Vikings vs. Jets

It what is likely to cause historical confusion the Vikings are about to be invaded by mechanical birds. Not just any mechanical birds though, birds that have not been able to properly fly for years. Now the question is will the Vikings be able to withstand the suicidal dive bombing techniques of these sad little avian monstrosities?

167 comments on “Vikings vs. Jets

  1. Wow! This weekend just keeps getting better! It started off with me getting a new job offer Friday evening, then finding killer seats to the game (front row, upper deck, 40-yard line for $60 each), then the Vikings pulling off that spectacular overtime play for the victory…

    and now I check my fantasy score for the first time today and find out that my team is OBLITERATING the competition who just happens to have the second best score of the week! Now I just hope that I don’t wake up before the sexy foreign exchange student who is about to knock on my door can get her clothes off.

  2. I must confess I still don’t understand the points system and have a helmet to prove it.
    And speaking of points, Kalil was nice enough to award the Jets with 2 of them. Can someone fix that?

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