Impending FA

This coming Tuesday Free Agency begins and many teams will piss all over themselves in an attempt to impress the likes of Suh, Cobb, and others, but the good teams know you can not buy winning teams you must build them. That is not to say the Vikings should avoid going after FAs, but they should do so in moderation after careful planning otherwise we may end up with another expensive lower level of production guy like Jennings (yes I know he may be worth it as a mentor). Which teams will over spend? Which will miss out on quality guys? Can the Vikings find a few good role players that can’t help the team immediately? Is buying an OLine the best way to secure Teddy some help? Or should a WR be picked up? Will every thing change if Peterson is traded early on in FA, leading to the Vikings targeting Murray or Ingram. This questions and many more will be answered come Tuesday evening, so be sure to check regularly for updates.

138 comments on “Impending FA

  1. Vikings contacted Shaun Hill regarding QB2 spot, and also spoke with AJ Hawk.

    Norv declined to comment when asked if Ponder will be a Viking this year, instead gave cryptic “things are gonna happen quickly.”

  2. Alot of big name FAs have already got deals in place, CB Byron Maxwell is headed to Philly, WR Jeremy Maclin to KC, and OT\G Orlando Franklin to SD.
    There have also been a decent amount of re-signings like WR Cobb staying in GB and HB Ingram in New Orleans.

  3. Here’s a thought – it’s looking more and more like Harvin won’t have a team soon. What do you think about a homecoming? His issue was Ponder, and coaching’s frustrating inability to see that the Vikings were going nowhere with him at QB.

    Ponder is highly likely to be flipping burgers for some other team, and we have a QB with promise and a coaching staff that can run a team.

    Would it be worth the risk to bring Harvin back to see if he’s got anything left in the tank? Or are his injuries and personality too much baggage? Nothing improves morale like winning………

  4. Alright, so what do we know about Clint Boling? From what I can find, he’s a young, durable, and smart guard that was a fourth round pick. High character I assume since Zim would want to bring him in? Is he more known as a run blocker or a pass blocker? Could be a good pick up. I think the Shaun Hill deal is as good as done at this point.

  5. Could the Cardz be setting themselves up for a trade for AD?

    A few things that signify that they may try, Iupati is a road grader, Fitz took less money opening up an extra $13 million, and they are uncertain about Ellison’s health. Their 1st, a 3rd, and HB Andre Ellison/WR Michael Floyd/OG Jon Cooper would be decent value.

  6. Hill vs Cassel

    Cassel has a greater pedigree, with 71 career starts to just 34 for Hill. And Cassel is two years younger than Hill, meaning the chance that he fades soon — as in, this year — is less likely.

    But if you look at the raw numbers, Hill is at least Cassel’s equal — and actually gets the edge in a lot of career stats.

    Completion percentage? Hill is at 62.2, while Cassel is at 59.0.

    Interception percentage? Hill is picked off on 2.5 percent of his passes, while Cassel sits at 3.0.

    Net yards per pass attempt? Hill is 5.95, Cassel is 5.78.

    Passer rating? 85.5 for Hill, 80.1 for Cassel.

    In terms of fit, Hill is comfortable being in the No. 2 role but can start in a pinch. Cassel seems to want another chance to be No. 1.

    So Hill has slightly better numbers, is probably a better fit with Teddy Bridgewater entrenched as the No. 1 QB … and the Vikings saved money while adding draft value in getting Hill.

  7. Some interesting none Vikings news: Former Panther DE Greg Hardy will likely get a 1-2 game ban, which means he will now become one of the most targeted FAs left.

    I foresee him going to the Raiders, because they have the most money. Hopefully they protect themselves from conduct detrimental to the team (off field issues).

      • Kelly’s a buffoon. He had a QB who proved to be successful in the pros, and he’d rather gamble it away for a chance to draft an unknown. Granted, Kelly “knows” Mariota better than the other coaches in the league, he still can’t say definitively that the kid will be successful at the next level.

        Add to the fact that the fans liked Foles, and it becomes clear that Kelly has sharpened his own guillotine. So he better prove to be right in a hurry, or heads will start to roll.

  8. The Raiders have a ton of cap space, so how awesome would it be for the Vikings to trade them AD for their 2015 2nd round pick (35th overall) and a 5th/6th?

    That pick would be fairly valuable as many “1st” rounders will fall out of the 1st, leading to the Vikings getting atleast 3 stud players this year.

      • The cap price is steep, but the trade was pretty reasonable. We just agreed to turn a 5th rounder into a 7th rounder in exchange for a 900+ yard receiver. I just wonder what reason the Dolphins had to get rid of him for such a cheap price. His production has been pretty consistent throughout his career, so I hope his personality doesn’t bring down the locker room.

    • You’re not alone. I like it too. I’m just skeptical about how good a deal it appears to be.

      It raises more questions now too. With Wallace on the team, what happens to Jennings? Does he get cut, restructured or will he be allowed to make $11 million with hopes that the extra attention Wallace garners will help improve his production? I like the idea of having Wallace and Jennings as our #1 & #2, but if they do nothing to address the salary cap, then this should be the last free agency addition.

      With no more moves, we look to be heading into the draft targeting LG with our first pick. Scherff would be the ideal pick, but most experts expect him to be drafted before #11, which leaves us the consolation prize of La’el Collins.

  9. I don’t like this. Mike Wallace reportedly took himself out of the last half of the last game against the Jets. If true, we’ve exchanged a class act, Jennings, for a classless act in Wallace.
    How long will it be before Wallace is causing trouble in our locker room? Another primadonna like Harvin. A bad move by Spielman.

  10. Taking a look at who’s left for notable FA running backs (Knowshon Moreno, Stephen Jackson, Trent Richardson), Minnesota is left with 2 options – kiss and make up with AP, or draft a RB with the first pick. Unless McKinnon is 100%……….

    Asiata just isn’t the answer.

  11. Here’s a random thought.

    Spielman loves to use disinformation to swing draft deals. What if all is peaches and cream with Peterson and the Vikings, and this is all a ruse to try and effect other teams to sign FAs or change draft selections in order to make sure the guy we want is still there at #11????

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