Vikings @ Green Bay

The Vikings go into battle without their Field General, will the unassuming Ponder be able to rise to the occasion and help salvage the season or will he do what he does best and insure we have a higher draft pick then we should?

105 comments on “Vikings @ Green Bay

    • He’s not seeing the field. He’s had Jennings open across the middle and Cordarrelle got open on a go route before and ponder dumped it straight away with no pressure. Frustrating.

  1. Wow. Christian Ponder, showing us exactly who we all thought he was. Next in line to do laxative testimonials. Can’t lead a receiver, can’t throw to the 1st down marker, can’t find the open receiver to save his life. Get him the F off our team. We can use the roster spot for another water boy.

  2. Ponder is kind of like that crazy, psychotic ex-girlfriend that was good in bed every now and then… go back for one last desperation F*** despite all the baggage.

    Screw it – let’s see what the guy who’s been a Viking for 37 hours can do.

  3. Look at those dumb cheeseheads cheering. This is the epitome of their life existence. The pinnacle of their achievement to attend a game in the rain and wear a triangle yellow pieces of plastic with holes in them.

  4. Back in the 80’s there was a coach over here called Terry Gillmeister and when his team stunk up the place the next day at training he would pull up a chair on the top of a hill with a 12-pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes and he would make them run up and down the hill until he finished all his beers. When they got to the top of the hill he would puff the smoke in their face. Zimmer should do something like that!

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