NFL Power Rankings Week 5

It’s been a couple weeks now since I’ve posted these power rankings. As it turns out, moving takes up too much time to sneak in some blog posts on a regular schedule. But now that the move is over, the power rankings can start back up.

This week, after a great performance by the Vikings against a team that was ranked #2, we see our team move way on up. Unfortunately, poor performances this week by teams that were ranked higher and have already beat us are keeping us from moving even further. Overall, there have been a lot of big moves across the board as teams continue trying to determine their identity. The Packers also performed much better this week than they have yet this year, so they’re making a big move as well, but the Lions still hold the designation as the most powerful team in the division while the Bears took a dive way down to the bottom of the division after that despicable performance against Green Bay.

Below are the rankings as of the end of week 4, along with each team’s move since last week.

6 COLTS +6
8 LIONS +6
10 BILLS 0
11 GIANTS +12
12 CHIEFS +12
14 EAGLES -7
15 49ERS -3
16 TEXANS -1
18 BROWNS -1
22 SAINTS -9
23 BEARS -14
27 JETS -2
28 TITANS -2
29 RAMS +1

96 comments on “NFL Power Rankings Week 5

  1. As for my prediction this week, it looks like it’s going to be a very close match-up. Both teams are getting into their groove and the averages are predicting another tie in Green Bay, with the Vikings having a .05 point edge.

    But, I highly doubt that we’re going to have a tie with the same team at the same venue in back-to-back years, much less a tie at all in back-to-back years. So I’m going to say the Vikings pull off the win in overtime by a score of 24-21.

    It’s a good thing we have a long week of rest after this week, because when my prediction proves true we’re definitely going to need it.

  2. I strongly doubt that the Packers have any actual fear of Ponder, but in the backs of their minds they’re probably thinking “He’s managed to make us look bad before…..of course we always intercept him enough to win the game.”

  3. i think Teddy will play because after this game he’ll have about a week and a half to get his ankle right. but if he even turns it the wrong way Thursday he may sit out the remainder of the Parody. i like the picture with all the teams, but one thing…the Baby Cubs, the Pooh Bears, and Weak Bay should be covered up a little more so we can BARELY see ’em….

  4. My point was not to propel Ponder to the status of a franchise QB but just stating some of his better games have been against the Pickers. I want Teddy to be healthy and start just as much as everyone else.

  5. Found out what they did to make room for that QB Harnish on the PS:

    “09/29/2014 Signed QB Chandler Harnish to the practice squad. Waived WR Donte Foster from the practice squad. ”

    So, that means MBT has not been activated yet, which suggests they are confident that TB will play. Of course, still have 32 hours before game time for them to make a decision.

    Had to go to to get the info…………I need a shower.

    • I didn’t find them anywhere. I created them based on how each team has performed this year. It’s a strict formula that takes each team’s average score for and against, weighted against how other teams have performed against the same opponent.

      The idea behind that was to avoid a bias for teams who have been having an easy schedule, or an extremely difficult one. So if my offense put up 35-points per game, but it was against 4 of the worst defenses in the league, then things even out when your team puts up 28-points per game against some of the best defenses in the league.

      Based on this, the Vikings defense has been doing pretty well, considering they faced the best offense so far in the Falcons. As it was, the Falcons should have scored 31-points against us, but our defense performed better than expected which helped the team move up the rankings. The offense helped even more though, as they were only supposed to put up 18-points.

      After reading this, tell me which ones you find suspect. There’s always the chance that I fat-fingered something and need to fix an error.

  6. Just got home. I have a lot of work to do in a short period. I need to feed the TitusScoreAmatic7000000000 the new information for tonight, including Ponder and the weather, determine if I should play Mckinnon, and answer Parody on where I question his rankings (which is only on a few– overall, not too bad).

  7. i heard during last week’s game that Ponder had a good training camp under Norv’s system so i’m throwing my belief in him this game based strictly on that. i’m just hoping that carries over to this game…

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