Merry Christmas…

merry christmas

and Happy Holidays. It is that time of year where you and your loved ones get together, so have fun and don’t try to murder any of them.

By roger

54 comments on “Merry Christmas…

  1. Merry Christmas uglies. Love you all.

    Three questions. ..

    I probably screwed up with that one weeks score prediction, does it now matter?

    Is Nova still alive? He is old but has witch doctor inside of him.

    What should game prediction game prize be?

  2. Vikings were supposed to beat the Bears in the Bears’ stadium, and they are ashamed for losing to an inferior foe. Now the Vikings have a HUGE chip on their shoulder with home-field advantage heavily on their side. Prediction?

    VIKINGS WIN: 29-22

    • Nope, Vikings will play hard because they lost against Miami after playing horrible defense and they will fear Zimmer. Also, our offense is really firing. On the other hand, the Bears will not lie down. I think the Vikings pull it off but it will be close. Prediction to come.

  3. Sorry I’ve been AWOL so much but the temperture has dropped WAAAY under 40 degrees multiple times. It’s been like 38 and 39 the last couple of days and Internet service is sluggish at best. I think the cold temps reduce the electrical pressure grinding technology down to the pace of a turtle. Desert tortoise at best, chasing a head of cabbage. I best get my final prediction of the year in before the next turtapocalypse

  4. I don’t know why I am waiting to predict– have not won yet. So who cares? I think that will be the attitude of the bear cubs after we take a big lead late in the second quarter. It will be close till the last couple minutes of the half and we win big. 37-13 Vikings.

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