Which QB will start week 1?

Norv Turner has been highly complimentary of all three of the Vikings QBs, yes that includes Ponder (the great white hype/hope).

While it is his job to say such things, if they are true then the Vikings should be in for a great season, but the question becomes who should be the starter week one? Seeing as Turner and Zimmer have been pretty reserved on any such declarations I will let you all decide who you think gives us the best chance.

204 comments on “Which QB will start week 1?

    • Reading in between the lines, it sounds as if Bridgewater is making it difficult for Turner to justify sitting him: “Teddy’s been really, really impressive”, but he’s still happy to give the ball to Cassel if need be: “ready to really have a good year”. Meanwhile, at least Ponder doesn’t look like he sucks quite as bad as he did earlier: “He’s eliminating a lot of the negative plays.”

  1. What the?? I copied this from the web cause I didn’t know what roger was saying about Turner:
    “In physics, complementarity is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics, closely associated with the Copenhagen interpretation.”

  2. I think Cassel will play game one, regardless- unless he looks horrible and Teddy looks spectacular in preseason. But I think Teddy starts getting some playing time by the third or fourth game– and either by us winning or losing. Big gains, he may be thrown in for a little exposure in the 4th quarter.

    • I can’t say one way or the other whether cutting him would help. It worked out for the best in Carter’s situation, but that fact alone is no guarantee that it is the solution that has the best odds for everybody else.

      I’m still siding with Carter though. Whether or not it is the best thing for Gordon, it seems to me that it will be better for the Browns and the NFL in general. It passes a message that they will not put up with boneheads who continuously choose to make bad decisions. The NFL needs to try harder to set the example that if you continue to mess up like this, then you’re not going to continue to get paid.

      But who am I to judge? I’m just some rube who’s gotten sick of the growing mantra that “hugs and kisses will fix every problem better than even the tiniest bit of discipline ever could”.

    • If they’re against the Locke pick, then why did the article start out by describing Kluwe as the “former Viking troublemaker “? It seems this writer just doesn’t like Vikings punters in general. Maybe he should be asking why Preifer’s punters never seem to measure up to the rest of the league. Coaching could be as big of a factor in this debate as the players.

  3. Words by Dan Zinski about Packer fans and the retirement of #4. Awesome, couldn’t have said it better myself!

    “Honestly Packer fans, what is your problem? Were you not vindicated by the team’s Super Bowl victory with Aaron Rodgers? Are you not satisfied? Why continue hating on Favre?

    The pettiness of Packer fans never ceases to amaze. What a bunch of pitiful self-important boneheads. Arguably the greatest player in their team’s history and they hate his guts. Wow. Just sad.”

  4. Wow. Usually, even during slow times of the year like today, when I Google ‘Vikings’ I get a few different stories. Today, everything on the first page was about Kluwe suing the team. I don’t think that even Brett Favre had that kind of real estate when he decided to return to the team for one last year.

  5. Yes it sucks that Kluwe is the center of attention for our team. Once the season starts he and his pussy posse will disappear for good. In the NFL apparently it’s ok to put a bounty out on two of the greatest QB’s at the time, bitch slap your mother or wife/girlfriend and that will all fade away. Maybe Kluwe should write a book or take a stand on those issues and benefit those who stood by him.

  6. Priefer strikes me as someone who is a little self-conscious and tries to deflect that by using humour to lessen the stress of a situation. I’ve seen it in his interviews. The difficulty with that is that he may offend someone with off-colour humour, which is far more prevalent than family-friendly humour. I suspect that he did say something that offended Kluwe, who is obviously very sensitive to homophobic issues. It depends upon the context of the situation and the actual beliefs that Priefer holds. I don’t think we can know that. I don’t think it is possible for us to know for certain what is in a person’s heart – their core beliefs. I agree with GIPF that the Vikings should just release the report and move on. This doesn’t sound to me like a situation where Priefer should lose his job – maybe a reprimand and fine with a lesson learned.

