Taking Stock

The first week of Free Agency is over and while a lot of other teams grabbed a ton of players, the Vikings seemingly missed out on their preferred targets. This does not mean the Vikings have not been motivated, but quite the opposite. While other teams have basically been acting like a virgin on his first trip a strip joint, the Vikings have taken their time so as not to blow their load. This has helped them be in contention for DE George Selvie; a DE who specializes in run defense, but with pass rush upside. As well as re-signing a few of their backups (Asiata and Johnson). They were also able to swing a trade for speedster WR Mike Wallace, who is a bit pricey, but is hopefully an upgrade over Jennings. There are still a few holes the Vikings could address, like WR (yes, even with Wallace WR is still a need), LG, CB, and LB, but there is always the draft. Which would help the Vikings prevent an over the cap situation when they re-sign the Hitman, Wright, and possibly Kalil (if he gets back to form).

By roger

93 comments on “Taking Stock

    • So, if AD wants to leave, what would happen if the Vikings said “tough shit – you’re under contract”. OK, then – does he not play – I doubt it. Does he just go through the motions – I doubt that, too. Maybe he becomes even more pissed off and takes it out on the opposition.

  1. AP had better hope that a team nuts up and gives us a 1st for him soon, because he’s losing supporters by the day in MN. Somehow he has twisted this around to make himself the victim, as if the Vikes took this last year away from him. I personally think that he’s been humbled by these last couple of weeks, teams aren’t tripping over themselves to get him like he and his agent are trying to make it out to be. I’ve supported AP, and have wanted him back on this roster, but if he finds a way to force himself out of MN, then I will feel betrayed. I’m not the type to “boo” any players other than the packers, but if the Vikes end up on the bad end of this deal, then I will have no problem booing his ass every single time he touches the ball.

    • If Peterson were smart, he’d fire Dogra. Peterson already has tarnished his public image, and Dogra’s actions are just reflecting things even worse on Peterson, making it even more difficult for the team to trade him.

      • Someone commented on a news article that AP is keeping quiet so Dogra ends up being the bad guy with the fans…….which is part of what he’s getting paid for.

        Dogra’s statement “nothing really to discuss, is there?” can mean a couple things – AP is facing the fact that he may HAVE to play in MN, or, they’ve decided what they are going to do to not play and are just waiting for the time to announce it.

  2. Adrian,

    I want to apologize, on behalf of the Vikings, for paying you millions of dollars to carry the ball 21 times in 2014. That St. Louis Rams defense was ferocious.

    I want to apologize, on behalf of the Vikings, for holding a press conference, just hours after your indictment, defending your honor. Even though this press conference made the franchise look extremely foolish under a national spotlight — subsequently infuriating fans, media, the NFL and Radisson Hotels – I apologize.

    I want to apologize, on behalf of the Vikings, for Matt Asiata and his 3.5 yards per carry. I know how frustrating that must have been for you to watch from afar.

    I want to apologize, on behalf of the Vikings, for ignoring the itch to restructure your contract and instead offering to pay your 2015 salary of $12+ million in full – and $15 million toward the salary cap – despite the non-guaranteed nature of said contract, your age (30) at a volatile position and your injury history.

    I also want to apologize, Adrian, on behalf of the Vikings, for offering this chance at redemption — a chance to play for the Vikings again in 2015 despite all that transpired. Most of the fans, media and people in the organization believed a second chance was warranted in this situation, but clearly that was a misread.

    And finally, I want to apologize on behalf of the state of Minnesota, which callously charged you with injuring a child via a switch in the first place. If we had all just looked the other way, everything would be cool, right?

    Wait, what? Oh, it was Texas that charged Peterson, not Minnesota?

    OK, then I apologize on behalf of the state of Texas.

    Well, you get the idea, Adrian. I, on behalf of the Vikings, feel horrible about all of our missteps over the past few months.

    Hopefully you can forgive us.

  3. I’ve recently seen comparisons of Ben Dogra (Adrian Peterson’s Agent) to Jerry MacGuire. The major difference is that Jerry got fired for noble reasons (he wrote and distributed an article to his company about the benefits of representing fewer clients, thus giving each of them better representation), while Dogra, to the best of anybody’s guess, was fired because he’s a complete mental case!

    I can’t believe he was able to keep so many of his clients. Hopefully they’ll all start to see how much of a cancer he is to his clients’ reputation very soon and all start to search for respectable representation.

    Of course, this comparison ends up making Adrian Peterson Cuba Gooding Jr, by proxy:

    • ​From the public perspective, this was a well written piece. From the perspective of the entitled sports star though? I think it won’t have its intended affect. Trying to see this from the other point of view, (something that requires a lot of imagination for an average Joe like myself), this comes across as just another whiny pathetic nobody who is jealous of all my success.

      What Adrian really needs is for somebody close to him to tell him what he needs to hear. I don’t know if that’s possible because it seems that the people closest to him are much more invested in making him believe he was always right than in helping him to admit where he went wrong. I think that’s what makes a lot of these guys turn into divas, is that they don’t have that close friend or family member who has enough courage to slap them upside the head and straighten them out when they clearly need it.
      It’s too bad, because if he had played his cards differently, he could have come out of this mess looking like more of a superstar than before. Even if he didn’t believe it, playing the media game and saying “What I did was wrong. I don’t deserve a second chance but I’m going to do everything I can to try to earn back the respect of my coaches, teammates and fans; starting with the counseling sessions so that in the future I will know effective ways to deal with my children when they misbehave.” A simple statement like that, with discussions about what he truly wants being kept internal between himself and ownership would have resulted in him earning as much money and improved reputation as he could have hoped for.

      Instead, he chose to play the poor spoiled rich boy card, burning as many bridges as he could in the process. Now his reputation can probably never be salvaged.

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