Vikings vs. Bears

Today is the Vikings season finale after being eliminated from playoff contention a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean that this game is meaningless. With a victory the Vikings will not only end Zim’s first season as HC on a high note, but will likely spell the end for either Tresman or Cutler in Chicago. Will Teddy continue to grow and show what he will become in the near future? Can the OLine get it together and protect Teddy like they should? Will the Defense finally get their collective heads out of their asses and stomp an opponent?

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  1. I don’t like those ads where the celebrities huff and puff — and then the statement reads– it is difficult to talk about domestic violence. I don’t believe they are effective messaging.

    • I could tell right from the beginning of the Johnny Football draft craze that he was going to destroy himself. I recall being extremely worried when our pick came around and Manziel was still available, then the feeling of relief when seeing that Cleveland traded up and drafted this bust. And of course, later on the feeling of disgust when hearing people say “the Vikings were trying to trade up to the same spot that Cleveland did in order to get Manziel”. Of course, I retorted that our team wasn’t nearly that incompetent and was always targeting Bridgewater, but still couldn’t help but wonder if I might be wrong…

  2. Minnesota Vikings 2015 Home Games:
    •Chicago Bears
    •Detroit Lions
    •Green Bay Packers
    •Kansas City Chiefs
    •New York Giants
    •San Diego Chargers
    •Seattle Seahawks
    •St. Louis Rams

    Minnesota Vikings 2015 Road Opponents
    •Arizona Cardinals
    •Atlanta Falcons
    •Chicago Bears
    •Denver Broncos
    •Detroit Lions
    •Green Bay Packers
    •Oakland Raiders
    •San Francisco 49ers

    • I loved reading everything that Jennings had to say in that article. It looks like he really wants to be a mentor, and can really be a valuable one if Patterson takes what’s offered. Cordarrelle’s lucky to have a veteran like Jennings on his side, going out of his way to help his teammate get better. Other vets may just shrug their shoulders and say “his not performing just means I’m going to get more targets and be able to show how good I am.” Not Greg. He’s a true team player. We need more guys like him on the roster.

    • I wouldn’t do it. As much as I liked seeing Parker’s highlight tape and would like to get one more big time playmaker on offense, I don’t think it would be wise to take a WR with our first pick. Teddy’s gotten some good performance out of a number of the guys who are still under contract for next year (Jennings, Wright, Johnson, Thielen) and I’m still hoping beyond a reasonable measure that Patterson can turn into the guy he was drafted to be.

      First and foremost, I’d like to see the team draft someone who can show Charlie Johnson the exit, (Scherff?). An improved offensive line will do more to fix this offense than a great WR could.

      If that guy’s not there at 11 (and a BIG name doesn’t sneak past the first 10 teams) then I want to trade back and get the #1 ILB (McKinney).

    • I liked some of the mid picks, others didn’t make much sense. This line especially was nonsensical:

      The Vikings have needs on both sides of the ball, maybe even having more holes to fill than they have picks…

      Outside of Jasper Brinkley, (perhaps the biggest weakness on the defense), the Vikings have all of their starters returning. We don’t have holes, we have soft spots that could use an upgrade.

      Positions most in need of an upgrade are, in order: ILB (see reason above), OL (preferably a LG who can give Kalil a kick in the ass every now and then), WR (assuming that Patterson is incapable of realizing his potential), Safety, and RB if Peterson is through in MN.

      Positions that need some drafting for depth are DL and OL, both positions where a few reliable backups are set to hit free agency. That comes out to 7 picks, using each of our draft picks to fill positions of need and then allowing UDFAs to fill in the rest of the roster without consideration for any Veteran Free Agents. Bring in some vets, and Spielman’s job gets a little easier.

    • That’s getting so old. How come players don’t get suspended for DWI?
      Apparently, the NFL is just about to (or just did) instill a “harsher” penalty of a 2 game suspension.

      So controversial discipline of your child is grounds for indefinite suspension, but attempted murder is just two games? HOW IS THAT FAIR OR CONSISTENT?

    • That does sound a bit comical. Yes, they are without their top 2 QBs, but still, they’re playing against the second team in NFL history to win a division title with a sub-500 record. And they have home field advantage.

      To be fair, the Cardinals’ worst score for the season was 18 points (the season opener) in every game that Carson Palmer played. After he was injured, the best they could score was 18 points, and that was with a QB who is listed as out for this week’s game.

      If the defense plays an average game (average to their standards) they’ll allow about 18 points in the contest. So Arizona’s offense is going to have to play beyond the best of their ability – that they’ve shown thus far without their starting QB – in order to win this game.

      But that’s all just statistics speaking. It’s still entirely possible that luck will favor the foolish.

  3. My playoff predictions:
    Wild Card
    IND beats CIN (28.06-18.38)
    BAL beats PIT (27.12 – 18.69)

    CAR beats ARI (17.84 – 17.89 [I’m taking a leap and saying that the Cards will score less than my numbers say they should, as the numbers are predicted with the entire season in consideration])
    DAL beats DET (23.90 – 18.00)

    NE beats BAL (21.48 – 20.93)
    IND beats DEN (27.37 – 25.77)

    DAL beats SEA (24.27 – 23.31)
    GB beats CAR (24.33 – 21.04)

    NE beats IND (25.27 – 23.70)

    DAL beats GB (29.85 – 24.98)

    Patriots bring home one more for Tom Brady, beating the Cowboys by a score of 26.857 – 26.846 (Yea, they’re that close in team averages!)

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