Playoffs and FA

The playoffs continue this weekend with key match ups being Brady vs. Flacco and Rodgers vs. Romo. Those along with them the almost out to pasture Stallion facing off against his replacement the young Mustang that everyone has been drooling over since college, should make for an enjoyable viewing experience. All 4 games look like they will be good, but the outcome of one of them could possibly ruin what should be a interesting offseason.

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    • Absolutely. And to be honest, I kind of like Romo– no I don’t have a temperature. Maybe because he did well for me in Fantasy Football or because he has actually come of age the past couple seasons, I don’t know– I think he deserves a ring. But can you imagine Jerry Jones after a SB win?

    • I think the primary reason is that the 49ers can’t afford him. According to Over the Cap, they are more than $6.1 million over the upper projected salary cap of 2015 (it’s been estimated to be somewhere between $138.6 and $141.8 million and they currently have about $147.9 million owed in 2015 contracts). That’s without any money committed to the Guard because his rookie contract ended in 2014.

      So, before they can even think about resigning Iupati, they need to cut upwards of $10 million (probably a lot closer to $20 million) just to be able to dangle a potentially acceptable offer his way.

  2. Top ten list of the True Vikings fan’s most hated teams:

    1) Green Bay Packers
    2)The Packers
    3) Green Bay
    4) Cheeseheads
    5) Green Bay Packers
    6) Dallas Cowboys
    7) New Orleans Saints
    8) Seattle Seahawks
    9) Chicago Bears
    10) Detroit Lions
    11) Honorable Mention: Green Bay Packers

    • That hiring already looks to be a failure. Even if he were a good coach, his specialty is in defense, an area that the Bills are already very strong. If I were a Bills fan, I’d have been begging for an offensive minded head coach to get the team corrected.

      This year, Ryan’s Jets scored 4.375 points per game less than the Bills. It appears that Ryan’s defensive schemes haven’t been working for him either. The Jets gave up nearly 7 points more per game than the Bills did. The Jets offense ranked 27th in adjusted points scored per game, and 22nd in adjusted points against per game. That’s a resume that tells me that Ryan would have been lucky to get a coordinator job in the next year.

  3. Honestly, how the hell does Fox let Joe buck call packer games?? Listen to him call a 3 yard run for GB, acts like it’s a fuckin touchdown. Then when something bad happens to GB, its the most monotone voice ever. Listen to him make excuses for Rodgers! Fuckin douchebag.

  4. Buck still spewing the excuses for if the Packers lose.
    Every player is hurt damn it. Look at Romo his back is all sorts of intercoursed up yet his injury was only mentioned when he was hit hard once, but every minute Buck is saying Rodgers’ calf this and that.

  5. I really wanted Dallas to win. Doubtful Green Bay can beat the Seahawks and the way Broncos look,. it may be Patriots and Seahawks in the big dance– I think I predicted that about five weeks ago.

  6. So far my predictions are 7/8 in the playoffs (as such, I will have to adjust my predictions for the rest of the playoffs), but the one I wanted to be right more than any was the one that was wrong. I’m so depressed…

  7. Now that my reality has changed once more, I’m predicting that the Patriots still beat the Colts and represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, but now, instead of Seattle losing to Dallas, Seattle will beat the Packers by a score of 23-19 and then watch their dreams of winning it all 2-years in a row slip by as Tom Brady gets the last score as the final seconds tick off the clock, getting the Patriots another win under Belichick by a score of 21-20.

    • Don’t get too excited about Carter. Remember Emmanuel Arceneaux?
      Stats for Carter and Arceneaux for 2014:

      Carter: 75 catches, 1030 yards, 13.7 average, 7 tds.

      Arceneaux: 62 catches, 905 yards, 14.6 average, 8 tds.

      By all means, sign him and give him a shot, but lets not put our hopes up too much.

      • Would never imply Carter is the guy, but some (dimwitted fans) are saying signing him would make drafting Parker unnecessary, which is bull. Never get caught up in measurables less you get Stephen Hill (failed Jets 2nd round pick).

        You build around your franchise players and Teddy is the future of the Vikings, so getting him the guy who basically is his best friend and favorite target would be the smartest almost easiest choice to make, unless Scherff is there.

        • That all depends on what the Vikings do in free agency. Teddy needs an improvement on his offensive line and running support before WRs.

          So do the Vikings keep Peterson (will he be allowed to play at the start of the year)? If not, then do they grab a free agent who can do the job? Do they replace Charlie Johnson with someone who isn’t afraid to touch a defensive player? If those needs aren’t addressed before the draft, I would move WR consideration back to the end of day 2.

            • Gotta go for the big time receiver in round 1. Unless this team is looking for a franchise LT which there is none in this draft then wait for the 2nd round. I’m not spending my 11th pick on a fucking Guard am I right guys? Gonna be plenty of offensive linemen available on day 2, heck spend the next 3 picks on offensive line for all I care because we need it! Give our franchise QB every possible chance to succeed. God I hope Adrian Peterson restructures that contract!

              • i’m totally with you on Peterson. hopefully he’s willing to come down from the $13 million he’s due to get next season. i think a good running game will help Teddy more than anything. example: Seattle. very average WRs in my opinion, but a beast at RB, and Russell Wilson creates off of that…

              • Agreed, if Peterson comes back and we’re able to add some maulers on the line then we could be in business. If Peterson doesn’t come back I think we should take an O-lineman in the 1st and trade back up for Melvin Gordon RB from Wisconsin. He looks like a throwback to me.

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