Making the Right Call

At number 11 there will be many option available for the Vikings, but what one is the correct call? Should they add a weapon for Teddy like DeVante Parker? Maybe we should get him some additional protection like Brandon Scherff. What about helping out the defense by adding either Trae Waynes or Benardrick McKinney? Or should we say screw it and trade back to gain more ammo? No matter what even after everything blows over the answer will not be known till whoever they pick gets on the field, but here’s hoping it’s the right call.

100 comments on “Making the Right Call

  1. Just watched film on Marcus Peters for the 1st time. I must say I’m impressed! He is light years better than Trae Waynes! Teams seem to avoid him unlike Waynes, who seem to get caught on all the time.

    I’m really hoping for a trade back scenario. If we can pick up an additional high third round pick somehow, then turn that into a second with one of our seventh’s, I’d be ecstatic!

    From there I would go Eric Kendricks LB UCLA, Marcus Peters, Jalen Collins, or Kevin Johnson CB’s, then A.J Cann or Laken Tomlinson OG’s.

    Only way I take Scherff at 11 is if he can play LT also!

    • Not impressed – at least with this collection of plays.

      He slacked on pursuit if it wasn’t his guy, couldn’t tackle effectively when it WAS his guy, and lost coverage of his man in many plays that went to another receiver – a veteran QB would see that and totally exploit him in the coming plays. A couple of defensed passes he arrived early and should have been flagged.

      About the only positive thing you can point out is that opposing QB didn’t throw his way much, but I’d rather select a player known for making plays rather than not having to make plays.

      Again – might just be this collection of video, but the other video posted above was not stellar either – other than that one toe-dragging INT.


    Don’t expect any announcements today.

    It will be interesting to hear what Goodell concludes about Peterson’s choice in counselors. It could go either way – he will either try and rehab the NFL’s image and say “6 of one, half dozen of another” or he can continue to be a dick and say Peterson failed to comply with his instructions.

  3. Man the closer we get to the draft the more unsure I am about what we’ll do. I’d expect us to add another edge rusher within the first 3 rounds, B-Rob can’t be expected to play 900+ snaps again. All depends on how/if Crichton develops too.

  4. Raiders have voiced interest in Peterson and the have the cap space to not even worth about reworking his deal till later.
    I would like them as a trade destination for him in exchange for their 2nd round pick and HB Latavius Murray (nice complement to McKinnon) with a 4th this year or 3rd next year.
    Plus the whole sticking his “I’m not at fault for my own actions” attitude where talent goes in its final moments as an intercourse you to him.

    • Round 2-Pick 35, Round 4-Pick 102 and a young thumping RB? Sounds perfect! It looks like Murray is a bit injury prone, and more or less an unknown talent after 2-years in the league, but I think it’s still worth the gamble if we can get rid of the head case that Adrian Peterson has created.

      It should appear as a great value trade for the Raiders too, getting an MVP for a little bit more than a high 2nd round pick.

    • I sure hope you’re not talking about the 98 Packers offense…the intro to that video talked ALL about Brett Favre and his stellar career. It just mentioned the UNDEFEATED Vikings as a side-note about the upcoming competition, like being undefeated means nothing compared to being Brett Favre.

  5. Is anyone else sick of hearing what the Vikings owe Peterson?
    Yeah he is a great HB, but he is also the one who beat his own kid with a stick and then goes on to act like everyone did him wrong.
    Yet all the “experts” forget this, the intercourse is wrong with them?

    • I’ve been reading a lot on the subject, and haven’t seen much saying that the Vikings owe him anything. The most irritating reports that I’ve noticed are those that say the Vikings “should take the best offer that is presented, which should not be anything higher than a 3rd or 4th round pick.” They claim it would help the player and the team, parting ways because the bridge cannot be mended.

      I say BS to that! Peterson should not leave without at least the equivalent of a first round pick on the table. Even with his fragile state of mind, Peterson presents more value to the team than anything less. If no teams offer that, and he wants to keep on displaying how childish he can be, then he can sit out for ANOTHER year and effectively erase any chance he has to get into the hall of fame, or receive any of the other awards that he covets.

