Casualties (injuries) of War

Yesterday the Vikings went to battle against the Dirtbags aka the Saints. In that battle many injuries occurred to the brave Vikings and because of that it is uncertain if they will be able to return any time soon. Greenway fought through a broken hand only to be dropped by a nagging rib injury, Rudolph suffered a groin injury and now must under go an MRI to find out how bad it truly is, Josh Robinson left with a hamstring injury, RG Fusco also fell leaving us stuck with Vlad the Offensive penalty machine,and then there was Cassel whose foot was fractured in many places. While all injuries are bad the one to Cassel probably helps the Vikings out the most because it allows Teddy to come in and get experience as well as upping the Vikings chances of being competitive without Adrian in the back field. Hopefully Greenway and the rest are healthy by next Sunday because we need to be at full strength to challenge the high powered Falcons.

By roger

51 comments on “Casualties (injuries) of War

    • He truly believes his behavior is justified in the eyes of the Lord. Took a polygraph to prove it.

      I can’t agree with or forgive that, until he understands and admits that the EXTENT of what he did was wrong. You just don’t do that to a child. However, true forgiveness is not MY responsibility.

      But hey, that’s just my (and several million others’) opinion.

      If he does his time, like Vick did, then he deserves the opportunity to play again. If he plea-bargains like many believe he will, it’s just a further admission of guilt, and he shouldn’t play again.

      • Whoever wrote this article is missing an important point and that is: What was his intent in doing what he did? If his intent was to inflict an injury, that is quite different from an intent to discipline with no intent to injure.
        I am NOT saying that the injury to his son should go unpunished, I am saying that the degree of punishment has to reflect the character of his intent.
        I can forgive an honest mistake a lot more easily than a loss of control or an actual intent to inflict an injury.
        Lost in all of the chatter about this situation is that he was treated this way as a child and, as such, is a victim of child abuse as we now define it. This does not excuse his behaviour in any way but isn’t part of abusive behaviour convincing the victim that it is his fault and it is for his own good? I defer to someone who knows a lot more about this than me. At the very least, the fact that he was himself a victim could make it a little easier to forgive him.

      • I have seen no indication in any article, implied or otherwise, that Peterson believes what he did was justified in the eyes of the Lord. I am also a man of God, so please show me where you get that information. I believe I understand Peterson’s belief and how the Lord fits into his perspective on all this– it is not quite what you think. But show me where you get that info and I will decipher it.

    • Brees should have been flagged for retaliation, but Captain shouldn’t be picking people up and slamming them to the ground. It’s a judgment call, but with the manner in which he did it, Flagrant Roughing of the Passer was probably justified.

    • I think if it’s handled well (like a 4-game suspension, heavy dose of sensitivity and parenting classes, video monitoring of him whenever he is around his kids, and a short leash attached to a choke collar) he should get another chance with the team. Everybody deserves a second chance. If they prove they are incapable of learning, then cut them loose.

      Heck, Simpson was given 3 or 4 second chances, and he isn’t even that good! Can we open up our hearts to give Adrian just one?

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