In the Cardz

Tomorrow the Vikings play against the Arizona Cardinals, a team that has one of the better defense in the league. It was stated earlier this week by Zimmer that Cassel could play the first half, which isn’t likely but defiantly means Cassel will be having more than 10 snaps like he had last week. It would also be a good idea to have Bridgewater face such a defense top players to help him get acclimated to what a truly threatening defense can do to you. This game doesn’t count, but it may possibly show a glimpse of what this team can do going forward.

224 comments on “In the Cardz

      • That’s exactly what I told a friend of mine- we are not accustomed to heat this summer, but my electric bill is not complaining. I think I had the air on overnight only three times this year– and mostly because of the high dewpoints, not the heat.

  1. Where is HCG and Nova??
    No B Dubs or Blue Ox in Albert Lea.
    Titus I believe we’re close to the same age, I know that photo I posted of myself with the two Rockstar models made me look younger than you but that’s just the Vegas life. How about this? METRO CITY ALL STARS…
    (I think I still have my ‘Burbs album)

  2. I can tell by the comments you make Titus that you look older than me. It’s one of my hidden talents, that and hanging out with models half my age. And I never said anything about “looking your age”, I just remember a post where you stated your age. No talent, just good memory.

  3. I know Teddy was playing against back-ups but not since Favre and Cunningham have I felt the confidence of a QB on our team that the game can be taken back at the last minute. Gee, maybe this kid is the real deal.

  4. Had never heard about this game until tonight this is hysterical, classic Paul Allen. So glad I wasn’t into the NFL back then this would of killed me.
    “get back guys!”

  5. The one main reason I like Billick, beside the fact he actually knows the game, is he is maybe the only commentator who actually has a soft spot for the Vikings– you can always hear it in his commentary. He really likes the team– I recall when he was asked who would win the championship against who dat, he replied in Jimmy Johnson fashion– like, hey, who do you think I am picking– the Vikes.

  6. I love Captain Munnerlyn but isn’t he supposed to be one of the better tackling corners in the league? I’ve seen him miss 3-4 tackles so far this preseason all of them were baaaaad.

  7. Last week Ponder says he’s open to a trade. This week he says he hasn’t “asked” for a trade. Choosing words carefully, but fully realizes the writing on the wall.

    I still think the extra roster spot is far too valuable, given the other areas on the team that we could carry an extra contributing player in lieu of someone almost guaranteed not to break a sweat this season.

    If someone offers Spielman a draft pick, Ponder’s gone with the wind.

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