Bye-Week Gameday

The Vikings have the week off, so us Vikings fans have to suffer through Saints and Cowboys games today.

121 comments on “Bye-Week Gameday

  1. I completely forgot to set my lineup this week I had 3 inactives! Went to Columbia sportswear bought myself a ton of shit. Actually a little fearful of going to that Ohio state game next Saturday. Mittens though couldn’t find them anywhere what gives?

  2. Dang, this FF is crazy. I have done very little that I would, in hindsight, have changed. Who would have played Romo over Ben this week? All year Romo has nursed a bad back and last week was knocked out with fractures in the back. Last two weeks, Ben threw 6 TDs each week and faced the Jets, a team that gives the MOST points to a QB. Somehow, I think I was not meant to play FF this season– am too busy.

  3. Check out my FF matchup I have to make up 5 points and I have an empty slot for tomorrow’s games. Marshawn lunch got me 40 points and the Arizona d got me 25 somehow I have 92. If I just checked my roster…

  4. Roger, you are right– it should have been a walk. Ben should have had 20 more points, Miami D at least 10 more pts, Chris Ivory only had 3 and my one receiver only .90. I should have had at least 130 pts.

  5. Usually I enjoy the Sunday night match-ups, but this game tonight carries zero interest for me. Of course the complete boredom of the lopsided score doesn’t help. Just took a walk around the neighborhood to digest dinner and see if the snow is flying– not yet. Eight to 16 inches is what is forecasted now. OMG!

      • Anyone who travels across the globe to see Minnesota confounds me, but I have never not respected you– don’t try and prove anything, though– this weather that is coming is no joke. If there is wind with it, it can get quite dangerous– seriously. Exposed skin get get frostbite in minutes– it is nothing to play with. Gosh, I sound like a grandpa now.

          • Just trying to caution Irish, Parody. I used to meet a lot of folks in my hotel days who could not believe how painful this cold can be — I recall one woman who scoffed at the below zero- she said she told her friends, cold is cold. She told me that she had had no idea– she was here during one of our mildly brutal below zero spells— people just don’t know.

  6. After that blowout in Green Bay, the upcoming game against Jay Crybaby Cutler and his Bears is looking to be the second easiest game on our entire schedule. Don’t let that fool you though. The easiest game on our schedule was against Tampa Bay, and it took a spectacular play in overtime by our Defensive Rookie of the Year to clinch that one.

    • 12 days is way too long. They should have given an answer within the first week. The NFL goes out of their way to appear to be more ignorant to the situation than someone who doesn’t follow any stories in the sports world is. In reality, they know much more than even hardcore fans do about these types of situations, and just lose any chance of respect by acting ignorant.

  7. Based on the timeframe laid out in the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, Adrian Peterson should have an decision about his status no later than the end of next week. The CBA dictates that when the NFL Players Association files a non-injury grievance (as it did on Peterson’s behalf Monday), an arbitrator will hear the grievance within seven days and reach a decision within five days of the hearing, adding that “the NFLPA and the NFL will engage in good faith efforts to schedule grievances involving suspension of a player by a Club prior to the Club’s next scheduled game.” That means while a decision could be reached before the Vikings face the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Peterson should at least know where he stands before the team’s Nov. 23 game against the Green Bay Packers.

  8. AD might do himself a favor by voluntarily donating some of his “earnings” to an appropriate charity BEFORE a decision is handed down. Could improve his position in public opinion and mitigate some punishment.

    • i agree, before these charities get to him first for the money by damaging his reputation even further. i understand the protocol nowadays. whatever violation that’s been done, a charity of that type will make noise (or their case ) about the matter, then that person antes up cash to them to either quiet them down or does it out of guilt , or good faith. i just hope on his behalf that by him doing that he doesn’t appear too guilty in public opinion, because i think he’s gonna wear this for a good while…

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