NFL Power Rankings Week 8

Okay, so it’s been another couple of weeks since the last power rankings.  I have no excuse for it this time, I just got lazy.

This latest ranking board will show the difference from the last post a few weeks ago to the end of week 7.  Since then, the Vikings have been performing very poorly the last few weeks, and as such they have been sliding down the rankings.  While the defense has made a significant improvement since last year, (ranking 13th best in the NFL on my board) the offense has made as big of a slide in the other direction, ranking 31st.  The improvements of the defense haven’t been nearly enough to offset the collapse of the offense, and the team ends up settling in at #26 this week, also at the bottom of the division.  Luckily, the next 5 games are against some very beatable opponents, which should give us a chance to move back up the board a bit.

While the Falcons are the biggest losers of the past few weeks, sliding down from #2 all the way to #24, the Packers (unfortunately) have been the biggest winners in the same timespan, moving up to #6 from #28. The Buccs have solidified themselves as the worst team in the league after the Jaguars improved slightly to step ahead of some other cellar dwellers.  Meanwhile, the Broncos have taken a seat atop the league, followed closely by the Ravens, Colts and Chargers before any teams from the NFC start to make some noise.

Here are this week’s rankings:

  1. BRONCOS +7
  2. COLTS +10
  3. RAVENS +1
  4. CHARGERS -1
  5. EAGLES +2
  6. PACKERS +22 (I know, it’s sickening)
  7. COWBOYS +14
  8. CHIEFS +16
  9. SEAHAWKS -3
  10. LIONS +4
  11. CARDINALS -6
  12. PATRIOTS +4
  13. DOLPHINS +14
  14. BILLS -4
  15. 49ERS +3
  16. BENGALS -15
  17. TEXANS -2
  18. BROWNS +1
  19. GIANTS +4
  20. STEELERS -3
  21. SAINTS -8
  22. BEARS -11
  23. PANTHERS -3
  24. FALCONS -22 (This slide began about the same time the Vikings beat them)
  25. REDSKINS -14
  26. VIKINGS -4
  27. TITANS -1
  28. JETS -3
  29. JAGUARS +4
  30. RAMS ~
  31. RAIDERS -2

139 comments on “NFL Power Rankings Week 8

  1. Bengals should never have dropped that much because your prior ranking was way too generous. Bills Other than that, not sure I can argue too much with you this week– I know amazing, but miracles do happen on vikings football blog.

  2. Fantasy scoreboard updated.

    I’d like to personally give a hearty “SCREW YOU!!!!” to the Denver Broncos for pulling Manning in the 3rd quarter and making me lose my matchup and dropping me 4 places in the standings. He was on the way to making up the 45 point differential all by himself.

  3. If we lose to these clowns the season is officially a DISASTER……But, we’re on the road, and we’re not exactly ‘Road Warriors’….. It will be close because we can;t blow ANYONE away with Blair Walsh as our main weapon…….

    Vikes 24….Gay Pirates 17.

    • We are 2-5. The season is a disaster in terms of making the playoffs this year– in terms of transition to a dynasty, hopefully it is a success. Whether we lose tomorrow or not, what does it matter? There are 9 games left– what are the odds we lose at least two more games? Pretty high. Will we be 8-8 or 7-9 at the end? Or worse? Of course, if we cannot beat Tampa, we will probably be 4-12.

  4. This is (statistically) the easiest game of the easiest part of our schedule. 5 of the next 6 games fall in our favor, even after the disastrous performance we’ve had over the last 3 weeks.

    After the Vikings win today, by a score of 25-15, the only team that should beat us before the final 3-game stretch is (sigh) the Packers. Hopefully the team will be turning their fortunes around by that time and dominate for the rest of the season with the confidence this easy stretch builds for them.

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