Vikings vs Raiders

It’s game day fellow uglies. The months waiting for this next football season to start have dragged on and on endlessly, but the wait is finally over. Okay, so it’s just preseason, but that’s still way better than no football at all. So now we just have a few more hours to wait to see our team in action for the first time under the new regime, on a new field, and with a bevy of new players.

Tonight’s game will feature two of the highly touted QBs of the last draft likely for a large portion of the event while both teams try to determine how ready their rookie is for the NFL. Teddy Bridgewater, projected to be the #1 player selected for most of the time leading up to the draft snuck past team after team until landing on the Vikings roster with pick #32, and so far he has appeared to live up to his #1 billing. Meanwhile, the Raiders drafted Derek Carr in the 2nd round, younger brother of David Carr, the #1 draft pick back in 2002. Derek has some great physical abilities but early reports indicate that he’s not ready to take over as the starter in Oakland just yet, and may not get the job at all this year. Both teams have veteran QBs who have had their share of good and bad years under center as well, so neither team has a need to rush the early draft pick onto the field unless the vets start showing that another bad year is on the way.

Outside of QB, there are still many things to be looking for in this game. Rookie LB Anthony Barr was selected much higher than Teddy, but has gotten much less attention from the media. Will he be a quick enough study to earn a starting job for the beginning of the regular season? With Adrian Peterson sitting out, we’ll have a great look at Matt Asiata and 3rd round pick Jerick McKinnon and see how they’ll be used to replace Toby Gerhart. The team also has 3 new starters on the D-line, one other new starter on the LB corps, and a handful of new faces at DB so there’s going to be a lot of new stuff going on and it will be interesting to see how different this team looks with all the new faces and a new scheme both on offense and defense.

I AM Ready for some football!

158 comments on “Vikings vs Raiders

  1. The FF league deal rolled over into this year meaning those who competed last time are currently set as members for the coming season.
    So if you played last time and want to do it again say so and if you don’t again say so, so other prospective parties can join.

  2. I’m in for FF. Somebody’s gotta scoop the poop.

    Anyway, great win to start the season! (although it means nothing) What I take from it is this:

    Adam Thielen will nab the last WR spot.
    Cassel re-established himself at the top of the QB depth chart for now.
    TB re-established why he should……..”ferment” behind a veteran for now.
    Ponder re-established why he was benched and no longer valuable to the Vikes.
    Our first-team D looked solid – I like the Zimmer effect.
    Both Asiata and McKinnon show promise.

  3. Things keep on getting weirder this week. I felt compelled to watch another Robin Williams movie tonight, and went to look for “What Dreams May Come” on Netflicks, but it wasn’t there. So I searched for “Robin Williams” and came across a short list of his movies, including a more recent movie (2009) I wasn’t familiar with called “World’s Greatest Dad”. For no particular reason, I decided to give it a chance.

    The movie is about a man (Robin Williams) whose son died in an embarrassing fashion. To hide the embarrassment, he set up the death to instead look like a suicide and then continued to build on the guilt of this lie. The weird part of it all is that the set up for the suicide is almost identical to how Robin himself was found dead the other day – hung in the closet.

    So is this a strong continuation of an unlikely coincidence, or is it something more?

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