Only 10 days left… to first pre-season game!!!

After a long off-season and extended wait to the draft, through the beginning stages of mini-camp and now to full blown training camp, the countdown toward the season is in full gear.

Yes, in 10 days we will see the first product of the all-new Minnesota Vikings! We the fans are now officially in football mode for the next six months, hanging on to every bit of information that we can consume.

We all await the biggest question to be answered before the kickoff to the new season…which QB will be our starter. Trust in Zimmer to use good judgment, but for me as well as many of us here on VFB wait for the day when Teddy B. is the uncontested #1 guy!

This will come…Teddy “gets it” and he will be the difference maker we have sought at the QB position for a long time.

So here is to the official countdown to the Vikings’ 2014-2015 season. May our Vikings bring back the magic of yesteryear with a renewed energy that will launch them into present success and future domination.

Good Luck Zimmer and SKOL Vikings!

Mike Zimmer

By vikingology

98 comments on “Only 10 days left… to first pre-season game!!!

  1. Did anyone see the debate of Johnny Football vs Teddy B. on NFL network regarding their performance up to this point…you could see they totally held back short of saying Teddy was waaay ahead of Johnny- because everyone knows huge ratings are much too important and to slam a provider of said ratings would be un-wise.

  2. So, I was at church and in the lobby afterward, one of my African friends came up and asked if I was coming to her fundraising dinner on Friday. Well, I hadn’t heard– she said she emailed me, but I don’t think I got the email. Anyway, she owns a restaurant and her food is sooooo good– it is East African and a little like Indian food– the kind that you gobble down like candy. So of course I am ready to go until we clarify — this Friday, and she said, yes the eighth. AND I thought– what is that date? Thank goodness it is only preseason because I cannot miss out on that food!

  3. Tried out my underwater gear for hunting agates on the North Shore. Sorry about the scream, it was cold.

    I found a couple of $500 agates. Of course, I won’t be having sex for another week or two until certain body parts make their reappearance.

  4. I sat next to this packer fan (fucking surprise) at football yesterday. The guy was obnoxious enough to wear a packer jersey to a rugby league game. This asshole was bragging about flying to Minnesota to watch the Packers flog us last season and to top it off he couldn’t hold back his laughter as he told me him and his buddies went to the university of minnesota to spit on goldy the gopher.

    Let this fuel ur hatred. We must beat the packers.

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