Vikings Player of the Game: Panthers @ Vikings

Vikings Territory has been electing a player of the game, win or loss, for every game we’ve had this year. I liked the idea, so figured we could try it out here and see how it goes.  Luckily, we’re starting it out after a big win, so it should make our first go at it more fun.

There were a lot of players worthy of consideration for this week. Teddy had his best statistical performance yet, the defense stood strong thanks to guys like Griffen, Robinson and Rhodes, and special teams stood out BIG thanks to Griffen, Brinkley and Thielen. We need to look at their individual performances and choose which one was the most deserving of this week’s game ball.

Teddy Bridgewater: Teddy came out and started strong. He commanded the first drive of his offense with a short field thanks to a poor punt by Carolina. He completed all of his passes including a floater in to a wide open Rudolph for a TD. Teddy showed some good improvement with his deep ball today too, hitting Jarius Wright in stride on a go route along the left sideline, and placing it well along the right sideline on another attempt that was just defended well enough for a green Charlie Johnson to be unable to pull in the completion. He finished the day 15/21 for 131 yards and 2-TDs, adding up to a rating of 120.7.

Greg Jennings: Greg was the next closest thing to a standout player on offense. He caught 5 of his 6 targets for a respectable 45-yards. He also was able to dance around some defenders after a catch late in the 2nd-quarter to pound in the team’s final TD with just a few seconds remaining on the clock.

Adam Thielen: Thielen – AKA the Mankato Flash – scored his first ever NFL touchdown today at the end of the Panthers’ 2nd offensive drive, where he bolted up the middle on an attempted punt, blocked the kick, kept it trapped inside his gut as he went to the ground, and then jumped up off the ground with ball and darted into the endzone for the team’s first blocked punt-TD since 1985! Even though this is the only play in the game that he factored in, (okay, he was credited with 2 tackles, but I didn’t notice him any other time) it meant A LOT and was a big factor in setting the tone of the game early.

Everson Griffen: Griffen was the second player in today’s game to return a blocked punt for a TD. He was in the right place at the right time when the second block occurred, and he used his amazing instincts and speed to pick the ball up and run it in for a score. He also finished the day with 2 sacks, and 5 tackles.

Jasper Brinkley: Yes, Jasper deserves some consideration this week too. If it weren’t for him, Everson would have never had a chance for his TD. Brinkley was the man who broke through to block the second punt. He was also #3 on the team in tackles, totaling 7.

Xavier Rhodes: Rhodes didn’t log any tackles on the day, but still stood out in large part due to his great coverage of Carolina’s #1 WR. He bottled up Kelvin Benjamin for only 5-catches on 12-targets, and was able to knock down 3 passes, while almost coming up with an interception on one of them.

Josh Robinson: As a player who was considered a liability in the Nickel under Frazier’s cover-2 defense, Robinson has been much improved this year and had another good game today. He did get beat deep on the 4th down conversion that resulted in a TD, but he was able to grab the team’s only interception late in the 4th quarter to seal the victory, and he logged 1 tackle on the day as well.

So who’s your vote for today’s player of the game? Let us know with your vote!

62 comments on “Vikings Player of the Game: Panthers @ Vikings

  1. Voted for Xavier. It would be a no brainer if he would have come down with that pick, but he took away their biggest offensive threat all day. I don’t know if he gave up any catches, the ones that Benjamin had were on Captain and Robinson.

      • Yep, I couldn’t verify who was covering a guy when he got a reception, but the fact that Rhodes had no tackles suggests that his man (whoever he was covering on any given play) never got a catch. Still, I have to go with Griffen. Griffen’s plays were huge and I did note that Rhodes got beat deep on a throw. The throw was just too deep for the receiver. A better QB would have connected on that for 6.

        • Griff did have a real good game, but anybody on Rhodes side didn’t get a catch besides Olson, and those were under routes when he was in zone. as far as him getting beat deep Cam is a good QB, he just overshot him. all QBs do that from time to time. he actually tried a couple more times and Rhodes was step for step with the WRs…

      • Not so sure. A highly intelligent super successful friend of mine was telling me about it– I do know Mozart and other music can be good for the brain and this just seems a more attuned and focused effort of the same concept– well, that is admittedly a simplified explanation. But I wouldn’t dismiss it so fast. I tried writing while listening to a frequency today– it was only for a short time, but I think there may something to it.

        • I’m not saying that I’m writing it off. I’m just skeptical. I always knew about the theory that classical music is good for the brain, especially babies – even those still in the womb. My understanding of that was that the mathematical base of the music helps in teaching. Based on what I’ve read, I still must question if the classical music that we have heard has the same affect as what the article describes, as I don’t think we’ve ever heard it in the original frequency it was written in, but a translation of the music into the frequencies that are in use today.

            • I don’t trust the horoscope to guide my day, that’s the point. I’m simply saying that without witnessing proof, I’m not going to elevate what I have read from one article any higher in status than the horoscope.

              There was a time when I trusted the horoscope as an irrefutable truth of what was on its way. Now I take any new concept skeptically, and ask questions instead of blindly throwing my trust at it.

  2. I forgot to get my score prediction in, but I was going to call it very close and lose anyway.

    In other news, unless Travis Kelce gets moved to QB and starts throwing repeated TDs to himself, Irish is toast this week and I’m the butter this time!

  3. Is there an email I can send a few questions about the site to?

    I guess would be classified as an advertising opportunity.. Thanks for any contact info you all can give. As a Vikes fan from Pittsburgh — GO Vikes!

    • That really has been disappointing this year. I was expecting a lot from him soon after learning how excited Turner was to have the chance to come in and coach the kid. The first article I recall reading after Turner’s hire was about how he designed 10+ plays specifically for Patterson! Now the kid is just a KR afterthought. I wish the coaches would be forthright in explaining to the fans what they see is missing in him.

      • True, because he hasn’t had a good game since game one. Like yourself I was expecting Patterson to really turn it up this season. Don’t know what’s going on inside, but it seems like Norv & Co. blew a bunch of smoke at us…

      • Specifically regarding this past game – he missed practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, according to Zimmer, due to a funeral. I think Zimmer will not let you play if you miss practices. My sense is that he isn’t working as hard as the coaches want or isn’t disciplined enough in his routes – my speculation on it.

  4. This us the God’s Truth ( and almost too funny to type )
    ….. A town in England, Hartlepool, has a soccer team named the Monkey hangers. During the Napoleonic wars the citizens of Hartlepool allegedly hanged a monkey believing it to be a French spy.
    I HAVE TO go to a pub in that town.

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