Super Bowl XLIX

This game should be very good, but let’s hope that the whining about soft balls doesn’t take away from the action on the field. Can the Seahawks’ defense crush Brady and Gronk? Will Wilson scramble out of terrible situations and find his guys or will he be turned into a hideous growth on the field? Will Brady overcome the doubters and accusers and make one last glorious mark in the history books or will he falter once again? The time for speculation is over and soon a champion will be crowned. The whining about did the Patriots cheat no longer matters as the game starts 0-0. It is time!

101 comments on “Super Bowl XLIX

    • That’s a nice compilation. I would have liked to see all his dropbacks (the video didn’t include any plays where he didn’t throw the ball). Throughout, I was keeping track of his interceptions, and by my count there were 7 picks that he was directly responsible for (either hit the intercepting defender first, or tipped at the line), 4 that were pretty good throws but tipped off the hands of the intended receiver, and the 1 Hail Mary at the end of the half which shouldn’t really be held against him since the half was over whether or not he threw the pick, so you can’t fault him for giving his guys a chance to win the toss up.

    • Wow. That article listed a lot more red flags about Manzeil than I was aware of, and I have already learned of a lot!

      I don’t think he REALLY admitted himself to rehab. What seems more likely is that the Browns brass told him that if he doesn’t start rehab, then he doesn’t have a chance in Cleveland. Especially with the way his dad described him in that article, I don’t think there is any way that Manzeil made this move without someone else placing a huge incentive on it.

      If you have to bribe somebody to be a good person, then they’re never going to be a good person.

  1. Front page of the Trib has a pic of AD signing something for a young fan– looks like the media may be finally helping in changing AD’s image. I am feeling more confident AD will be on the Vikings.

        • Titus: Roger, I am the best in the world!
          Roger: At goat sex, I have no doubt, but as for the rest I am the Best in the World.
          Titus: What is this obsession with goats, Roger?
          Roger: HCG has given up on goat sex opting for pugs, so his goat needs love and your the only one who can do it.

          Titus: Roger are you a goat?
          Roger: If you want me to be, you sexy goat intercourser you.

          Titus: It has become clear: Roger is a goat.

          It seems pretty cut and dry to me.

            • You never denied a thing that Roger said. That can easily be interpreted as implied consent. You never declared that it means he is a goat, you simply declared that he is a goat. This can be taken to mean a number of things. I chose to take it as a continuation to the preceding statement made by Roger (as I quoted above). That was how it came across from my point of view.

              The logic couldn’t be any more sound.

  2. I think this whole Cordarrelle Patterson thing is complete crap. Norv Turner didn’t use Patterson in any way like his rookie year. He was asked to line up out wide and run routes every damn time OH how I yearn for the days of Bill Musgrave! I don’t want to hear that they game planned for him what the hell do you think teams did when Ponder was QB?

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