NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Another week has passed and another round of power rankings are out.  While the Packers continue to make a strong push for the top, the Patriots performed well enough Sunday evening to keep ahead of them and regain possession of the #1 spot.  Meanwhile, the Raiders have bypassed the Buccs on the other side of the scale, taking over the title of worst team in the NFL.  They must have taken some offense to that knowledge, as they were able to turn things around for week 12, and get their first win in over a year, beating the #3 Chiefs in a game that Kansas should have been able to dominate.  That will likely help to push Tampa right back down to the bottom for week 12, unless they too perform much better than they have all year.

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve seen some surprising upsets.  First with the Rams beating the Broncos, who at the time were #1, and then with the Raiders beating the Chiefs who rank in at #3.  It brings some hope that maybe the Packers too are due for a loss against a team that has performed significantly worse all season long.  We’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to find out if that’s the case.

Here’s this week’s rankings.

7 COLTS -5
10 EAGLES -6
12 LIONS -1
15 BILLS -1
16 TEXANS +2
17 SAINTS -4
18 BROWNS -3
20 49ERS -1
23 GIANTS +1
25 RAMS +5
26 BEARS +3
28 TITANS -2
29 JETS -2

128 comments on “NFL Power Rankings Week 11

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  2. Teddy’s numbers were comparable to Rodgers’, he just needs more game time under his belt.
    Give Zimmer and Bridgewater a full year under their collective belts and we will see a great team next year, after all, this year has been a major overhaul-I am fine with it.

    • I don’t get all the negative commentary surrounding Teddy– he is a rookie and he looks pretty good to me, considering he is a rookie. We were in this game today till the end and he can make plays–had AD been in the mix all season, you can bet we would have had at least two or three more wins.

  3. I have been watching the press conferences with Zimmer.
    I am impressed by him. He obviously knows the game inside out. I am amazed at his patience with some of the inane questions that are asked, but also the thoughtfulness he puts into his answers.
    The improvement this year on defense is very encouraging. Our future success is going to depend on Teddy’s progress. I think he has plateaued the past 2 weeks. The previous two weeks he had steadily improved statistically. Perhaps he was improving in more intangible things that don’t show up on stats.
    I hope we see another step up next Sunday.

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