  7. Whether Kluwe is in the right or not I simply do not care anymore.
    He should have came out about the situation during the season when it happened instead of waiting till he got cut and therefore sounding like a vindictive, whinny, emotionally unstable ex-girlfriend.
    You cannot champion a cause only when it will not adversely affect you.
    You want to take a stand then take a damn stand no matter the consequences.

  8. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Priefer said it, considering some of the reported things he has said in the past (said reporter Tom Peliserro dressed “girly”. Also, why would Kluwe make this all up? I highly doubt he would. Should a man be fired for saying a homophobic slur in a meeting of an NFL team? Absolutely not. I’m a supporter of gay and lesbian rights/marriage, and believe what he said was idiotic and wrong, and made him look like a fool, but people make mistakes. Well done, GIPF, for standing up for what you believe in, I just don’t think he should be fired for it.

  9. As far as Kluwe saying that’s the reason why he was cut…. prove it dude. I was/am a Kluwe fan, and agree with his beliefs, but he was an average punter who was getting paid too much. Why isn’t he suing the Raiders for cutting him during training camp? Or the rest of the teams for not giving him a tryout? I don’t think he’s doing himself any favors with this whole thing.

  10. Congrats Mr. Kluwe, you have succeeded in capturing the minds of those that call themselves the Vikings Football Bloggers. I’m offended, not at the Kluwe situation but because Irish thinks Nova is an American.

    • I hate everything we dont like. Especially loud mouth mediocre punters who get cut from two different teams. Then threaten lawsuits against the first team which happens to be my one and only favorite team.
      As if Priefer one of the best in thw league doesnt know talent. Like Marcus Sherels, who was discovered in some talent search and is one of the best punt returners in the league.
      Then the coach’s from a consistently losing team cuts him after already being cut just a few months earlier. Yea i hate that!

  11. I’m embarrassed this Priefer idiot couldn’t keep his political views to himself. No one wants to hear this shit at work if u want to support marriage between a man and a woman do it in ur own time. Take a lesson from Kluwe.

  12. MY TURN, Vikings tolerate a distraction? Preifer is not the distraction, Kluwe’s mouth is the distraction. Vikings retained a great special teams mind, the only shining spot of the team last year. I think the Vikings should offer Kluwe an invite to training camp to compete. But the place kick holder would probably pull the ball out on him like Lucy to Charlie Brown. I bet Kluwe has never made a statement he shouldn’t have right? People with self centered egos NEVER do that. Michael Sam, please call Kluwe and thank him for the support and then tell him to suck eggs.

  13. Kluwe doesn’t understand truly accepting others– now that there is an apology and punishment, he still wants more– petty! Such a petty vindictive little man. Last I saw, Priefer was a human being also– oops, I guess we should hang him upside down in a square because Kluwe, the self-appointed righteous overseer of the new morality so dictates. Geesh– grow up Kluwe and show some humility and real compassion- love those who persecute you– oops, that is another savior’s words.


  14. I said at the beginning of when all of this stuff first came up that it wasn’t going to end well for anyone. Kluwe, the Vikes released the report, it said they cut you for performance and nothing else, now you’re digging yourself an even deeper hole and not doing yourself any favors. Just stop, man. Focus on your activism and chill out on twitter.

  15. Let’s all sue Chris Kluwe for 10m each because he is making light of raping little boys, which OFFENDS me.
    His quote….”Everybody was making fun of it”.
    Can our Special Teams Coach use that as HIS defence, Chris ??????


  16. I hope freedom of speech is dead if this is the stuff u guys say all day. What the fuck do you guys tell ur co workers to think what Priefer said was okay? Yes I think it’s hypocritical of Kluwe I posted the article. I think it’s childish of both sides to bring up unrelated incidents. IN MY OPINION I think Kluwe is telling the truth in regards to everything Priefer has said to him but I don’t think either side is telling the whole truth. It’s now gotten ridiculous and Kluwe should move on. I don’t think Priefer should be sacked for an isolated incident which I doubt it was and I sure as shit don’t think a man should be sacked to prevent a possible distraction like Zulgad does.

