Who would have thought that Adrain Peterson could be considered a distraction? After the Vikings stood by him during the whole beating his child with a switch otherwise known as a stick, Peterson has decided to question their loyalty. I guess paying him all year for sitting at home because of his own actions was not loyal. Now his agent is saying AD will never play another down as a Viking add that to AD’s conversation with Jerry Jones and it truly seems like Peterson doesn’t want to be around here. So how will this all play out? Will the Vikings force him to suit up? Or will AD basically go into retirement? Or can the Vikings find a way to get something of value for him?

By roger

94 comments on “Distraction?

  1. I would like your guys feelings towards this situation.
    A group is presenting on a game about H.P. Lovecraft mythos, so when they were doing Q&A after the presentation a person said that he hated Lovecraft. Then he asked how they were going to make the game appeal to him.

    Thoughts on a proper response?
    Mine would have been: Yeah, go intercourse yourself.

  2. Peterson is becoming that girlfriend who is great in bed, but is such a stupid, crazy bitch she really makes you wish you were with someone else in every other aspect of your life……..someone that makes you stop looking both ways when you cross a road…….someone that makes you want to spend time with your embarrassing family just so you don’t have to be with her……..someone you take out to eat at 2:00 pm just so nobody else sees you with her.

    Let’s finalize this divorce. Better things ahead for the team.

    • We got a first, third and seventh round pick for Percy “Migraine” Harvin. I think that an NFL MVP should fetch a higher price than that, especially for a team that is right on the cusp.

      Harvin was considerably younger, but that’s the only thing that he had that’s better than Adrian. Peterson is a harder worker, much better team player, more reliable and more productive. Oh yea, and he’s Wolverine!

  3. I would trade Adrian for a 2nd round pick to be honest. We were 7-9 without him and his best years are behind him. Let’s just move on and add a couple more talented young guys.

    • His better years may be slightly him, but I still think he is the best RB in the game. I think we’re better than 7-9 with him. I don’t see a RB in the draft bringing what he does now. May take a year or two for that. I’m still hoping he and the brass can make amends somehow and he’s back in Purple…

      • We’ll see who apologizes to who, but right now I’d rather see him traded. The least I’d accept for a trade is a 1st round pick with some performance incentives to add future picks, (like a 3rd rounder tacked on if he starts the entire year, and a 2nd rounder tacked on if he rushes for over 1200 yards).

  4. Break it down, we were 5-4 over the last 9 games as TB became comfortable, Johnson emerged as #1 WR target, and we figured out what to do with CP.

    If we get McKinnon healthy this year, find a guard who can do what he’s supposed to do, and add a couple more receiving targets……..we don’t need a diva. He’s going to be more headache than we need.

    • Yes Teddy got better, and will get better. Johnson found his spot in the lineup, but McKinnon concerns me. Back issues stay around for a long time and I don’t trust that. I admit, I didn’t expect AD to go off like this. The brass may guarantee more of his contract money to prove they want him back and show that’s their way of trying to make amends..

  5. On a basketball note, R.I.P. to Anthony Mason. As a 76ers fan, Mase was a beast watching him play for the Knicks. Just too bad Jordan was in the way of their playoff runs. Dude was a helluva power forward back then…

  6. So, what do you dudes think about AP’s “statement” that he released on Friday? My first reaction was thinking it was a huge slap in the face to the Vikes and fans, but maybe I’m overreacting.

    • My first reaction was hmm, he mentioned getting back on the field, but not with the Vikes, he didn’t mention any team tho’. I may have been overreacting myself and looking too much into his statement. I guess all or at least most of us are just tired of the delay and want answers now…The saga continues…

    • That deal kinda caught me off guard too. I think Philly got the better end of the deal. McCoy is a helluva back, but he seems at his best in a wide open type offense. Ryan’s offenses have always been ground -n-pound. Philly in my opinion is getting a star in the making…

    • That’s the only article I’ve seen that indicates what the picks were. Everything I was able to dig up says “undisclosed draft picks”. If all we get is turning an early 6th into a late 5th and a 2016 garbage pick, it wasn’t worth it. Sure, it frees up a couple of bucks on the cap, but now we have nobody to back up Teddy.

      It’s too early to say Teddy’s injury prone, but he does appear fragile. Knowing that, I felt really comfortable that we had a vet like Cassel to back him up. Now with the all but non-existent options in free agency and the draft, if Teddy makes one wrong step, the season could be over.

  7. A tutorial to understanding Rick Spielman.

    “We have no intention of trading Percy Harvin” – translation – he’s outta here.
    “Nothing’s been decided about Matt Cassell” – translation – he’s outta here.
    “We expect Adrian Peterson to be a Viking this season” – translation needed???? Didn’t think so.

  8. Trading Cassel means one of 4 things:
    1) Pat Devlin is better than we know.
    2) Spielman is cooking up a FA deal.
    3) Ponder is a much cheaper option at backup than Cassel.
    4) Someone at the combine caught Spielman’s eye.

    Options 1, 3, and 4 would suggest that Ponder will stay with the team to provide a backup with game experience. The term ‘veteran’ crossed my mind, but after the laughter subsided I changed it to ‘game experience.’

    If Spielman goes with signing a FA for an experienced backup, then Ponder is history, and they will draft another QB in the late rounds or after the draft for the PS.

    Honestly? Ponder would serve as an acceptable backup for a game or 2 should TB be sidelined with an injury. If TB goes down with a serious injury, I’d think the Vikes would pony up cash for somebody good (in the early part of the season).

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