads.

    • I’m not a fan of the tactic the Patriots used to highlight discrimination, but the act that they committed is still far too mundane to warrant such harsh penalties. It is still my belief that they are increasing the penalty on the team because their officials failed to recognize what was going on during the game(s) and address the problem earlier.

  5. So I Waaa at the grocery store the other day and some dude was loading his groceries into a Sequia that was plastered with Patriots stickers. So I shouted out to him “Excuse me sir, but I think your tires look a little low on air!”
    He didn’t find it as funny as I did….

  6. So cheating is now classified as rhetoric? I can see Robert Kraft staying up in the middle of the night thinking….” If I can convince the whole world it was just rhetoric and not cheating, ya, that sounds good. Nobody knows what rhetoric means”

  7. When the Cowboys let Murray walk I was certain they were setting themselves up for AP. now they’re looking at Ben Tate and Felix Jones. I thought (and I thought they thought) they were closer to a championship team and intended to upgrade from Murray at RB to get there. Unless this is all smoke and mirrors to distance themselves from tampering charges. Maybe the fat lady has not sung? Sang? Whatcha all think?

      • We’ve got Dallas right where we want them. There are 2 options in play:

        1. Minnesota continues to maintain the public perception that they have no intentions of letting Peterson go. Dallas becomes increasingly nervous about having a roster full of trash RBs the closer they get to preseason. Dallas caves, offers just slightly less of a trade than Hershel Walker notoriety – Minnesota comes out with one less headache and a number of building blocks for the near future.

        2. Minnesota continues to maintain the public perception that they have no intentions of letting Peterson go because they have no intentions of letting Peterson go. Vikings enter the 2015 season with the 2014 ROY at QB, several impressive additions at WR and TE, a much improved over their much improved defense, AND the best RB in the NFL with a huge desire to get back on the field and stomp on people on his way to the end zone.

        Either way it plays out, Vikings win.

    • Finally, after months of people crediting Peterson with making statements that he didn’t make………

      Statement from Adrian Peterson: “The reason I’m not attending OTAs has nothing to do with wanting to be traded. It’s about securing my future with the Vikings. It’s business, not personal and I understand that firsthand. Go Vikings.”

      • His future with the Vikings is secure for 3 years. Beyond that, he’ll have to prove he can play.

        I don’t understand the mindset of someone who doesn’t think $45 million dollars secures a future.

        • It sounds like he’s afraid of getting injured or suspended again. If either of those happen, he loses out on the money for the games that he doesn’t play. I expect that he’ll be content with a little less, if the Vikings agree to guarantee a large portion of it.

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