Vikings vs. Lions

Today the Vikings will be attacked by a coalition of Lions, but they are without their offensive leader in Calvin Johnson so the destructive force they are capable of will likely be limited. That is not to say they are without teeth as Reggie Bush can score on almost any play and QB chipmunk face can sling the ball with the best of them. Then there is their defense lead by a dominate DLine who will give QBs nightmares just by seeing the Lions name on their schedule, will Kalil and the rest of the OLine be able to hold up against them and provide Teddy with the time he needs to dissect their average secondary?

178 comments on “Vikings vs. Lions

  1. SKOL. Heard Reggie Bush is inactive today along with Megatron. It’s gonna be a large task at hand, but the O-line needs to come up out of whatever slump they’re in. Don’t make things harder on the rookie than what its already gonna be…

  2. Once again the O-line does not know how to handle a blitz. Whether its Sullivan not calling the right assignments on the line or they’re just whiffing on blocks, they just can’t get it together..

  3. Just watched the game and from what I was hearing Teddy played like shit. Not to me he still looked like a 100% chill QB he made 1 bad throw and got no help. He’s the best player on our offense and I don’t know whether that’s good or bad right now. Our receivers are too vanilla and don’t get open consistently we need a real threat outside that can run routes. Our O-line…They were getting their ass kicked all last year why did Spielman think it would get better this year? Also why the F didn’t we go for it on 4th and 2? IAVike is right what does it matter if we lose by 17 or 24? We needed to f@$#% score! We are in our 4th year of a rebuild when are these young guys going to step up! Sharrif Floyd & Matt Kalil FIGURE IT OUT!

  4. Charlie Johnson has been here 4 years and has been shithouse for all of them REPLACE HIM SPIELMAN FOR GODS SAKE! We need to spend some money on that O -line we don’t have time to draft everyone when half our 1st rd picks don’t pan out.

  5. Hey Tampa – looks like we got ourselves a nailbiter!!!! Can’t believe you’ve made me a Rams fan for a night.

    Anyone want to trade me a pack of gum for Welker? I’m sure the ONE pass Manning threw to him was an overthrow of a different WR.

  6. I cannot stand this FF anymore. I took Fotzgerald out cause rumor was the third string QB would play and Fitz’s best game so far was 5.7 points. SO what happened? Palmer comes back and Fitz has over 15 points. Asiata and Chris Ivory are killed– less than 5 points combined. Then, Eli, who has been on fire, gets plummeted and scores less than 7 points. It’s all luck.

  7. Not to mention the San Diego defense has played superbly– and went to lowly Oakland– where the new coach had the Raiders pumped– and my d which scored 16 pts last week, scored one point!!! Who would have known? I am just going to put my best players out there and maybe toss a coin — and let it be. No more time for this.

    • Admit it – it’s addictive. Last year was first time I ever played, and look at me now!!! I’m middle of the road!

      Next year you’ll have all this year’s experience to call upon, and make fewer strategic mistakes. This year I’m learning to ignore what the “experts” tell me might happen.

      • I am already well-versed in strategy– plus I work with a super nerd who plays two or three leagues each fall for the past decade. What has been happening has been sheer luck. I lost by 25 points– Asiata and Chris Ivory combined for less than five points. My defense– San Diego had the first shut out the prior week of any D in the NFL and played the Raiders– my D scored ONE point. My QB, Eli Manning was sacked 8 times and did not even register 7 points. Add a mediocre average output to all of those and I would have won easily. What strategy– would I have played Romo in Seattle? No, I don’t think in hindsight I could have done anything differently.

        • Oh, that may have been unclear– my D was playing the Raiders this week after shutting out the Jets last week. Give my D 5 points, Asiata and Ivory another five each and my QB a mediocre extra 10 points– would have won. It is sheer luck.

    • In 1867, my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Allistair McNova, had a birthday that fell on Oct. 12th. So, in order to avoid having to go to work (trapping non-radioactive beavers) hungover every year, he created a petition to have the holiday on the 13th.
      He then forged 20,000 signatures and soon after was, much to his chagrin, declared a witch and burned at the stake.
      To honor his memory, every year on this date we give thanks by staging a fight-to-the-death between a Cowboy and Packer fan in order to ward off evil spirits. The lucky winner is then chopped up and fed to snapping turtles…..(Bonus Fact…..Snapping turtles aren’t keen on hot sauce, they prefer honey-garlic).
      Thanks for asking, NWV.

  8. BREAKING NEWS. The best player in the NRL has quit to pursue a career in the NFL. Media frenzy over here. Freak athlete. Once in a generation talent. Watch this video and look at the cuts he makes that’s AP like. I’ve watched his whole career he’s the only player I’ve ever thought could make it in the NFL. No one on the Vikes roster including Patterson has that footwork and vision. We need a RB and I know he’s better than every RB on our roster. Spielman would be stupid not to give this guy a tryout.

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