Conference Championships and All-Star Games

This Sunday the Packers take on the Seahawks and the Colts try to unseat the Patriots as the class of the AFC. The battles will be brutal and one possible outcome could destroy Vikings’ fans way of life, so go Sea-chicks. Also this Saturday at 3pm CT the East-West Shrine game will be on the NFL Network. Many draft prospect will be looking to improve their stock enough to be invited to next weeks Senior Bowl, also on NFL Network (next Saturday with practices leading up to it). The prospect I am most looking forward to at the East-West game is LSU RB Terrence Magee, while small 5’9 he is built like a brick shit-house 220 LBs and is very quick. Magee would be a good 4th round pick to pair with McKinnon, if AD goes home.

105 comments on “Conference Championships and All-Star Games

  1. I try to ignore draft speculation until March at least, but it’s so difficult. I’m not one of those that thinks we need receivers, people make it sound like they’re the worst in the league… Teddy needs more time to throw, and a running back that defenses actually respect. If we can get a big receiver who can high point the ball at good value then I’m all for it, but I think we need a stud MLB and a LG more. It all depends on the AP situation though, the off season revolves around what happens with him.

    • LB depth is a need, but Cole can be the starting “mike” backer seeing as Zim usually had Barr and Greenway playing during nickle defense, with Hodges and Cole switching in because of injury.

      Out of Cole and Hodges, Hodges is the better in coverage and could take over for Greenway if he leaves.

    • I completely agree with you IAVike. I’m still hoping that AP gets his case resolved and he is reinstated well before the draft giving the team enough time to try to negotiate a reduced contract with him. If Peterson’s not on board, Spielman will be green to make his draft strategy include getting a complement to McKinnon in the mid rounds (he’s stated that this draft is DEEP with RB talent, so a mid round prospect should still be a good upgrade over what we had in Asiata).

      • I like McKinnon, but that back issue he has bothers me. definitely hoping for AD and management to resolve the money issue when he gets reinstated so he can return. if not i’d rather have a feature back rather than a RB by committee. can’t see Felton coming back, so i wouldn’t mind seeing Zach Line finally get some burn as the starting FB…

        • Agreed. i can’t see Rodgers getting away from that Seahawks pressure even on two legs, let alone one. if Weak Bay stands a chance, it may be through their defense. i think they have the LBs to keep Wilson contained so that he can’t do much damage outside of the pocket. Chancellor lighting up one of those Weak Bay WRs should set the tone of the game early and hopefully the ShitPackers would tap out…

        • Don’t check me into rehab ’til after the game(lol), but i think the Colts go into Foxborough and beat the Patriots. don’t have a statistical reason why, i just think the Colts have one more ”glass slipper” game in them. it will definitely come off on SB Sunday tho’…

  2. YES! Man that game was scary. The entire time, after about the first quarter I thought Seattle didn’t stand a chance. That was the most satisfied I have ever been to see a playoff game that the Vikings weren’t involved in.

  3. Well, I took a risk and picked GB just before the game– almost paid off. But it was enjoyable to see Mike McCarthy in that interview just now. Poor guy. What a painful loss. We need to send GB a gift.

  4. This game is a complete blowout– just ran to Super Target for some snacks. Dang, I missed almost the whole third quarter. I am not surprised, though– I was unsure of the GB game, but this one I just knew would be no contest.

      • Patriots are just so good this year– their D is solid, Brady has had a huge chip on his shoulder as has Belicheat since the loss before “We’re on to Cincinnati” speech, and they dominated Indy in Indy a few weeks ago– plus Indy is not as seasoned as the Ravens– the Ravens had a SB recently– they can play with the Pats– most teams cannot keep it close in NE this year.

  5. So Brady vs. Wilson…
    The Seahawks have the better overall team, but the Pats have the better offense and after today’s play from Russel I have no doubts Tom is winning, which will be followed by a quick retirement (and Jimmy G. becoming the Franchise).

  6. Now I’m 9-1 in my post-season predictions. The only game I got wrong was the Cowboys over the Packers.

    My final prediction is that the Patriots beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, but I’m not very confident in this, as the stats say they should only win by a single point.

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