Vikings vs. Patriots

The Vikings must defend the homestead as New England tries to invade Minnesota with a unit that is missing one of if not their most powerful weapon in AD, for reasons that need not mentioned. Can the Vikings slaughter the Patriots with only a partial offense? Will Cassel show everyone that he truly did teach Brady everything he knows and crush the Minute Men’s defense in a hellish barrage of Patterson TDs? I have no doubts that this will happen. The only question that I don’t have an answer for is can the Vikings defense show the same dominance they displayed last week against lower tier QBs against one of the Best QBs ever to play the game?



194 comments on “Vikings vs. Patriots

  1. If you have yet to make a prediction or wish to redo your prediction because of certain events then please do so before the game.
    That way they can be locked in and if you wouldn’t mind place them as a reply to this so they are easier to find.

  2. Will we be able to watch the game, without a ton of bullshit interviews by the NFL on Peterson, Rice, Hardy?

    If Peterson is inactive even after today, Paterson sure looked great running during the Rams game.

    Pats…28 Vikings..24

    • Don’t have a favorite team yet. Just watch good teams play.

      If Vikings lose, I guess it will be because Pete did not play huh…
      Patterson is more fun and excitng to watch in any case……

    • To be fair, that last one wasn’t Cassel’s fault, hit Asiata on the head. Ive also been hearing that the second one was Jennings’ fault for stopping the route. Either way, that game really brought us down to earth.

      • 1 – you can’t expect a guy to be able to catch the ball with the ear hole in his helmet, so I still blame that one on Cassel. If he placed it in front of the receiver, then you have a different argument. But that bad target resulted in a bounce that ended with some worse luck.
        2 – Even if Jennings hadn’t backed off on the route (assuming he did this by choice), he was still out of place with the defender in perfect position. Cassel should have never thrown the ball there.

  3. This would have been an entirely different game if Adrian was playing you can’t say you saw this coming. Also why are we only running from the shotgun when did we become the Packers? We did the same thing last week why fix what wasn’t broken?

  4. I also took into consideration Peterson being out, but more so the impact on the team’s psyche– remember we have a very young team now, relative to what we are accustomed to. The team felt this blow Friday afternoon and had to have been a huge factor– it wasn’t as much that AD did not play as what it did to their minds on such short notice. Heads up– now they have a full week to prepare– problem is, now we face Brees and the Saints at NO— and they are 0-2– so they will be hungry like the Pats were. Oh, this will be a long season folks.

  5. On the bright side I don’t think our defense was that bad. They started their drives 3 times inside of our own 40 and we held them to a field goal twice and they didn’t get a point the 3rd time. We also gave them the ball on our goal line which was always going to result in a TD plus they also scored a touchdown from a blocked field goal. That’s 20 points right there just from bad field position.

  6. I’m already accepting my first loss. Luck is going to score more than enough points for Irish to beat me.

    This should be the last week I’m even in contention to win. I got devastated by injuries this weekend.

  7. My 2 cents on AP:

    On the positive side: He is a young, inexperienced parent who grew up with that type of mentality for discipline, and fell back on it; He is NOT a child abuser – he didn’t see a child and think to himself “I’m gonna whip that kid’s ass”; he made a mistake and will pay the price for it and receive counselling; Hell, Michael Vick intentionally caused/allowed cruelty to innocent animals, and he’s still playing football.

    On the negative side: Who the HELL thinks 20-30 times with a switch on the back, legs, sides, and groin of a 4 year old is “discipline???” That negative outweighs all possible positives. I have a 4 year old son, and I know how kids that age can be. If he’d given the kid ONE swat on the rump to get his attention and let him know that the behavior was unacceptable, it would be vastly different. But 20-30? For pushing his brother away from the Playstation?

    I’m perfectly content with him being released from the team.

      • I can respect that, Titus. Just voicing my own personal opinion.

        I was brought up with ‘backwoods discipline’ and had a couple wooden spoons broken on my butt – when I was 8 or 9, not 4. I’m no saint, but I don’t do drugs, I put myself through college, and hold a valuable position in the medical community, so I’m inclined to pooh-pooh at the people who say parenting can be done with words alone.

        But, if you look at the pictures of the bruising and scarring on his kid…………I hope to GOD Peterson was ignorant and didn’t know the damage he was causing. THAT was a whipping, not discipline.

        I’m on Cris Carter’s side for this one. I won’t be able to look at the man and NOT remember this. Every TD he scores in the future will be tainted for me.

        I look at it this way – Ray Rice made a split-second reaction in the “heat of the moment” after he had been slapped, hit, and spit on by his wife – someone who ISN’T 4 years old, defenseless, and hasn’t mastered the whole right and wrong thing yet. Adrian Peterson intentionally went to a tree, intentionally cut a branch, intentionally stripped it of leaves, intentionally took his kid to a “whoopin room” and proceeded to intentionally administer 20-30 whacks that tore the skin and left welts and bruises up and down his body, because he wouldn’t “share” with his older brother. He actually has a “whoopin room.”

        Rice is suspended indefinitely and AP gets to play this Sunday???? What the hell is wrong with the NFL?

        • I can agree about AD, but I believe we all deserve a second chance, regardless. But I disagree about Rice– he is so much stronger than the average man, let alone the average woman that he was, in effect, hitting a defenseless child. He could have restrained her, and even ran away– if he can outrun defenders, he could have just moved away from her.

          • He could have restrained her….and AP could have swatted his kid on the rump and told him to share with his brother (or told his brother “He’s FOUR – let him have the video game for a while.”)

            You give one the second chance, you gotta give both. I’ll reserve some judgment until AP’s punishment is handed down.

  8. I just don’t see what good releasing AP would do. He’s never going to do this again, by the time he’s done serving whatever suspension he gets he will have gone through some sort of parenting/sensitivity training. I think Adrian knew right away that he had done something wrong, and deeply regrets it. Like I’ve said, we’re all human, and we all make mistakes, this was a huge mistake he made, but lets give him a chance to show he has learned from it instead of just casting him away like he hasn’t done a lot of great things for this states youth. If we released him, he would serve whatever sentence he was given, and would have teams lined up to sign him….. so just because he did this while he was a Viking means we need to dump his ass?

    • I’m surprised something so trivial is being deemed worth close to $100K. I also tip good when I get good service and poorly after receiving poor service.

      If the issue was about how bad McCoy was treating the staff, they should have thrown him out on his ass. As it was, he got a chance to make his statement about the night with a tip, and he did. The staff should have felt lucky that they got twenty cents. It used to be customary to tip two cents when the service was exceptionally poor.

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