What in the world is going on?


My wife is pissed at me.  She DVR’d “The Biggest Loser” and tried to watch it last night – ended up being the Vikings’ game.

What happened to pre-season Teddy?  And Atlanta Teddy?  Remember him?  The one who could nail slants, hit runners in stride, and complete a pass more than 10 yards downfield?  How do you go from a 300+ yard game to “trying to simplify things for the Rookie?”

Our Defense has been stepping up this year.  They’re 14th overall in points allowed, and considering the teams we’ve faced, that’s saying something.

Offense?  Offensive.  Subtract the Rams and the Falcons games, and we’ve averaged 9 points per game.  We’ve had so many injuries to the front line that we can now say Charlie Johnson, aka “The Human Turnstile,” is one of our better players, and THAT sucks.  Whatever affliction Ponder has must be contagious.  Teddy has been regressing this season, due in a large part to being planted up to his shoulders in the turf numerous times per game, and also in part because our WRs look like they’re running routes with all the enthusiasm of a teenager asked to pooperscoop the back yard.

One bright side on our offense is that our rushing game ranks #10, SANS Adrian Peterson.

Our Offensive line needs a major influx of talent. We could conceivably win enough games to get into the post season if we start scoring points again.  Is that possible at this point in the season, or is it time to start narrowing down our 2015 top 10 draft pick?  Because currently, we ARE who they thought we were.

By northwoodsv2

47 comments on “What in the world is going on?

  1. Looks like a Colt .45…your eyes must be better then mine, Titus I don’t see the DVR..

    I like your post NW, That’s why you got a max on the vote, looks like Titus gave you one also……He and I were the only two on board at the time….

  2. Got a promo at work June 1 and now I have to work Sunday’s, might not be a bad thing…
    I got the Sunday Ticket stream package, every time I get a chance to watch the game either my iPad is buffering or Teddys throwing an INT.

    • What would you do instead of watching the games?If you say riding your bike during the nice weather we are having, then I would say, you are in more danger then the players on any given day.

      Examples: If you ride on the streets instead of the sidewalks, (allowed in my small city) You could have some joker drunk or sober smack you..Running a red light, same thing. (You or the other guy) Better off just watching the game…Just saying….

      • Ride on the sidewalks? OMG! Bluebird, you really are perched too high on that branch– get some air! I don’t ride a tricycle– I probably ride faster than you drive your vehicle down the street. By the way, you really shouldn’t use your lawnmower for transportation.

        • The sidewalks would be better. I hate having to slow down to pass bikers. The sidewalks are so much more practical. And so underused! It’s much less hassle for the occasional biker to avoid hitting the slightly less occasional walker, than for the 100s of hourly drivers to slow down and wait their turn to avoid hitting the biker.

        • Highschool students here do not ride tricycles, Titus…It is allowed by law, for the reasons that Parody listed

          You been lurking in the weeds? How did you know I use a John Deere lawnmower pulling a small wagon for local shopping? Do not need Drivers Lic or high cost of gasoline, ect.

          Removed the mower deck for a slim appearance. Use a new Club Cadet for the lawn.

          Don’t want or use a vehicle….Still have to watch for idiots running stop signs, ect.

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