2015 NFL Mock Draft Round 1

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: QB Jameis Winston, FSU
    Basically everyone thinks the Bucs will go with Winston and he should be the pick without question if not for his off the field issues.
  2. Tennessee Titans: DE Dante Fowler, Florida
    Fowler is a beast at killing QBs and the Titans face Luck twice a year, so putting Andrew on his back consistently will go a long way in helping them possibly win their division. The Titans may actually trade this pick to the Chargers for Phillip Rivers and the 17th overall pick, allowing SD to snatch up Mariota.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars: WR Kevin White, West Virginia
    The Jags not long ago drafted a WR in the first round, but he was a dumbass who seemingly refused to learn to call someone to drive him home after a bender and therefore is no longer with them. To answer for this and to help their young QB the Jags should go after a no.1 WR early. White will open things up for Lee and their new TE Julius Thomas.
  4. Oakland Raiders: DL Leonard Williams, USC
    Everyone keeps crying that the Raiders need a WR and while true there is plenty of talent available later on in the draft, but not as many guys as talented as Williams will be. Williams can be paired with Dan Williams and form the West coast Williams’ wall.
  5. Washington Redskins: DE/OLB Vic Beasley, Clemson
    The Redskins lost Brain Orakpo to injury last year and the Titans this year, so a younger healthier replacement should be in the cards early. Beasley just like Folwer is an intercoursing beast when it comes to killing QBs.
  6. New York Jets: WR Amari Cooper, Alabama
    Geno is an ok QB and likely will be nothing more than that, but the Jets may decide that adding a new weapon for him could be the deference in a playoff run. Even if Geno doesn’t work out the Jets next QB will have a pretty decent WR core with Decker, Cooper, Kerley, and Marshall along with TE Amaro.
  7. Chicago Bears: QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon
    You read that right, the Bears should select Mariota. He has the potential to be in the league of the Tannehills and Daltons, which means a legit playoff contender for years to come. There is also the fact that Bears’ new HC John Fox really dislikes Cutler.
  8. Atlanta Falcons: DE/OLB Alvin Dupree, Kentucky
    The Falcons could go in many directions, but adding a speed rusher may be the smart choice. While not as well rounded as Folwer or Beasley (run support), Dupree can get to a QB like no one’s business and when you face Brees and Newton multiple times a season you need someone who can do that.
  9. New York Giants: OT Ereck Flowers, Miami
    The Giants are usually huge proponents in the BPA strategy, but this year they may take a chance a potential in the hopes of landing a LT. By selecting Flowers the Giants can switch around their OLine allowing Pugh to go to his natural position of OG.
  10. St. Louis Rams: OL Brandon Scherff, Iowa
    The Rams bounced LT Jake Long and so last year’s 1st round pick will switch from LG to LT, but that leaves a hole at LG, which can easily be filled by Scherff.
  11. Minnesota Vikings: WR DeVante Parker, Louisville
    This pick may not seem like a priority, but when you have a young QB you must make him comfortable whether that is through improving the OLine or weapons around him. Parker and Teddy are best buds and Parker is ultra-talented, so it just makes sense.
  12. Cleveland Browns: NT Danny Shelton, Washington
    Seeing as the Brownies can’t find a QB and for many years have seen what can happen when your defense has a solid anchor in the middle, it would be foolish to pass on the guy many have compared to Haloti Ngata. Shelton can eat blocks and push the pocket into opposing QBs’ laps.
  13. New Orleans Saints: DT Malcom Brown, Texas
    It sounds very likely that Cameron Jordan may be moving on next season, so the Saints may be in the market for his replacement early on in the draft. Brown would be more of a NT, but would give the Saints a ton of versatility along their DLine.
  14. Miami Dolphins: CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State
    The Dolphins got a steal last year in FA when they sign Brent Grimes, but the CBs that they followed that signing up with are a little underwhelming. That is why they should draft Waynes a very talented CB who needs plenty of work on his technique.
  15. San Francisco 49ers: DL Arik Armstead, Oregon
    The 9ers have lost a lot of talent on defense this off season, so why not add the most versatile DLinemen in the draft?
  16. Houston Texans: WR Phillip Dorsett, Miami
    While this can be considered a reach the Texans need someone opposite of Hopkins after the release of Andre Johnson. Dorsett is called a speed demon, but unlike many others who have been called this he is well-rounded as he route running is smoother and he has a nice pair of hands.
  17. San Diego Chargers: OL La’el Collins, LSU
