As the world churns…


“Like sands in the hourglass, these are the “Days of our lives” was one of many soap opera’s my mom used to watch when I was a kid. “Search for tomorrow” was another, and as I mentioned above, in the title (with a tweek) “As the world turns”.

All three have a common theme…getting through each day, every day, day by day. That about sums it up for the whirlwind of events that have happened in the NFL-and much closer to home, our beloved Minnesota Vikings.

It seems the entire landscape of the NFL is crumpling before our eyes, like California washing away to the sea, as violent acts continue to crop up with the players.

The media, always driven to turn the screws of the frenzy until they are completely stripped off, is in some ways, just as irresponsible for their actions as the players are. It’s always better to gather the facts at hand first before spitting them out loud.

But, alas, we are just as guilty, as we have become a I want it now society-heck, there is even a commercial about that!

Each of these cases are different, and they will all play out a different way. We are all entitled to our opinions, but at the end of the day, we will always learn something new…as the world churns.

Neil Peart of the Canadian trio rock band Rush wrote this quote as part of the lyrics of a song (from Moving Pictures) called “Witch hunt.” I  thought it appropriate given the circumstances:

“Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand-                                                                                                               ignorance and prejudice, and fear walk hand in hand.”


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166 comments on “As the world churns…

  1. As the world burns no one will act, instead opting to throw around their meaningless opinions. That is what is wrong with the world and it never will change, no matter the circumstances all we want to do is talk instead of act.

    Judge no one, execute everyone.

    -The Man who would be God

    • Wish we had ownership with a spine. That cared about winning. DUE PROCESS was a human right sin the Magna Carta but people are so self righteous they need to involve themselves in everyone elses business

      • I don’t know that he raped her, but I do recall a story where he was at a bar or some nightclub with a couple of his linemen. He followed a woman into the bathroom, and while his teammates held the door shut, Ben dropped his pants and told the woman she could have her way with him. The way I recall, this was an act that Ben and his posse would repeat frequently, and it was generally successful without complaints by the woman, but at least the one time she wasn’t having any part of it.

        • I believe it was his so called security– but at any rate he had a couple big dudes block the entrance to the bathroom so big Ben could bring out jr Ben, but yeah, these women were petrified, terrified, and traumatized. But I don’t recall any punitive actions and you don’t see Ben’s career ruined.

  2. What a sad time for Vikings sports. I am afraid AD will forever be tarnished, regardless of the legal outcomes. As much as I disdain the abuse, I am sad to see such a great career ruined.I feel like I am in twilight zone.

    • The only reason he is not suspended is because we got whooped by the Patriots. That locker room will be a mess right now most of those guys are fathers I doubt they are all sunshine about this. It is such a fucking embarrassment.

      Also what are the Vikings waiting for? They have all the information Adrian has admitted to all of it aren’t we just waititng to see if Adrian is going to jail? They have enough information to discipline him but won’t because we might not win without him.

      • Trust me– he won’t play after Sunday’s game. I am doubtful he plays Sunday, but I think the Vikings brass will try to stick to their guns and keep their stand– Spielman took a beating in the press conference the other day. And remember, with all the controversy around the new stadium and the public money spent, all the opposition will be picketing in full force now! This is just beginning and will only get uglier. I cannot say AD is pulled from Sunday– hard to tell, but I doubt he plays after that. WHAT IS REALLY CLEAR — AD is reinstated for us to win and that make it all look even worse. If this had been a lesser skilled player, say a third WR, he would not be playing at all. WHO the — is advising the Vikings? Do they have anyone?

  3. I used to enjoy baseball quite a bit, but then there was that ugly strike. Outside of the world series, I barely, if ever watch it anymore after that strike crap. Part of me wondered the past few days if this is the same turning point for me in regards to the NFL.

  4. Oh, this team can win without AD, but not with all the negativity from the indictment. All the distraction is not good– we have a lot of younger players, and the way Spielman drafts, most of them are high character guys- so this whole fiasco has huge effects on the team’s psyche. They just need to move on and let AD go. There, I said it. Sorry to say it, but this is not going away.

    • I would have agreed with you on the character statement before Friday. Before Friday, I had an impression of Adrian that he was about as classy as they come. Humble, hard working, respectable all around person. After learning how wrong I was about him, someone who has been the focus of the local media for his entire career, I can’t be sure about anybody anymore. It doesn’t matter how good and wholesome people seem, they just as well might be putting on an act until they get caught.

