Scroll… The Infinity Edition

The battle against scrolling may never end, but can always be mitigated. The same cannot be said about the suffering Vikings fans feel as the Bears simply outplayed the Vikings. You can blame it on the recent trend of flailing about miserably after bye weeks, or maybe the Vikings’ players just overlooking the scavenging Bears, either way the loss was unacceptable. Well enough about that, the Vikings will have to be more than ready for the high-octane offense of the Packers. Will the Vikings’ D be able to stymy Rodgers’ aerial assault? Can the OLine protect Bridgewater long enough for him to find his weapons? Or will it be the Packers third blow out in a row? Either way it is going to be a brutal and bloody affair.

By roger

87 comments on “Scroll… The Infinity Edition

  1. Matt Kalil got OWNED in that game, what the hell has happened to him?? His rookie year was full of promise and ever since he’s regressed. It’s time for Zim to set him down, he hasn’t played worth a crap for two years. Poor Teddy!

  2. How the packers got their name, I did not know this….

    I guess it beats “Green Bay Indian Meat Market” , I think the Redskins would take offense to that!

    The Indian Packing Company was a company that was involved in the canned meat industry and was organized in Delaware on July 22, 1919.[1] Its canned meat sold as “Council Meats.” When the company was absorbed by the Illinois-based Acme Packing Company in 1921, it had facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Providence, Rhode Island; Greenwood, Indiana; and Dupont, Indiana[2][3] At the time of the sale it was controlled by New England Supply Company of Providence, Rhode Island with F.P Comstock as its principal owner.[1]

    Among its slogans were “A meat market on your pantry shelf” and “From the Wisconsin country to you.”[4]

    Today, the company is remembered as the namesake of the Green Bay Packers. The world-class football team took its name after Curly Lambeau, a shipping clerk for the company, successfully asked the company for money for jerseys and use of the company’s athletic field in 1919.[5]

  3. * Little known fact…..
    Mr. Lambeau, who got his nickname because of a certain region of his body hair (not his head), also successfully lobbied the company to expand into the confectionery industry, specifically fudge.
    This time-honored tradition is now kept alive by contemporary Packers such as Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.

  4. By its latest action, the NFL has suspended Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season.
    By putting him on the Commissioner’s exempt list for the past 9 games, he was effectively suspended, although still paid.

    So, as a Vikings fan, our best player has been suspended for 15 games this season. Who is being punished here – the fans.

    That is my view.

    • I’m sure someone wrote the statement for Goodell, but they made some well-worded statements.

      I could make a case for them assessing a fine and considering the games already missed as his suspension, but it is true that he feels he has done nothing wrong. He may be “sorry” he hurt his son, but he feels justified in doing so.

      The decision to defer reinstatement until after he proves himself through counselling and whatnot seems fair.

      I still don’t think he’ll ever play in a Vikings’ uniform again.

      • I agree Northwoods. I think, if the allegations in the statement are true, that the NFL had no choice and has done the right thing. Our “rights” as fans are minuscule compared to the well being of his children. I am surprised that AD would take the stance that he has, if, in fact, he has taken the position described in the statement. I was hoping that he would take this issue on as his cause, to promote child protection from parental abuse, no matter how well-meaning it is.

        • Read the statement again. The allegations it makes about Peterson not being remorseful or having intent to change were past tense, referring to things that happened about the same time this news originally broke. I have yet to see any statement by Peterson on his intentions now, after everything has played out in the courts and he has had time to start meeting with counselors. I believe the NFL is going out of their way to not take his current stance into consideration.

  5. Here’s an in-depth look at what is wrong with our offense. I compiled all of our 3rd down plays:
    1st QUARTER:
    3rd and 3, dump to McKinnon, 0 gain.
    3rd and 13, dump to McKinnon, gain 7
    3rd and 6, pass short to Ford, gain 4
    2nd QUARTER:
    3rd and 5, dump to Asiata, incomplete
    3rd and 8, dump to Asiata, gain 5
    3rd and 6, pass beyond marker to Johnson, 1st down
    3rd and 18, dump to Asiata, 0 gain
    3rd QUARTER:
    3rd and 7, pass beyond marker to Johnson, 1st down
    3rd and 10, dump to Asiata, incomplete
    3rd and 7, pass short to Jennings, gain 4
    4th QUARTER:
    3rd and 1, Asiata run, 1st down negated by holding
    3rd and 11, pass short to Johnson, gain 5
    4th and 6, pass beyond marker to Johnson, 1st down
    3rd and 3, pass short to Ford, incomplete
    2nd and 15, pass deep to Johnson, 1st down
    Interception to end game

  6. As much as I dislike what AD did, the bottom line is that there are rules of law and policies in place– I don’t think Goodell can make policy up indiscriminately. I feel the ruling will be modified and compromise will be reached.

  7. OK Titus, I had to roll the dice this week. 2 of my starters have been limited in practice and I’m leaving for deer camp tomorrow night, so I had to go with some definite points rather than possibly no points, and replace them in the lineup. The number crunch still says I win, but you never know.

    Hopefully I’ll tag out Saturday morning and be home to make any adjustments to the lineup before Sunday noon.

    Either way, good luck to you.

      • Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you, and our other Viking faithful.

        Luckily the older I get, the wiser and nicer I get, and more I realize life is not a competition of me against the world. I now can celebrate others’ successes.

        However, if money were on the line the gloves would be off and I would be forced to try and annihilate you this weekend. I’m sure you understand…….lol.

  8. Hopefully we won’t force Tate into an unprepared starter role like they did Freeman last year. They wouldn’t do that again would they?
    Gotta think it’s gonna be tough to slow Rodgers roll.
    Fackers – 44
    Vikings – 21

  9. I think the Tate pickup is a big unknown– he potentially is the best RB we have– he is bigger than McKinnon and a better runner than Asiata– so we may be surprised on Sunday. I am still leaning toward picking the Pack, though.

  10. Not so fast, Nova. I was thinking the same, but am not so certain. Yesterday afternoon I was working with my nerd FF friend and I told him the Oakland game last night was a trap game and that Kansas City would lose. I have a funny feeling the Vikes at home will give the Pack a good whoopin’. Oops. Maybe not. Rodgers may throw for 500 yards.

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