………..VIKINGS 2014…………. Thoughts and predictions

Football season is finally upon us once again as we prepare to watch our Vikings battle the Rams.

We already know that Green Bay lost to Seattle last night and are officially in LAST place in the NFC North!

Mike Zimmer has brought a focus and mindset to Minnesota that, frankly has not been seen since the Grant years. He has also given us fans hope that the Vikings will not only be a formidable matchup to any opponent in our path, but also, our team in purple are on the verge to something special.

Although Teddy Bridgewater will not be the day one starter, he will get his chance to shine, and when that happens, he will be the starter for a long, long time.


Here is my prediction for the NFC North:

Minnesota:  10-6 (Division winner)

Green Bay:  9-7

Chicago:      8-8

Detroit         7-9


The Vikings have amassed a lot of talent in a few short years…and they are ready to explode on Gameday!

Good luck to Zimmer and our Vikings-SKOL!





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75 comments on “………..VIKINGS 2014…………. Thoughts and predictions

  1. Always the spoiler-right Titus. But I did say: “Focus and Mindset.”

    Chilly had no FOCUS…remember 12 men on the field…
    Green had no MINDSET…remember the kneel down with time left in regulation.
    And by the way, at least Grant MADE it to the Super Bowl!

    SKOL Titus…and SKOL Vikings!

    • Okay, then break down each Super Bowl in like manner and tell us what was lacking in each loss. I don’t think we were close in any of them. Just being real folks– every one idolizes Grant, but we never won the big one.

  2. If you ever heard Modern English’s ” I’ll stop the world and melt with you,” well, this is one that I really recall from my punk days. And this one is so fitting for irish and roger’s latest posts.

  3. I think we have an almost unchanged offence from last year – the OL is the same, TE the same, QB the same, RB the same, WR the same. Changes have been made only in backups and coaching. It will be interesting to see how the coaching changes are reflected on the field. The offence wasn’t our downfall last year, anyway.
    The biggest changes have been on defense. The DL is totally made over and the secondary has been strengthened. The biggest change has also been in the coaching. Zimmer has the reputation of getting more out of his players and I hope that is true.
    I always seem to be overly optimistic at this time of year – thinking we are going to go undefeated until reality sets in after a few games and weaknesses are revealed and exploited by the other teams. We have a young secondary and a suspect LB corps. I’ll temper my optimism and say we go 8-8. On Sunday I think the game will be low scoring with the Vikes winning 17 – 10.

    • Don’t completely agree, Cariboo. Ponder was our starter last year– remember how Frazier held onto him throughout and threw in Freeman for a game? This year we have a huge change in that Cassel is the starter and Ponder is removed by Bridgewater. In terms of coaching– our coaches are so much better, that in effect, I see that we do have new personnel.

  4. Our offense can remain pretty much the same talented group as last year. The coaches and the defense are responsible for most of the losses last year I don’t think anyone would argue that. And I think there is a bust of Bud Grant in Canton that solidifies who the best coach of the Vikings is. Highly doubt Green (maybe Green) or Chilly will make that trip.
    Vikings – 22
    Lambs – 13

  5. Every year it’s the same thing with ESPN, NFL Network and analysts in general: They talk about Peyton and the Broncos, or Brady and the Pats… when will Johnny Football start…can Kaepernick keep his hat on straight or does he belong in the hood.

    The Vikings will get their turn in the media spotlight…after they beat the likes of Green Bay, Chicago, and the Patriots.

  6. The Vikings will be better overall…even at the QB with Cassel-

    Cassel=Cutler=Stafford they will have their moments good and bad…Rodgers has the edge.

    O-line is the best in our division with Detroit and Chicago average and Green Bay being very bad.

    D-Line is as good as Detroit with Chicago and Green Bay following.

    Linebacking corps will tell the tale of our season…Barr will be the difference maker.

    Secondary is vastly improved and will provide plenty of turnovers for our offense to capitalize.

    We are every bit as good as any team in our division, or in the league for that matter.

    We also have AP, CP84 and Teddy in the wings…our time is coming fellow bloggers.

  7. 11-5 whoopin sum ass a.k.a randy moss= cornroll “Beafed” up paterson shits over, love #31 ready 2 roll “Barr” is no holdS barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddd
    nuff said N.A.P____NEW AGE PURPLE_____N.A.P

    • So now we have Kalil through 2015, Sullivan through 2016, Fusco through 2019, and Loadholt through 2016. If the team can get Yankey up to speed, (and assuming they use the option on Kalil) we’ll have secured the line for at least the next 3 years!

  8. i like our chances this year with the offense. Still have my concerns about the OGs though, especially Johnson (in pass protection). Fusco just got an extension (5 years–25 million),so he has to step up. i’m comfortable with Sully, Khalil, and Loadtholt.. i think Rudolf is gonna have a beast year in Norv’s offense (reference–see Antonio Gates). don’t know where Simpson’s gonna fit in when he comes back, but i’m good with Jarius in the slot for now.

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  10. I didn’t see my score prediction listed so here it is again. We won’t score heavy against a strong Rams D. And they’ll score less without their starting QB.
    VIKES -22
    RAM JOB – 13

    • Yes, and I will be watching. Might be a good game I can watch without Ben L. yaking, babbling, on, and on and on…………….Will be able to see ALL the downs played, which ever team has the ball.

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