      • I was starting to doubt the “humbleness” in him last year. I’m surprised his shoulder didn’t come out of socket for all the times he was patting himself on the back for being the greatest. He’d back it up with a well-placed “whatever’s best for the team…” but too many statements about him “waiting to see what the new management” was going to be like before deciding if he wanted a trade….

        In my eyes he was becoming the typical egocentric top-tier athlete that they usually become.

  5. Such a feminized society its embarrassing to live among you pansies! Am I the only one who got whooped as a child? AP was whooped with a switch and became the best RB in NFL.

    O by the way his kid pushed his brother of of ….? Which could have injured APs other son. No one in the hospital and the kid running around playing … but APs career over because he lives in a Dictraitorship!

    DUE PROCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A society of immoral, disrespectful chumps being brought up.

    Charles Barkely still one of the few voices of reason

  6. Now that AP is out….It’s time to pull up your socks, put the helmets on…..and go out and kick some A**. A team can rally because of a situation like this.

    On a side note…..I think that the Wilf’s are pu**ys for caving to corporate pressure. I think it was disgusting how they waited until the middle of the night to put out their “statement”. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on about AP, I feel the wishy-washy way the Vikings handled this is HORRIBLE.

  7. Vikings organization-with intervention from the NFL did what was necessary-Remove the distraction indefinitely…now the Vikings can concentrate on Football.
    Right, wrong, or indifferent, it’s what needed to be done. It certainly wasn’t a straight line deriving to this decision, but at least the Wilf’s did the necessary thing.

  8. So much drama,I waited forever for the season to start and everything was going right with this team,my enthusiasm for our season is low even though i still think we win a lot of games.I also agree with Shawn6464 100%

  9. All right, let’s have some positive vibe.

    1. We’ve allowed the fewest points scored against us in our division.
    2. Only 3 other teams have scored more points in our division.
    3. Last year we won most of our games WITHOUT Peterson on the field.
    4. Our QB isn’t Eli Manning.
    5. We were undefeated in pre-season WITHOUT Peterson on the field. Say what you want about pre-season games being meaningless, the players don’t feel or play that way.
    6. Our toughest opponent in the first half of the season is behind us now.
    7. If Cassel fails that bad again we’ll probably see Teddy.
    8. We’ve got the coolest blog!

  10. Well, who would like a huge greenhouse in downtown Minneapolis? We will be the first northern city to have a billion dollar recreational park for winter time– maybe we could build it into a waterpark like that one in Germany. It’s all over folks. NFL is on the decline.

  11. Another playercaught in the mix. Jonathan Dwyer (RB-Cardinals) arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault involving a 27 year old woman and their child that took place back in July. there was no physical injuries. he has been deactivated…

  12. The best option that I see going forward is to stand by AP. If we just cut him right now, he’ll do his time and someone (Dallas) will pick him up right after. Let’s stand by him, get him the help he needs, and have the upper hand in the contract restructuring situation that will come up within the next couple of years. After this fiasco, there WILL be a restructure of that contract. If AP refuses to restructure? CYA. Dump his ass and move on.

  13. i’m not too much of a fan of Asiata because he’s too much of a north-south runner. haven’t seen any cutback skills whatsoever. but he hasn’t had regular reps with the starting lineup til now. who knows, hopefully the O-line and Felton can bond with him to get some kind of running game going. we’re gonna need it because so far the O-line is not on point when it comes to pass protection…

  14. Here’s on for you Titus. I was driving down the freeway in Las Vegas and was following a landscape truck that was pulling an enclosed trailer. On the back of the trailer it had the company’s logo and name “SMART LANDSCAPING”. And under that it said “NO JOB TO SMALL” …. Really?

  15. Who is NCWINLOT in the ff league? Can someone please list all the FF participants with their blogger username so we all know who we are playing against? Or at least for me– maybe I am the only one who does not know everyone. Of course, some are obvious like Irish, Northwoods, and Cariboo.

  16. Well, I called it a few weeks back- not sure if I said it here, but other places: the toughest game here in the first part of the season will be against Atlanta. Geesh, watching this boring blowout, it sure seems that way.

  17. Well, might as well get in my prediction before I forget to. I’m moving over the weekend so I’ll be lucky to even watch the game.

    I’m thinking the team will start figuring some things out and put up a good fight, but will still fall short on the road to a better team that is desperate for their first win.

    Final score, 24-26 Stains.

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