Draft Debate

The Vikings should have many options at the 11th overall pick in this years draft, but what one is the correct choice? Is adding a high powered weapon (Parker/White) for Teddy the way to go? Maybe they should the Vikings improve Teddy’s protection. Or could they surprise everyone and select a CB to play opposite of Rhodes (LSU Jalen Collins (could play S))? So what are all your thoughts on this? Do you all have someone you like? Or a strategy to overhaul the team in all phase of the game? What part will FA play in all this speculation?

136 comments on “Draft Debate

  1. If I had my way, we would take Scherff(sp?) at G/T. I think if you have a good enough QB, you don’t need elite receivers (see Patriots and Seahawks). We dropped a lot on offence in 2014, so going with a G/T to protect Teddy should be a priority. I also like the receivers we have and I would give Patterson another year. On defense, we need an MLB and a CB.

  2. My draft preference would be getting Iowa G/T Brandon Schreff in the first and Miami WR Phillip Dorsett (speed for days) in the 2nd, but if Schreff is gone and he very likely could be I’d want Louisville WR Parker in the 1st and Penn State G/T Donovan Smith in the 2nd.

    • I wish I had more time to pay attention to all these players but I’m certain on Scherrf and Melvin Gordon those guys are studs bring em in! Not so sure on Devante Parker though, Teddy is one of those rare QB’s that don’t need elite receivers. Just give him time and some maulers up front and he’ll be fine. Rather use it on RB or defense.

  3. every highlight I see of Scherff, he’s playing the tackle position. has he ever played guard at any time of his college career ?? just wondering. if so, i would love to draft him, convert him to guard, and with Fusco coming back from injury I think our O-Line would be pretty solid. Loadholt-Khalil at T. Scherff-Fusco at G. Sully at C. Get rid of Johnson to clear a little cap space…

  4. i think Khalil is gonna step up big time this season. yes, he crapped his pants most of the season, but the last couple of games he showed signs of his rookie year. hopefully he comes in 100%, and we’re gonna see a much better Khalil this season…

  5. As far as our first pick in the draft, and subsequent picks, I hope we bolster our Oline and add a couple more weapons in the defensive secondary.

    With the emergence of Johnson and Thielen, the likelihood that Wright and Patterson’s lightbulbs ‘click’ this season, and the potential for AP to return to the field with McKinnon as his backup, our offense is looking like points………a LOT of points.

    Bostick was underutilized in GB. He could very well contribute a great deal.

  6. I’m sure the Dolphin’s new look would figure prominently in the next South Beach gay parade……….

    ( True story)……Anyway, my computer expired so I bought a new one. Being over 50, I was experiencing lots of problems getting my new one ‘up to speed’.
    At 1:35 a.m. I gave up, looked at Sonja and said ” Bark at that %#@$ing thing!” and then shut it down. She complied. ( ‘ Bark’ and ‘ Eat’ take up 99.99999 % of her brain cells ).
    The next morning everything worked great.

  7. ESPN 1500 ____Has interview with___Adrian Peterson___He is compareing ___Minnesota___2___Texas___Says oh Minnesota dug up so much ___shit___on him
    Says ___Texas___ dind’t do anything
    Well ___AP___jUst tOOk A royAl shit on__Minnesota___Fuck AP___
    Hope AP becomes a Mormon___Marries All his baby mAmAs___Fuck AP___

      • Every time he opens his mouth he proves how big of an idiot he is. You beat up your kid and people reacted, shocking! The entire world came down on the Vikings organization. Don’t beat up your child simple as that!

    • I have no doubt about it. Teddy was always the guy the Vikings wanted. I guarantee you the Vikings draft room was more ecstatic than I was (I was GIDDY) when the Browns drafted Manziel.

      I was certain back then that Manziel would be lucky to have a career as good as Tebow’s. He was the one QB I didn’t want us to have in any round of the draft. Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr, Mettenberger, Garrapolo, Savage, McCarron and even Boyd all ranked higher from my point of view.

      Then we traded up for Bridgewater, the favorite to go #1 for the entire offseason. It can’t get any better than that!

      Ok, to be honest, I wanted Bortles first – his physical measurables seemed worth the chance to see if we can develop him into something great – but Bridgewater proved early and repeatedly to be the best of group, hands down.

  8. Another reason I don’t use Wikipedia: I just looked up T-Jack on there, after reading Oz’s comments. Well, it stated how TJack got us to the playoffs– and then it goes on to say– and he helped the Vikings to another playoff berth in 2009. Really? I mean, really? All I recall was TJack playing mop up after Farve and company (and our great D) had us so far ahead.

  9. http://www.twincities.com/vikings/ci_27575195/tom-powers-adrian-peterson-keeps-making-bad-situation

    Some funny shit.

    “Here’s a guy who was charged with felony child abuse, then announced he had “smoked a little weed” before a court-mandated drug test. Then he refused to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell when there seemed to be an opening for a lesser suspension. Earlier in the year, he reportedly called Jerry Jones and told him he wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy. And I’m not even going to get into the fact that he is a one-man population explosion.

    My goodness, the fellow probably thinks Johnny Cash is a pay toilet and that Taco Bell is the Spanish phone company. In other words, if he were any dumber, he’d have to be watered twice a week.”

      • Yessir. Totally agree. i won’t judge either, and i think his dues were paid in full, but he seems real butthurt about how he felt the higher brass treated him through all this. i don’t know the inner workings of the whole situation,(contract-salary, who said what, ect.), but as much as i would still want to see him return and retire in purple, i think there’s something special in the makings for us in the very near future. i don’t want to see a disgruntled player, regardless of whom it may be disrupting and causing chaos. seems like he wants an apology on bended knees. it will be interesting if he comes back and we win in spite of him and not because of him. just wondering if he changes his tune then, because we have been solely dependent upon him for the better of seven years offensively and he knows that, and that may be changing soon…

  10. Does anybody know what’s taking the court so long to decide on Adrian Peterson’s case against the NFL? Have they said when the decision will be announced?

    In the past few days, I’ve soured a bit at the idea of Peterson playing for the Vikings again, but the worst part about all of this is waiting for it to be over! The suspension was a hindrance to the team and its fans so much more than it has been to Adrian! Why can’t the NFL come up with a penal system that targets the player without doing so much to his team at the same time?

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