Packers Choke!

Aaron Rodgers may be considered one of the best QBs in the league, but he is not foreign to the concept of choking, as is evident in this MNF clip against the Seahawks.

He took that slip pretty seriously, and started some hard workouts during the season, and then went about advertising his efforts in every commercial break on every channel that plays NFL games.

The work wasn’t enough though, as Rodgers returned to Seattle only to choke again, over and over and over.

Alright, to be fair, there was choking all across the board, both by his team and by his opponent, who gave up 5 turnovers in the game compared to the two picks that Rodgers threw. If anybody can be blamed for the choking in this game, it’s the head coach of the Packers. A big factor in the outcome of games is the team that wins the turnover battle, and being up by 3 in that category any Super Bowl hopeful team should have no trouble putting the opposition away. But McCarthy made mistake after mistake after mistake. It all started when he cowardly took a field goal with inches-to-go to get into the end zone, and then again when there was maybe a couple extra feet between the ball and the goal line. It continued as he was unable to coach his team into the end zone for any but one drive of the entire game, and his play calling continued to be timid, rarely giving Rodgers (the NFL’s MVP) a chance to throw the ball when they had the lead.

This game looked like the Packers had it won early in the second half, up until the final two drives of regulation for Seattle’s offense, when a QB with a then-QB rating of ZERO shredded McCarthy’s prevent defense and scored a TD. Then the on-sides kick team muffed the ball and tipped it into Seattle’s hands. Seattle then took the lead with another TD, and Russell Wilson tossed a Hail Mary-type 2-point conversion to stretch their lead to 3. With less than 2-minutes to go, McCarthy’s timid style was just enough to get the Packers to score a FG to tie the game and send it into overtime.

McCarthy sent out his choking QB to call the coin toss against Tarvaris Jackson, and lost that call as well.

You gotta know better than to send some scrub in against the BEST Coin-Toss-Player in the league! Then his defensive play-calling failed one last time, as they let a receiver slip down the middle of the field and grab the game-winning TD.

Oh, and watch your language Mike – the ref is right there.

112 comments on “Packers Choke!

    • That list is a bit surprising. Most of what I’ve been looking at recently has 2 or 3 OTs going in the top-ten, but they don’t list any until 15 – and the guy listed has been more of a second round prospect in my other sources. They also have Shaq Thompson, Amari Cooper and some other highly touted players a lot lower on the list than anywhere else I’ve seen them.

    • Maxwell would be nice. But we went to FA for a CB last year. I doubt that we’ll do it again so quickly. Munnerlyn wasn’t great, but still should be good enough to hold down the fort until a draft pick starts stealing his reps.

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