Final 34 – 6

The Vikings marched into St. Louis and decimated the Rams in a battle that surely has shocked all those without a brain. This battle wasn’t without casualties though as Floyd, Rhodes, and J-Rob were all injured in one way or another. The extent of these injuries is unknown, but the one that looked the most severe was Floyd. He didn’t move hardly at all while on the ground in a heap, hopefully everything will be ok. As for Rhodes his injury is a groin injury, which usually almost always stick around for awhile. If that is the case then next week may be grim as we face one of the Best QBs in the league Tom Brady. With all that doom and gloom out of the way let us congratulate our rookie Head Coach Mike Zimmer on a great game and his first ever win. He had a great gameplan and it worked to perfection and the players we all thought were garbage under Fraizer showed what happens when you have a coach who can coach his players up. This was the first of 16 regular season battles and it was glorious.


123 comments on “Final 34 – 6

  1. So far, we have the best defense in the league. Only one other team has allowed as few as 6 points (Houston), and none have allowed fewer. We also have a tie for the third-best offense, scoring fewer than only the Seahawks and Falcons. Both of those teams had a bit more reason to score a few extra points though, as their defenses allowed a combined 38-points more than ours did.

    I’m currently working on my power rankings for the week. I know it’s going to be a bit skewed (the Vikings are currently far and away on top, with the Titans the next closest team trailing by 10 points), but that’s just going to make it that much more fun. Things will inevitably change next week and bring us back down a bit closer to reality, but I’m going to be more than contempt while I enjoy the surreal for now.

      • People who are paid to be experts about this were putting in “such claims” before the draft.

        To be a little bit more realistic, what I think I’m going to do is use last year’s averages for the first few weeks, deprecating their impact on this year’s power rankings each week as we start to get a better idea of how much the current teams have changed from last year. So this week, the scores for the year will be worth 25% of the overall grade, then 50% next week, 75% by week 3 and then I can transition to all 2014 scores from then on.

    • That’s what I was thinking about the time I rode past the Guthrie a couple hours ago– I saw the cranes from the stadium and almost cruised over to see, but opted to ride over to TCF and then go home– Brady is on my fantasy team– next week, they will be determined to will a win– and Pats are not a team you want to play when they have that mindset. Still, I think we come out on top because of our D. But Cassel better play well.

  2. Lions looked like…..uh…..lions………tonight.

    I”ve got a GOOOOOD feeling about next week! Home game, momentum, NE will be doubting themselves a bit – prone to make mistakes and take chances.

  3. Ravens “terminated” Rice’s contract. What exactly does that mean? They pay him all money due and cut him from the team? Or do they get out of paying him because of his conduct?

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