Vikings vs. Redskins

The Vikings were victorious last week against the Buccaneers and hopefully they can use that momentum to propel them to another victory today. It will not be easy as the Redskins have a very good defense and an above average offense. Just like last week this game will be determined by how well the OLine can protect Teddy. Will Patterson continue to show that Bridgewater should believe in him like last week? Can McKinnon prove that the team doesn’t need an high-priced starting RB to be successful? And now for the most important question of all will the announcers even know which Vikings players they are talking about?

148 comments on “Vikings vs. Redskins

  1. This is a tough game to call – aren’t they all? These teams seem to be very evenly matched, so esoteric things like turnovers, bye weeks, lack of rest may enter into it.
    I’m going with hope and optimism – Vikings 24, Washington 21.

  2. I thought Teddy had his best game today against a very good team. They gave Dallas fits all game last week, and what does Teddy do-drive down the field and score TD after TD to keep pace, and then one more time to produce the winning drive.

    SKOL Teddy and SKOL Vikings!

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