Vikings @ Lions: Player of the Game

This week was extra hard writing the player of the game article, given how hot the Vikings started off, and then just fizzled offensively after the first quarter and couldn’t do anything for the rest of the game.

Teddy Bridgewater: Despite throwing two interceptions, Teddy had some respectable stats for the day.  He completed 31/41 attempts (75.6%) for 315 yards and a touchdown.  Granted, both interceptions were bad throws, one of them still required a very good play by Detroit’s secondary in order to reel in the turnover. However, Teddy was not able to get the team into the endzone for the final 3 quarters of the game.

Greg Jennings: The only offensive player that seems deserving of consideration is Jennings, who while only catching 3 passes, they went for 43 yards (14.3 avg) and a TD.  Also, one of them was another great toe-tapper on the sideline for a long first down that was confirmed after Detroit challenged.

Gerold Hodges: Filling in for an injured Anthony Barr for the second week in a row, Hodges had another very good performance.  No turnovers this week, but he led a very good defensive unit in tackles with 9, and added 2 pass deflections to those numbers.  His performance in these last two games is going to make off-season decisions for the LB corps very interesting.

Xavier Rhodes: Following Megatron around the field, whether he lined up left or right on most snaps, Rhodes had another great day.  Megatron only was able to get open 4 times for 53 yards – pretty mediocre numbers for the same guy who owns the record for most receiving yards in a single season.  A bit out of character this week, Rhodes was unable to notch any pass deflections, but he did get in 3 tackles, including one for a loss.

Harrison Smith & Andrew Sendejo: No offense to either of these two, but given how things played out in Detroit, it seems fair to group them together in the vote for this week.  As the starting safeties in the game, they both got 6 tackles (2nd most behind Hodges), and undoubtedly deserve much of the credit for holding the Lions out of the endzone for the entire game, save for the one drive that started inside the redzone after Teddy’s first interception.

Cordarrelle Patterson: He’s been hard to find this season, but the Flash came close to getting us the win at the end of the game.  With 2 kick returns, he notched 74-yards, including the 51-yarder setting up the last drive.  With the game on the line and Wright injured, Patterson came in and caught 2 passes for 16 yards as well.  So he was able to make the most of his opportunities this week, even though they were very limited.

With no sacks, turnovers, or other huge performances, it’s hard to justify putting any one else on this list, even though the defense as a whole put up a great performance, keeping the score extra low even with a 2-turnover deficit.  Once we are able to get an offense capable of scoring back on the field, this team is going to be scary good.


97 comments on “Vikings @ Lions: Player of the Game

  1. I would have added Kyle Rudolph as an option. he caught 7 passes for 69 yards. His best game so far, I think.
    I voted for Teddy. He had very good numbers. Don’t forget that Detroit is the number 2 defense in the entire NFL, giving up only 300 yards per game while the Vikings put up 360 yards.

  2. I think Xavier should be on here, and he’d get my vote. He shut Calvin Johnson down, and in doing so, he took their best player out of the equation. The one catch and run Johnson had wasn’t on Xavier.

  3. Here goes Fran raving on Teddy– I remember when he ranted against signing Favre and then raving about Ponder. Does Fran really have a clue? I guess if you make enough prophesies, one of them will come true. I guarantee it.

    • Nevertheless, he makes good points that other people are also saying. I would have given Frazier another year – my mistake. I think Zimmer has been really good for this team and not just on defense. I am extremely hopeful that Teddy is the real McCoy and, if he is, we will be able to concentrate on surrounding him with talented players who can complement his skillset. I think it is too early to say he is the franchise quarterback, but he sure looks good to me. Others are certainly free to disagree.

      • Zimmer may be the best coach we ever had– too early to say, but man, I like his approach. It is about winning and no one is above being sat down or lowered on the roster. Frazier let Ponder lose four games in a row that one year — no way do I envision Zimmer allowing that. Heck, he even went for a 68 yard field goal– even Denny Green would not have done that (take a knee with top three receivers in the universe, an out-of-this-world QB, and a load of time left to go into overtime). Zimmer has smarts and guts– winning combination.

  4. I looked at my Fantasy history today and it was ugly. I’ve finished 7th out of 10 teams five times out of seven seasons and finished 8th once and lost the Super Bowl once.
    So if I ever offer you fantasy advice i suggest you don’t listen.

  5. On my way to Miami in a few minutes to see the game tomorrow so my prediction will be earlier than normal.

    Vikings – 23

    Dolphins – 20

    I still have some purple kool-aide and my purple colored sunglasses on…….No way is Zimmer gonna let us lose tomorrow. If he isn’t getting through to our guys, I might have to go on the field to kick some *ss myself!

  6. I’m going to watch the game with one of my oldest and best friends, who is a HUGE fish fan.
    Give me this win, boys, and make my season.
    Vikes 21-17.
    Unlike tuna fishing companies, I am not dolphin-friendly

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