    At no point have I ever thought Kluwe was cut for anything but his performance. Don’t care about stats they mean nothing, we all knew he was playing bad. My problem has always been Spielman spending a fifth rd pick on a WORSE punter.

    I’m not a Kluwe homer I support tolerance, acceptance and the right for people to be treated equally.

    Will still wear my #5 proudly. love you DONOVAN MCNABB nah I playing still a Kluwe fan.

    • You miss the point. None of us agree with Priefer’s statements, but some of us agree with his stand that marriage is between a man and a woman– but if we believe that and say that without being crude or derogatory, it does not matter– I guarantee you people will call anyone of that belief a bigot and want to punish them. Priefer apologized and was punished and Kluwe is still on the warpath. Why? Is he vindictive? If he is tolerant and a champion of human beings basic human rights, then he cannot choose who to fight for– does he believe Priefer has no rights? Is he a saint at all times– we see obviously he is not. That is why people need to be careful to point fingers at others, especially vehemently and with a desire to punish.

  17. We are all enraged because Kluwe got what he asked for and he is throwing a tantrum because he determines the punishment is not adequate. A big man would accept that an investigation occurred, that the Wilfs apologized, that Priefer was suspended for three games and required to take classes, and that the Vikings are donating 100K to LGBT community. But Kluwe is mad because he wants a more severe spanking.

    • Nobody thinks we should nuke anyone. Including Priefer. Use some human instinct. Kluwe was running around as many places as possible to talk about how gay he is. At the same time he was shanking punts out of bounds and just playing like ponder. Priefer his boss was trying to light a fire under his ass.

      Hmm wasnt there but that sounds like the truest explanation of human nature.

  18. That’s it for me concerning our ex-punter. That punk has already gotten WAY too much free rent in my brain.
    I will now concentrate all my efforts into devising the optimum approach to launch a full-blown radioactive trampoline beaver attack on Vick.

  19. For example, the report notes that Vikings kicker Blair Walsh described Kluwe as someone who “loves the attention,” “was focused on everything but football,” and wanted to be in the spotlight. Far more relevant to the substance of Kluwe’s complaint was the conclusion in the report that Kluwe made light of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal at Penn State.

    “Kluwe also made fun of the Vikings’ then Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Kanavy, an alumnus of‒and former coach at‒Penn State University, concerning the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State situation,” the memo states. “In his interview, Kanavy explained that Kluwe cut the seat out of his pants and then put them on to imitate a victim of the Penn State child-abuse scandal. According to Kanavy, Kluwe said that he was a ‘Penn State victim’ and to ‘stay away’ from him while his buttocks were exposed.

    Kluwe told investigators that he did not recall that behavior, but that “it’s very possible” that he did it.

    “It didn’t stick in my mind, but, you know, I — it is definitely — if people said they saw it, then yeah, I probably did it,” Kluwe said.

  20. If Kluwe had acted with class and thanked the Wilfs for the investigation., offered forgiveness toward Prifer after graciously accepting his apology, the former punter would be able to fight another day– and look genuine in his compassion. Instead he looks a tool — and I bet anything there are people behind him pushing him to go for blood.

    • Thank you Shawn. The lawyer makes a good point, but I feel it has been made too late in the game. He should have gone out of his way to make it clear to his client the importance of keeping this issue between himself and the Vikings. Since Kluwe has made this such a large public issue, I think he has backed both sides into playing this through to the end.

  21. Kluwe “can’t recall” cutting the arse out of his pants and parading around a locker room full of players, while saying “stay away from me”.

    Yeah, that would slip my mind, too.

    Next he will claim he has Alzheimer’s. He is a bad joke.

  22. People– LET’S MOVE ON! I am definitely to blame here because it gets me worked up as much as all of you, but as Nova said– this former punter has too much free rent in our minds. Preseason game one is coming up soon!

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