It’s time to conquer the Monsters

imageWill Teddy and Co. need a fleet of snow machines to roll over the monsters? I look forward to this game because for the first time in a long time this team is heading in the right direction. Load up your fantasy team with purple, start em if you got em!

By vegasvike

55 comments on “It’s time to conquer the Monsters

  1. I picked up Asiata and Patterson off the waiver wire, gonna give em a try. I thought about picking up Teddy too but I have Brees and I’m a playoff contender so I don’t want to go crazy with moves from the heart.

    • I had Asiata for like 6 weeks and then let him go because he only had one or two good games– and then he had a three TD game when Irish picked him up. Good grief. I bet he is back to average this week end– Bears will focus on stopping him and my McKinnon will run all over the place.

  2. Well Titus I only used Wilson on Brees’ bye and would only pull him (Brees) if Mallett had a spectacular week. Otherwise he would just sit on my bench, like Wilson does but maybe with an unpredictable upside. I like to gamble with my bench lol!

    • Not dumb. I have a phone but I’ve been having problems with it and the company can’t fix it. Basically I can’t send/receive texts or receive a phone call but I can call people. I’ve been communicating through email like An idiot! But yeah send it through SEND

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