Pre-Super Bowl…

Soon the Super Bowl will be upon us and a victor will be crowned. Will it be some SeaChickens or the “Rule Deflating” Patriots? While the result will not affect us Vikings fans, it should atleast be an entertaining game. So with that out of the way who do you guys got as the victor?

By roger

57 comments on “Pre-Super Bowl…

  1. I knew Greenway had a bad year, bud I didn’t think he was that bad. According to PFF, he was the worst defensive starter on the team (-15.9 PFF ranking). He’s definitely going to need to take a pay cut after that. Looking at the numbers posted for the top three LBs of note (Barr +9.3, Cole +8.7, Hodges +8.4), I feel comfortable going into the year with these 3 young starters and drafting one or two late-round flyers for depth/future potential.

    • He has a chance to be the #2 over there? That’s surprising. In a year or so if he shows his value I’d believe it, but they must be hurting bad for talent at the position if any CFL player can walk into a starting role.

    • You gotta stop wasting your time/money on those things. I already have a machine that is more accurate than they ever were or will be, and it doesn’t even need a name.

      The final score will be 21-20, with the Cheatriots beating the Seaguls without deflated balls.

      • Not sure about the Seachicks, but Pats WR Lafell has always had potential.
        It is just too bad the Panther didn’t know how to use him right. Then the Pats have Edelmen and Amendola Edelmen is basically Wes Welker and Amendola can be that good if he is healthy too bad that isn’t very often. You also then have to take into consideration that the offense kinda runs through Gronk, so yeah the Pats are pretty stacked.

    • i think Pepsi sponsored a different ballot, which i think was fan driven (won by Teddy).the other one, which Beckham won, was by the Associated Press, which i think is driven by columnists, reporters, etc. i’m just as confused about who is the rookie of the year now…

        • true. it seems like the Pepsi ballot is based upon a player’s fan base, which i thought Beckham’s was bigger than Bridgewater’s, especially after that worldwide catch he made against Dallas during the season. i assumed his stock with the fans was gonna skyrocket. who knows ?? we may have more or new Vikings fans lurking than we think. i think AP looked strictly at the numbers based on the amount of games both guys played during the season…

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