Vikings Announce Cuts

The full list of the first round of cuts is just about out, and there were a couple of surprises.  Free Agent acquisition Derek Cox was among those who most of us expected to make the team as either the Nickel or Dime CB, but now he’ll be looking to make his impact on another team.  Mistral Raymond, a safety who started a handful of games for the Vikings in 2013 was another surprise for this first round of cuts.   

Outside of those two, the Vikings have announced 12 players released who were going to be long-shots to make the team right from the beginning.  The Vikings still need to cut one more player in order to get down to the 75-man limit at the end of the day.  Of the players still on the team, I would expect this final cut to be a LB (none were included in the first 14-players cut), and my best bet is that it’s between Mike Zimmer and Justin Jackson. 

Here’s the current list of cuts:

Scott, Tyler DE
Snyder, Jake DE
Randall, Kheeston DT
Burton, Pierce T
Murphy, Kevin T
Sperry, Kory TE
Cruse, Andy WR
Lora, Erik WR
Walker, Ty WR
Cox, Derek CB
Steeples, Robert CB
Bishop, Brandan S
Raymond, Mistral S
Jorden, Kamar WR
 UPDATE! The Final Cut Has Been Made (Thanks for the info Roger)

Higgins, Mike TE

162 comments on “Vikings Announce Cuts

  1. Patriots just traded Logan Mankins to the Bucanneers. Would have like to have him, but the price may been too steep, or didn’t have the players New England may have wanted to exchange for him…

  2. Okay, so I rank the players according to who I would want to draft the most? And then I have an automatic listing that changes as the draft develops? Sorry, but I am totally new to this and don’t want to lose the Super Bowl because Parody outsmarted me.

    • It isn’t that tought to fire an UZI, if you know what you are doing, most of it is in how you hold it. The same thing as with a Thompson Submahine gun.

      I have used the Thompson and fired a Uzi
      The Thompson is a .45 Cal, the Uzi is 9mm. 45 has more “kick” Therefore making it tougher to hold on target.

      On both of them, you grip the part called a forearm, tightly, pressing downward to keep the weapon from what is known as “climbing” on you. With your other hand, you grip the trigger housing area, keeping your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready.

      Come around some time Roger, I’ll show you how it’ done..Just don’t stand in front of it.

  3. I still cannot believe how that draft thingie goofed up– I had Tom Brady as my first pick and next I look– it said I had chosen Green-Ellison. Sure, I still got Brady, but missing your first pick is critical.

  4. Were there any Chase Ford sightings tonight? I thought that we’d be seeing him on almost every offensive snap in order to make up for the rest of the preseason that he missed, but the only TEs I recall seeing tonight were Reisner (played good once again) and Ellison (non-factor).

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