New Orleans is Sinking and we CAN’T swim without a RB.

By novascotiavike

92 comments on “New Orleans is Sinking and we CAN’T swim without a RB.

  1. The Saints are hungry, we are in tatters
    Saints 34, team Clusterfuck…10 ??????

    Just curious…what does the winner get this year ?……an autographed Ted Bundy t-shirt ? Just kidding, HCG.

      • Exactly– that is what I think – the D will win this one for us. Zimmer is so soft spoken at the press conferences but oh, boy, I would not want to be in the locker room after the Patriots game. This team will be ready to rumble.

        • my only concern, as with all teams that face them, is Graham. but my thing is treat him like LeBron. let him get his but shut everybody else down. though i would prefer the front 4 just make it miserable for Brees all game so he won’t have chance at finding Graham downfield…

          • Our biggest concern is Sean Payton and Drew Brees– similar animal to what we faced last week. A crafty and not-to-be trusted coach and a top-of-the-line QB with the killer instinct with their backs against the wall. Not good.

            • true. but the front 4 never laid a hand on brady. could never get close enough with his quick passes and hot route throws. a quarterback is rarely at his best when that front 4 is making his life miserable, getting his uniform dirty, and batting down his passes at the line of scrimmage..

  2. The TitusPredictAscoreOmatic20000 is shaking violently! This sure is a hard game to predict or some of the data entered is tarnished or does not compute? I am not sure recent events surrounding our team are easy to calculate in the prediction equation.

    • Smart. Last time I made a big trip, I relied on accuweather and they were about 20 degrees off– I was freezing. November will fluctuate a lot– highs could be in the 30s or even lower at any time– but should be in the 40s for the first half of the month. That is Fahrenheit, bro– but I am sure you realized that or you would bring the suntan lotion. It can also be quite pleasant and has even hit the 70s, although that is very rare and will only be for a day or two. First couple weeks of December, well– it will be the same concept– can fluctuate a lot and be not bad- but it was in the below zero cold last year by early to mid December. Anything is possible, but think highs in the 25-45 range, give or take, and you will bring the right clothes– or buy them here.

    • Multiple layers. Should be sorta warm when you get here, damn cold by the time you leave. Pants, long-sleeve shirts, fleece vest/pullover, jacket. Maybe a set of longjohns. Buy your souvenir Vikings knit cap here to keep ears warm. Set of comfy shoes for walking around, plus something warmer for snow. Warm gloves.

      Wish I lived closer to Minneapolis, I’ve got a ton of warm gear you could borrow, gloves, hats, jackets…..

      • He can buy a complete Goldy costume of university clothing. Fit right in. You know, Irish, you probably don’t have any warm clothing on that whole continent, so just come in your birthday suit and shop at the Mall of America and downtown when you get here.

      • Travel light, and buy some stuff here if you don’t have it. Decent set of quilted long underwear is less than $10 (top and bottoms) at WalMart. Vikings caps are cheap at souvenir shops (truck stops, gas stations, etc) – you’ll pay out the nose at the stadium.

        • Thanks for the offer anyway Northwoods and I figured all the warm stuff I buy here will be useless so I was just going to go shopping my first day. I only wear Minnesota sports tees so I should fit right in with the locals. A complete goldy costume sounds good Titus. I feel the cold more than most people so I’m a little worried having never been near snow.

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