    Collins can play most position along the OLine, but likely would be a better fit at LG. With his addition perhaps Rivers’ will feel his safety is assured resulting in him resigning with the Chargers. If the Titans end up with this pick they could take Collins as well.
  18. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Marcus Peters, Washington
    The Chiefs may be willing to take a chance on Peters despite his “character issues” and as a result they will land the best CB in the draft.
  19. Cleveland Browns: OT D.J. Humphries, Florida
    This is a pick based on potential as in Humphries has the potential to be a franchise LT if given proper time. While he works on getting stronger and improving his technique, he can operate as there RT, which is an area of need currently.
  20. Philadelphia Eagles: S Landon Collins, Alabama
    The Eagles secondary got a boost during FA, but they are far from done. Collins will not be the final piece they need, but will be a step in the right direction.
  21. Cincinnati Bengals: WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Missouri
    The man with all the talent in the world, but the lack of common sense of a first grader, DGB will give the Bengals an actual complement to AJ Green instead of the rabble they’ve been fielding.
  22. Pittsburgh Steelers: DE/OLB Randy Gregory, Nebraska
    Just a few weeks ago Gregory was considered a lock as a Top 10 pick, but after failing a drug test at the combine and not meeting the ideal weight requirements that the “experts” like he will fall and the Steelers will reap the benefits, that is if he gets his head out of his ass.
  23. Detroit Lions: DT Eddie Goldman, FSU
    Before FA this pick would have seemed illogical, but now after Suh and Fairly have fled DT is now the most obvious need. Goldman may not be as good as Suh, but he is more reliable than Fairly.
  24. Arizona Cardinals: HB Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin
    The Cardz could use a HB to pair with Ellington who is coming off a hip injury. Gordon would be the bee to Ellington’s butterfly.
  25. Carolina Panthers: WR Breshad Perriman, Central Florida
    The Panthers found an absolute jewel in Benjamin in last year’s draft, but they do not have anyone outside of him and TE Greg Olsen. That is why adding the speed demon Perriman makes so much sense; he will need to develop quite a bit, but his potential is equal to Benjamin’s.
  26. Baltimore Ravens: WR/TE Devin Funchess, Michigan
    The Ravens need both a TE and a WR, so why not add the guy who is basically both? Funchess will likely work out better as a TE, but he is determined to be a WR (likely for monetary reasons).
  27. Dallas Cowboys: LB Eric Kendricks, UCLA
    At some point in time the Cowboys are going to realize that Sean Lee will never stay healthy and if they do this year they can land a very talented albeit undersized LB in Kendricks.
  28. Denver Broncos: C Cameron Erving, FSU
    The Broncos allowed C Rodney Hudson to walk and so they should look for his replacement early, that is if they want Manning to stay upright.
  29. Indianapolis Colts: CB Jalen Collins, LSU
    The Colts have a good CB in Vontae Davis, but Greg Toler is more of a third CB. Even if Collins doesn’t work out at CB he is always an option for S, which the Colts need as well.
  30. Green Bay Packers: LB Stephone Anthony, Clemson
    A rumor is circulating that the Packers love Anthony and it makes sense as it will allow Clay Matthews to go back to his natural rush LB position instead of playing MLB.
  31. New Orleans Saints: WR Jaelen Strong, Arizona State
    The Saints sent away WR Kenny Stills and TE Jimmy Graham as a result of rumored conflicts with Brees. This has left them hurting for weapons, so they could add a very talented and large (6’3-6’4) WR in Strong who may slip a bit due to news of having a broken wrist.
  32. New England Patriots: CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest
    With Revis taking his island back to New York well actually New Jersey and Browner moving on as well the Patriots are in the need of a CB. While most of the time needs are overlooked by the Pats, Johnson’s talent kinda makes that impossible.
By roger

39 comments on “2015 NFL Mock Draft Round 1

  1. Hey Rog – Great article! But next time, go back to the previous article and let the rest of us know it’s here! I never shut down my computer, and rarely go back to the home page, so I was lucky that I decided to go looking for the new article today and found it a day late.

    • Fall? I’ve seen a lot of mocks with him not being picked until the 20s. Brandon Scherff is the only lineman who is an almost certainty to not drop to pick #11. If we do get an offensive lineman with our first pick, I hope that Adrian sticks around, as that should be enough to get our offense back to form this year. I just worry that even if Adrian is able to get over himself, the fan reception when he steps onto the field is going to make things go sour once again.

  2. Parody have you seem the recent story that came up involving Collins? That’s what GIPF is saying could cause him to fall. His pregnant ex girlfriend was murdered, and he’s been questioned about it.

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