Vikings @ Miami

The Vikings are facing off against the Dolphin who are looking forward to the playoffs, but can the Vikings destroy their chances to make them?

126 comments on “Vikings @ Miami

  1. ( Dolphins )……” OK, the Vikes just tied it up with a 2-point conversion, so let’s fumble the kick-off WITHOUT GETTING TOUCHED “.
    ” OK, now they have us right where we want them “.

    After loving this team since /68, I am now convinced that God hates us.

  2. Take away a Ford TD and that is the difference-total BS, It was as clear as day…then they rule a TD for Wallace on a much more questionable play.

    Rhodes got rooked on that PI call that ended up giving Miami the game tying TD.

    The refs gave Miami true home field advantage…sad.

  3. We could have/should have played better today, but that blown call by the refs before halftime was the difference in this game. May as well not even have replays then, because that was obvious to EVERYONE.

    • true. if they’re gonna still screw up after watching a camera in the booth for a whole minute or two then the league may as well go back to to putting the decisions solely in the refs hands…

  4. No doubt going into halftime up 21-7 would have changed the entire landscape of the game, especially from a psychological perspective for Miami and our D. I was at an angle from the TV, sitting at my desk, and I could see it was a TD.

  5. Our QB is awesome, no question about it. He should have been drafted in the top three spots of the draft– that is why, dear Nova, I think God still loves us–choosing Teddy reminds me of Moss when all the teams passed on him. This kid is phenomenal.

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