  6. Schedule has been released!

    Week 1 (Sept. 14): at San Francisco (Monday night) W (SF is falling apart quickly)
    Week 2 (Sept. 20: vs. Detroit W (With a depleted defense, Detroit is going to flounder in Minny)
    Week 3 (Sept. 27): vs. San Diego W (Chargers just never seem to be more than good, which isn’t enough to beat a team on the upswing at their house)
    Week 4 (Oct. 4): at Denver L (Manning is much better early in the season, and has homefield advantage)
    Week 5: BYE
    Week 6 (Oct. 18): vs. Kansas City W (KC never seems to have any intimidation factor)
    Week 7 (Oct. 25): at Detroit L (Sorry folks, but they’re still good enough to take us down in their house)
    Week 8 (Nov. 1): at Chicago W (Chicago has become the new Detroit)
    Week 9 (Nov. 8): vs. St. Louis W (Who’s their QB? What direction are they headed? These were less of a question last year and we still obliterated them)
    Week 10 (Nov. 15): at Oakland W (Oakland is moving in the right direction, but not as fast as the Vikings)
    Week 11 (Nov. 22): vs. Green Bay W (This will be a tough battle, but Zimmer & Turner will be ready for it)
    Week 12 (Nov. 29): at Atlanta L (They’re better than their records indicate. I expect the record to start resembling their skill this year)
    Week 13 (Dec. 6): vs. Seattle L (Still a formidable team, the Seahawks will be the only one to beat us at home)
    Week 14 (Dec. 10): at Arizona (Thursday night) L (Tough 3-game stretch finishes in AZ, who are desperate to show they can make it to the top of the NFC West)
    Week 15 (Dec. 20): vs. Chicago W (Will Cutler still be around? Will it matter? Chalk up an easy win after a tough 3-game skid)
    Week 16 (Dec. 27): vs. New York Giants W (Giants and Vikings always seem to have a game scheduled every season, and it usually ends in our favor)
    Week 17 (Jan. 3): at Green Bay L (Unless GB has a reason to Pack up early this year, they’re going to win at Lambeau)

    So this looks like a 10-6 record is on our way this year. Hopefully it will be enough to get into the postseason.

    • If Teddy is firing on all cylinders, and AP stays to play, we should add 2 wins to your total. I just don’t know which 2.

      I was going to say we beat AZ but that’s a primetime game, and we all know the Vikes turn into pumpkins after 6pm. Maybe this is the year we start to shake THAT curse.

      I’ve got a good feeling about sweeping Detroit this year, and we will surprise Seattle.

        • You very well could be right, but I’m also not completely confident that we’ll be winning all the games I predicted we would either. I tried to shake the purple haze out of my eyes before making a prediction, but that’s not an easy task.

          Looking at the schedule of the other teams in the division, I came up with predictions that have GB and DET tying our record while CHI battles for draft position at 4-12.


    This makes the trade for Mike Wallace look like a loss for the Vikings. It would have been a wash for both teams had the Vikings been able to convince the Dolphins to trade Wallace for Jennings straight up. Instead, the Dolphins essentially come out of the deal with an extra 5th rounder. Plus, they get the player with a much better character.

  8. I don’t respect those rankings too much! Also, rankings vary by team. I feel, as far as our needs, he’d be ranked higher on our board than usual.

    I would love to drop to #20 and get him though. If no trade back is available come our pick and Scherff and a couple other high rated players are gone. We gonna have to reach a bit!

    • To be fair, when the draft started Teddy was still at the top of the rankings in the CBS page I referenced. And if I had gone strictly by this metric, I would have argued that we should just wait until our pick in the 2nd round to draft Kendricks, given that his ranking is right in line with our pick in the second round, but I chose to upgrade him significantly because I don’t think he’ll last nearly that long.

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