Preseason Week 3- Vikings vs Chiefs


Tonight Matt Cassel returns to Arrowhead Stadium to get vengeance on the Chiefs. This is our last preparation for the regular season as most starters will not suit up next week. Can Matt Cassel keep the offense rolling? Is Norv Turner truly a 100% chill guy? We’ll find out I guess…I don’t know whatever I’m depressed. SEND

By greatirishpotatofamine

162 comments on “Preseason Week 3- Vikings vs Chiefs

  1. Who will prove they are the better WR Simpson, Thielen, or Smith?

    If the two young guys continue to show that they are reliable how expendable does Simpson become with his new 3 game suspension on the horizon?

    Where is Wright in all this discussion of WRs? Did his play turn to shit with his lifelong friend no longer on his team?

    Final question and most important of all, why is the Naked Potato depressed?

  2. Just finished watching the Seahawks kick the Bears 34 to 6. Seahawks up to250 yards and 31 points in the First Half alone.

    Also watched my favorite player, Percy Harvin show the world that he is still someone to reckon with.

    When, and IF the Vikings ever play them again, Playoffs, what ever, lookout!!
    Just like last year, I believe it will be the SeaHawks back in the Super Bowl…

    • I don’t drink, there mighty Titus, just say what I think..Funny, Titus when you go on a rampage, then it is OK, huh? tsk, tsk and more tsk tsk..I do note that Parody gets to you some times, huh..

      • Nah, Parody and I have fun– it’s necessary for a little friction to keep the blog lively, especially in the off season. Takes quite a bit to rile me, Bluebird. Take a look around what is happening– Iraq/Syria, Ferguson, etc. A comment on the blog is not significant enough to get my goad. You, though, need a hobby.

        • I had a hobby, Titus, for 30 years, It was keeping you and others like you safe from harm while you learned your ABC’s among other things…

          I am aware of the problems in the world Titus, if this keeps up you can watch the Nukes drop out of the sky, instead of your Viking football games. Russia still have their Nukes, regardless of any so-called Nuke Treaties, and they have plenty. Some even might be aimed at where you store your bike…………

      • Yeah, I suck and am such a horrible person I must attack random people for no good reason just because I’m a bandwagon hopping, no brain having, bird shit eating Sea-skag fan, wait that’s you.

        Trust me old timer nothing you say about me matters because unlike you I don’t need to degrade others to make myself feel better.

        • Nothing randam about jokers like you that attack me every time. The only thing about you is, you are not random in your attacks, and attacking wounded Army Veterans that stood in the way of very bad people that wanted to bury your head up your ass!

          Seahawk fan? Yes, just like Titus is a Bills Fan…Jump him on that D-Bag.

          • No one on here knows football, titus eats bird shit sandwiches, you defame the Vikings, and last year you went on and on with anti-gay rants, those are just a few of the bullshit attacks on the people on here and for some reason these seem to slip your mind.

            It doesn’t matter if you were in the Army, Northwoods was as well and guess what he doesn’t treat people like garbage nor does he feel like an entitled ass clown who wants everyone to suck up to him and if their opinions differ from his that they are shit.

            But I better stop talking to you before you blood pressure gets too high, seeing as you never will realize you are little more than a joke of a person.

    • Safety seems to be wide open still. There’s a lot of brittle guys competing for the spot. Sanford, Coleman, Blanton and Bishop have all been favorites in the competition while also getting injured once or more during the battle. If they can’t stay healthy, then the Free Agent Chris Crocker probably is the man to win the job, but I’d bet that young guys like Exum will be pushing for the job later in the season too.

      The ILB spot seems to be between Brinkley and Cole, with Brinkley as the current favorite, while mixing things up for passing situations to keep Brinkley off the field.

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