Depth Players and Hidden Gems

Rounds 4-7 will be today and the Vikings have a nice amount of draft capital remaining. Hopefully with this excess of picks that they have the can find more gems like Fusco and Wright, instead of waste of picks like Kendall James and Everett Dawkins. The next seven and a half hours will be action packed even though many fans will not pay attention.

By roger

95 comments on “Depth Players and Hidden Gems

    • I liked reading the comments of each of the players up fr extension, except for Wright: “I do think I’ve done enough. But it’s kind of not up to me.” That looks like a defeatist attitude to me. I like Wright and think he is still valuable to this team as a #3 WR, but not with that mindset.

      What I’ve read about Stefon Diggs (5th round WR) is that he has a very similar skillset and role as Wright. So at this point it looks like he should be in line to replace Wright when his contract expires.

    • It doesn’t feel like quite as big of a need now as it was during the first three rounds of the draft, but I’d still be excited if he chose the Vikings. He’d add some extra tough competition to what has quickly become a crowded young offensive line. I’m sure he’d win the competition and solidify the wall in front of Teddy.

  1. I’m quite happy with the way the draft turned out. We only drafted 2 offensive players – by that I mean someone who’s going to score. O-Linemen are a necessity, but too often overlooked in favor of flashy RB/WR/QBs.

    It would appear that we have coaches with the right mindset.

    As far as WHO was drafted, if the player selected fit their criteria, he’s got just as good of a chance to make it as the more flashy names.

    Good things are going to happen this and coming years. We will win the SB within 3 years.

    • Impressive! Looks like he has some great hands and awareness. Those are traits that don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve when scouting draft talent.

      Too many receivers are selected early on who have great physical attributes (height, speed, jumping ability, etc.) with the thought that these other traits will be learned. I’m happy to see that the Vikings instead drafted a guy who is already better than most in those areas.

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