Don’t talk about playoffs…




ok, fine, talk about playoffs.

124 comments on “Playoffs?!

    • You’re right again, buddy!!!!!!

      Jerry would be right at home in the desert, sunning himself on a rock and lashing out with his tongue at carrion flies on his eyebrows.

      GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Okay, here are the Titus predictions:

    Arizona will be demolished— Carolina 24, Arizona, 10
    Baltimore will fight hard but Pittsburgh prevails– 21-17
    Cincinnati is the upset pick and takes down Indy– 28-24
    Detroit gets sloppy and panics while Murray and Romo and Bryant and Witten score and score and score– 34-17

  2. This article gives an interesting twist on how Peterson’s suspension affects the Vikings. Because the suspension is set to go through the majority of the free agency period, it gives the Vikings an advantage in negotiating a lower salary for him, since most teams will not have enough money in reserve to offer him a better deal.

    From this standpoint, it seems like owners and management are in favor of the terms of the suspension.

  3. To the man that was ”as cool as the other side of the pillow” and hit you with the ”boo-yah”, it was a joy and blessing to watch and hear him on ESPN. R.I.P. Stuart Scott….

  4. normally, i’d root for the Lions to lose, but ’round my way Cowboys and their fans are totally hated on. let’s go Lions. then they can lose next week (if it ain’t against Weak Bay)….

    • How come no one is talking about all the mistakes the refs made that were in favor of the Lions in that game? A few of the more blatant examples I can think of include when the defender tackled the punter after the ball was kicked with no penalty, on a Detroit punt when a gunner hit the return man after he caught the fair catch and received no flags, the pass interference call that was thrown against a Dallas receiver who was knocked down by one defender into one who was running across the field, and an almost identical pass intereference play that should have been called against a Detroit CB.

      I hope people are given a list of all the mistakes that these refs made today and start to realize that it isn’t a consipracy for Dallace, but just one of the worst groups of Refs that have ever officiated a playoff game.

    • I’m willing to gamble and trust that Kalil is going to get back on track. We still need an improvement at LG – Charlie Johnson shouldn’t be a starter – but let’s get a LG who is a great LG and not worry about the tackle position quite yet. If Matt doesn’t fix things next year, then we can get his replacement in the draft after his rookie contract has expired.


    The first two guys are defensive linemen, so probably have very little chance of making a difference on the team. But DeMarcus Van Dyke excites me. He’s a 3rd round pick from 2011 who hasn’t been able to pan out for any team yet (the Vikings are now the fourth team he’s been with). With any previous coaching regime, I’d just roll my eyes at this signing and wonder why it’s worth mentioning. But with Zimmer’s ability to get production out of lesser known players, I have some high hopes for this kid to turn things around. With a 6’1″ frame, and a 4.25 second 40-yard dash, if he can learn a thing or two from Zimmer, he could surprise the league next year.

  6. Two senior citizens driving cross country felt tired and decided they would nap a few hours at a hotel before venturing on to their relatives for the holidays. At the hotel, they found themselves refreshed after only a few hours and decided they wanted to get to their grand kids as soon as possible. Upon checkout, the senior was handed a bill for $450 and the man erupted angrily– “this is a nice place, but we were only here four hours.” Then the clerk said, “yes, but we have an Olympic-size pool and huge ballroom that you could have used.”
    “But we didn’t use them,” said the husband. The husband was clearly irate and a suave hotel manager stepped in to ensure the matter was handled satisfactorily. The manager said, “Well, you see we have the most unlimited amenity package in the world. You could have watched the finest entertainment with shows better than New York, Vegas, and London combined- all of which you could have enjoyed.”
    “But we didn’t see them, ” retorted the husband.
    The manager continued, “Well, you could have had the finest massage and walked on a treadmill while viewing an IMAX theater-caliber movie.”
    “But we never used them!”
    “Well, you could have eaten all you want of the finest foods, no limit– as much as you wanted, even room service without charge. You could have eaten lobster and shrimp like it was peanut butter and crackers.” After amenity after amenity, the husband finally relinquished. “Okay,” and then he asked his wife to pay. She brought out her checkbook and handed over a check, to which the hotel manager replied, “but ma’am, this check is only for $50.”
    “Yes,” she replied, ” I charged you $400 for sleeping with me.”
    The hotel manager blushed, exclaiming, “Ma’am, I did not!”
    And the wife said, “Yes, but you could have.”

  7. CB Marcus Peters in the 2nd round would be a great pairing with Rhodes.

    He has some issues, which include some crazy shit happening between him and the Washington coaching staff (Don’t believe the choking story, for it is a lie.) and a lack of tackling technique, but if a coach of Zim’s caliber can get a hold of him he may be one of the best CBs not named Rhodes (yeah he is the best of the young CBs).

  8. What has changed since Walsh’s rookie year?

    Answer: His holder.

    A way to solve this problem is replace the holder who happens to be the leagues worst punter. It is also time to replace the long snapper, who is way overpriced.

    Not sure if Baca is still around, but he has experience as a long snapper I think.


    I’m going under the assumption that they want to re-work AP’s contract, but he may not be interested. As a result the Vikings may be forced to cut him to save cap space, because 2 mil in dead money is better than 12 mil. The saved 10 mil could be used for the betterment of the team as a whole instead of focusing on one position, a better OLine improves the whole offense.

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