The battle in Tampa was epic and proved that the players have bought in to what Zim is preaching.
While the game was amazing, it would be in the fans best interest if the Vikings would start putting teams away early instead of insisting on giving us mini-heart attack.

101 comments on “Concerned

  1. Ugh got into St. Paul a couple hours ago. Plane engine malfunctioned during takeoff in Los angeles so had to take a plane to Detroit then to Minneapolis. Did a full sprint across St. Paul trying to get to the end of the wild game. Got there with 5min left and they had closed the gate!!! Refused to let me in. Wtf! Why do ya’ll close the gates? The game went to a shootout I was stuck in the cold. Oh well gave it my best. Beautiful weather.

  2. Welcome to Minnesota IRISH! You’re gonna find out the meaning of “Munnesota Nice”! I was just at Rochester Mayo with my mom, what a great healthcare system and great employees. And IRISH, the outback isn’t much different than Vegas weather, maybe a little more humid? Currently at the airport waiting to go back to my dry, 80 degree weather. It was 22 in Albert Lea when I left this morning, yikes!

  3. I don’t want to say I have magical powers but I bumped Tomas Vaneks fist on the way out to the rink tonight and the wild power play drought ended with a Tomas Vanek goal. Therefore I predict the Vikings win 31-9 no with 100 teddy TDS!

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