What is wrong with people?
AD was told that smoking pot would violate his bond and yet he still smoked it.
Perhaps pot is addictive when it comes to use by morons.

By roger

92 comments on “Scrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

  1. I just heard the ESPN legal analyst mention that one of the problems to a speedy trial is all the folks in jail who receive the first chance to trial– and because AD is out on bail he goes to the end of the line. Could it be, that this “smoking a little weed” was done on purpose to expedite the trial date– think about it. AD will most likely now be in jail. So, then he is no longer at the end of the line. A couple puffs of pot may be harmful to his case and reputation, but overall, if it gets him through the court much faster, it means he will get to the NLF penalties faster — and faster onto the field.

  2. Every summer as a child our family would vacation up north (close to Aitkin) including my grandparents. Fishing, swimming, night time activities and more. The sight and sound of a Loon was always welcome and looked forward to. So for me the Loon is beautiful because of the memories they evoke.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I watched a pair of loons nest this year and produce two young. So far, so good. The first young one has flown away but the second seems to be slow at learning things. About a month to go before freeze-up.

  3. Just watched the preview of the new stadium and have two observations.
    A. I’m surprised they’re still showing photos with #28 on the side.
    2. In these dark times and critiques from people concerning birds hitting the glass, maybe they should consider tinted glass….

  4. Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, and this year I am giving thanks that soon, Christian Ponder will once again resume his training to become a real NFL QB by receiving regular injections of pine splinters in his ass.

  5. Blue Bird why are you so offensive? Please think about how your own comments would make you feel if directed at you before you post them. Maturity is defined not by “who started it”, rather by “who ends it”. Will you help a fellow blogger out and stop the hate? For me?

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