COME BACK HCG !!!!!!!!!

I think I speak for most of the bloggers when I say…….We miss the founder’s witticism, generosity and tales about sex with barnyard animals.

By novascotiavike

82 comments on “COME BACK HCG !!!!!!!!!

  1. Ponder was Spielman’s pick, and he admitted that he got that one wrong, like however many other GMs that have gotten a QB pick wrong. From what I’ve seen Cook is playing and playing a lot out in SF, how he’s doing? I have no idea, but I’m guessing it is better than last year. If you consider that a bad pick, then you have to be willing to admit that hitting on late rounders like Fusco, Shamar Stephen, and Jabari Price were great picks with what they’re doing on the field now. No GM is perfect with all of their picks, but I think Spielman definitely has us going in the right direction, and I think he and Zim make a great partnership.

  2. ……..Breaking News……..Breaking News……..

    Unnamed sources (TMZNOVA) are now reporting that Cowboys owner and G.M. Jerry (Iguana) Jones was present for Tony Romo’s bachelor-onlyguysallowed-inthewoods-nobooze-VERY GAY-let’splayhideandseek party.
    Jones was quoted as saying……_” I was only there to provide the entertainment. Those young guys had never seen a man flick out his tongue and slap a fly off his eyebrow . I actually had my driver pick me up before the hide-and-seek. I may know everything about football, but I just could never quite master that “hide-and-seek “.

    • It sounds like they are fairly prepared for such storms. Only four killed in the last big one, albeit a category 3, but still that seems not that huge (of course, don’t say that to the families and friends of those four). I hope everyone stays safe– sounds like they want to stay in their homes and not go to govt sponsored hangouts.

  3. My head isn’t working right now, so I’ll go with my gut – Vikes win!
    The score – 100 – 0 seems OK but a trifle one-sided.
    I think I’ll count the fresh piles of cow shit on the road versus the seasoned ones. That should be fairly scientific.

    • “Although this was an extremely difficult decision, we are constantly evaluating our team and believe at this time, that this is in our best interest to move the team forward,” Seahawks general manager John Schneider said in a team released statement. “We thank Percy for his efforts that contributed to a Super Bowl XLVIII victory and wish him well.”

      After reading that I had to wonder whether Schneider is also a fan of Weird Al. There’s a line in Amish Paradise that follows those last three words, which is what I’m sure Schneider was saying to himself in his mind.

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