Coming soon to a TV near you

While Thursday is the start of the football season, no one with a brain cares because the Minnesota Vikings are not playing, but soon so very soon the Vikings will be marching onto the field in St. Louis for what is going to be a brutal massacre. The beating the Vikings give the Rams will be so disturbing that parents will likely turn the channel to avoid scarring their children and the ever annoying animal rights activist (never say their name, never dignify their existence) will be called only for them to realize that the lambs slaughtered this “Bloody” Sunday were not really animals.

138 comments on “Coming soon to a TV near you

    • I wish more of the “experts” could see this. The Vikings’ talent was much better than their record indicated, and now that we have some good coaches and some increased talent at positions that were weaknesses last year, this team is going to be much better this season.

      • The conclusion I draw is we are the black sheep or the experts are not really experts. Or probably the real truth is in the middle of those two paradigms. Because, holy horns, batman, anyone can see this team is poised to win at minimum double what they won last year.

      • Oh, let me add– I do not wish more experts would see this. They will see it soon enough, but I don’t think we will shock any of the other teams– the coaches know far more than these so called analysts. When a team prepares for us, they will say, Oh, they have AD. Oh, they have Patterson. And Jennings. Oh, gee, look at Rudolph. Look at that massive OL. Hey, wait, look at that defense and that new OC– Turner, who is dat? No, I think we will not be some underdog that teams take lightly.

  1. Titus – you don’t really have to spend much time during the week on your FF lineup, unless you have a player scheduled to play a Thursday game. On the morning before the game(s) – check your lineup to see if there are any red “alerts” next to a player’s name – click on them to see what they say, if he’s injured and not playing, or whatever – then sub him out with a bench player.

    You can also submit claims to trade out players you don’t want – do them early in the week, I think Wednesday is when they get processed. If you wait until Thursday it won’t happen until the following Wednesday.

  2. Howdy fellers!! I am back, sorry for playing hooky. good to be back!!

    First off, go seahags. Second, I forgot the question, but “Two Minute Teddy” is the answer.

    Third, glad there is a prediction contest going. If some of you would kindly run it, I will provide the sweet sweet prizes.

    Fourth, I ate a scorpion and got bit in the dick by a wiener dog this summer. How was your off season?

  3. hahhaaaaaaaa Irish! Already knew you are bare assed. Good to be back. Cannot wait to watch Harvin……..

    A. Get mad and throw shit, or yell, or both, of course on his own sideline.

    B. Break one loose for 6 against the enemy.

    C. A and B.

  4. Welcome home HCG, sorry to hear you got bit on the cock but you’re ok right? I mean, it could have been worse, they have bears where you live. Of course you probably don’t try to pet bears. So there’s gonna be a point contest again this year?

  5. If I were predicting the scores based purely off of the scores that the teams put up last year, I ‘d be forced to say that the Rams win by a convincing score of 31-21. But, knowing that we have a completely different team this year, that would be too short sighted. Improvements in coaching on both offense and defense will make a big difference in how this game turns out.

    So, I think I’m going to turn one TD into a field goal for the Rams, while turning another one into a turnover in the endzone, meanwhile giving the Vikings two extra field goals to make the final score 27-20 in favor of the good guys.

  6. And Rams have a very good coach who has been at the helm a few years– they are turning it around. Plus it is a dome. Noise could be an issue. The FantasticTitusOmeterExcpetionale14000 is really shaking and sputtering over this one. Could it be, that the Vikings lose?

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