Prime Time Pain

The Vikings have added another chapter to their woeful attempts at at making the world believe they’re a football team while underneath the lights of prime time.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a scheduled prime time game, or one that’s forced because the stadium had just collapsed, this team has been non-existent in every prime time game they’ve played since way back in the before time … the time outside of memory … that area of haze in the back of your head that got washed further away by the countless number of beers you drank attempting to forget the latest prime time flop.

The Packers handed us 42 donuts before our offense even started to move the ball.  Ponder added a great story to his resume that he’ll be presenting to Wal-Mart in a couple of months.  And now we know for certain that the problem wasn’t all coaching, some players really are just that bad.

So now we have Detroit coming to town in 10-days, who’s sitting atop the division with what looks to be a complete team for the first time in ages.  They may be due for a slump, right?

191 comments on “Prime Time Pain

    • We beat ourselves, just like the NE game. Too many mistakes. I also think the game plan was wrong – not enough of the run game. Cowher was wondering why we weren’t running more – that is their weakest area.

        • The Vikings, in the first quarter, ran the ball 8 times and passed or attempted to pass 11 times. In the second quarter, they ran the ball 8 times and passed 14 times. The totals for the first half were 16 runs and 25 passes.
          According to the NFL stats, Green Bay is 5th in pass defense and THIRTY-SECOND in run defense. This took me 5 minutes to look up.
          WHY WERE WE PASSING SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I was wrong on picking the Vikings, at the same time I was correct in stating “If Ponder plays, it is back to the bottom of the barrel”.

    Aren’t you glad they booted Joe Webb off the team, and not Wrong-way Ponder?

    Titus, could be a reason why you haven’t seen Fred Jones on here, Webb was a favorite of Jones… Mine also…

  2. I blame Goodell and the rest of the NFL monkeys that put together the prime time schedules. The prime time schedule is always a mis match for the Vikings. They knew this game would be a blow out (they even gave Green Bay the home field advantage) months ago. In reality we should have a prime time game against another team with the same challenges. Of course, that wouldn’t bode well with the ratings.

  3. So what’s the deal with promoting Harnish as Ponder’s backup instead of MBT? There is no way Harnish would have any timing with the WRs, or have more than the front cover of the play book memorized.

  4. Parody, we certainly have a recent history of falling apart under the big top, but my first reaction reading your post was: What about that Sunday night game moved to Tuesday due to a blizzard where Joe Webb and company humiliated Vick and the Eagles? That was within all our memories, even the babies here.

  5. HEY!!! Anyone ever hear this before???????????

    “I don’t know when it’s going to happen next. That’s what stinks about not playing well tonight,” Ponder said. “But I’ve got to do a better job of trying to prepare myself, and be ready for the next opportunity.”

    I’ll bet it’s the last time we hear it as a Viking.

  6. Man, I was traumatized last night. It was a long day yesterday so when I got home I was so excited to relax and make a pile of wings — and then that debacle. I have a feeling if Zimmer and Turner really are who we think they are that the next game will be a blowout. I pity the Lions.

  7. I posted this in response to a comment from Titus, but I think it bears repeating:

    The Vikings, in the first quarter, ran the ball 8 times and passed or attempted to pass 11 times. In the second quarter, they ran the ball 8 times and passed 14 times. The totals for the first half were 16 runs and 25 passes.
    According to the NFL stats, Green Bay is 5th in pass defense and THIRTY-SECOND in run defense.

    This took me 5 minutes to look up.


    I think the game plan sucked BIG TIME!

  8. Picture this:

    You’re the O-line, built for the run. You know the game plan sucks because of all the passing but you bust a gut in the first half trying your best. You go in at half time and your coach chews YOU out because you couldn’t make a crappy game plan work.

    I once worked for a “rain-maker” who was good at getting work that we would lose money trying to do because he had bid too low. Guess who got the blame?

      • Atlanta is 30th against the pass, 28th against the run. So, equally weak. It made sense to balance run and pass, which we did, as I recall.
        Besides, it was Ponder, not Teddy.
        How many times have I heard the coaches say “our job is to put the players in a position to succeed”??? How do you succeed with Ponder – not by trying to pass 44 times in a game. I think he needs a balanced attack or, even more slanted to the run. He is a very good runner himself, not so much as a passer. I think we have found that out.

        I’m not saying it is all the coaches’ fault. Obviously, the players bear a lot of the responsibility. But, I think you need to have a game plan that suits the players you have against the opponent you are going to be facing. It made no sense to have a 60/40 pass/run ratio against the Packers with Ponder at QB. It might have made sense if Teddy were playing and maybe that’s the mistake. They prepared as if Teddy were going to play and, when he couldn’t, the game plan wasn’t right and the players knew it. If that is what happened, then the coaches owe the players a mea culpa for not having a contingency plan for Teddy not playing.

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    • I did. I also heard him say that he would take all the blame. A little more fire in the belly would do him no harm. How about “the game plan sucked and so did my offensive line”.

      He made one fantastic play – when he shoveled the ball to Banyard at the last possible second before being sacked. It was in the 4th quarter I admit, but it was still a great move by him to keep the play alive. Too bad there were so few other great or even good plays.

      • What caught my ear was when he said something such as– I really expected to play better than that. Something is seriously wrong with that statement and I cannot quite place a finger on it other than that it sounds like he had an out-of-body experience. Come on, man– you expect from someone else– for yourself, you just DO IT!!!!

        • Well, the coaches were saying that he was playing better and that he had a good camp. He looked like the same old Ponder to me. Running scared because of the pressure. He still has not learned how to deal with that.
          I think when you panic, you revert to the familiar and that, for him, is running away. He may also have been so excited to get an opportunity to play that he tried too hard to make plays that weren’t there. I have always hoped that he would get it, but it doesn’t look like he will.

  10. Lions (3-2) and Bears (2-3) both lost, so if the Vikings win next week, the Bears win (hopefully they lose), and the Packers lose all teams in the NFC North will be tied. With that said go Falcons and Dolphins.

    This means as long as Bridgewater stays healthy the rest of the season we have a chance at the playoffs.

  11. So, I am losing this week by 1.84 points, even after having that debacle with the Vikings– I played Aisata and McKinnon. What in the ??? Last week I lost by 3 points. Watch out gang, LesBaroos are knocking on the door of greatness.

  12. yay I have a new ugly!
    This game is all gonna depend on the health of Megatron. I have Mega on my FF team and I left him in rotation the last two weeks with much disappointment. I benched him (so far) this week so staying with that prediction….
    Lions ~ 23
    Vikings ~ 27

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