Over, under, or more of the same?

Out of all of the Vikings offseason additions who do you think will have the most impact? Who do you think was over paid? Will these guys show they truly deserved the contracts they got or will they make Ricky look like a kid who just wasted his allowance on candy? It likely is to early to judge seeing as they haven’t taken a snap as a Viking, but what is the fun in waiting when nothing is going on?

144 comments on “Over, under, or more of the same?

  1. Regarding the previous post …if we had a “Native American” Viking fan then perhaps we would get a valid opinion-But I will say political correctness is beyond going to the extreme, and if I want to call a black person black, I will do so because I’m not sure he is African…he may be Haitian.
    By the way one of my best friends was black.
    I am not offended by being called white, whitey, honkey, cracker, Italian meatball or French fry.
    This bullshit is 99% politically driven and I hate bullshit and propaganda.

  2. It’s CANADA DAY !!!!! So everybody plant a Maple tree and adopt a rescue beaver !! Give some hot chick a Canada Goose !! Whoops…..that’s not politically correct….oh well…..
    I’ll be out somewhere in the Atlantic, applying lots of sunscreen in order to avoid red skin.

  3. Happy EH DAY Nova! And once again I’ve been singled out and discriminated against because I wasn’t notified by e mail that there is a new blog started. Why is that? What does HCG have against us Vegans??

  4. Nova-glad to hear you’re OK…I have not been on the VFB site too much (like most of us) but from what I recollect you have baffled the doctors. I’m sure they ruled out intestinal parasites?
    This may sound like an odd question but what water source are you drinking from? (Municipal/Well) and do you filter your water?

    • Because that would offend the Squashee……a little-known Native American tribe originally located in the Central part of Eastern South-Western Northern Wisconsin,
      On the shores of Gitche Gumee
      By the shining Big-Sea Water…….

  5. True amusing fact from Wiki……..A small trading post, now known as Green Bay, originally named La Baye or La Baie des Puants (French for “The STINKING Bay”), was established by Nicolet at this location in 1634.

  6. This is making more and more sense if you don’t think about it. Erin Roggers is one of the most sacked (squashed) QB’s in the NFL. It only makes cents that Green Bay was his density. It’s all coming together now. I still take offense that I don’t get a e mail notification when a new blog is started😡

  7. Watched Lone Survivor last night. Ironic that two of the soldiers that died in that actual incident are from the two towns I call my home.
    Corey Goodnature – Albert Lea, MN
    Shane Patton – Boulder City, NV.
    I don’t actually live in Vegas but Boulder City, home of Hoover Dam.

    I just think Vegas Vike sounds better that Boulder Vike or Hoover Vike

    Speaking of, I wonder when someone will take offense to the name Hoover Dam? It will probably be a syndicate of door to door vacuum cleaner salespeople…

  8. The issue of the Redskins name is one of perception, I think. Words have meaning and some words are offensive to some people. There is, in my mind, a difference in connotation between “redskin” and something like “braves” or “warriors”. “Braves” and “warriors” is almost complimentary whereas “redskins” is, at best, merely descriptive of skin colour and, at worst, a racial epithet like “nigger” or “kike”. That, in and of itself, should be enough to motivate the Washington owners to change the name. It is one thing for a private person to use racial epithets, it is an entirely different thing for an institution like the NFL to condone racial epithets within its organization. Mankind and his world are full of instances of hatred and jealousy and racism. I think we should minimize these negative aspects of our relationships, as much as we can. My two cents.

    • They make the argument that the term is used in a positive way, which I believe it is – how could you possibly come to love a team and think of it in a derogatory way? Back in the day, teams chose their monikers to represent strength and invoke fear in the opposition. The term Redskin was not used in derogatory fashion initially, e.g. “Redskins are coming – RUN!!”

      Heck, even nigger wasn’t initially meant as derogatory – it was the way uneducated and lazy people pronounced negro.

      What has changed is our population has grown so much, and technology has advanced so far that too many people have too much free time on their hands because they aren’t banging clothes against the rocks, or driving a team of oxen to plow a field – they feel they HAVE to do something, so they’re inventing problems in the world to solve.

      In terms of history, black people had far worse atrocities committed on them, and they are making a far greater attempt to be Americans and contribute to society than the Indians are.

  9. I also think Bridgewater is going to have the most impact on this season of our new additions. Munnerlyn will be a factor, and Barr also. Joseph will occupy a couple of blockers, leaving Barr to wreak havoc on the QB.

    • Even though I agree that Zimmer and Turner are going to be huge, I would want to leave coaches out of the debate. Doing so makes the answer much harder to predict with accuracy, but I’m hoping that Joseph has the biggest impact. I’d like to see him become the man in the middle that we have been longing for for so long, eating up blocks and plugging gaps in the middle. If he does his part well, the stats for the rest of the players around him are going to improve dramatically.

  10. After a couple of days of sun exposure Ive got a whole new attitude on this Redskin debate. WE NEED TO BAN THE SUN! Its causing an epidemic no a pandemic of Redskins. I cant believe Dan Snyder has the gall to use the NFL for degrading me. This is a serious issue. My skin is red and ….

    What kind of person would constantly assault me with such derragatory as Redskins?

    Please help me Obama!

    Why me? Obama why me?

    Do you know how humiliating it is to have Redskin?

  11. Last year, our biggest problem was defense probably the secondary. I think we need to see the biggest improvement there – not offense. So, I’m going to pick a member of the seconday – THE CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!

      • He’s better than Tarvaris but some of ya’ll are making him sound like he’s a good QB. He’s an average QB who played some DECENT not great games last year (along with plenty of bad games). I’m a little confused how people think our offense will be unstoppable with Cassel this year when it’s exactly the same as last year. Why didn’t Matt Cassel soar then? We were having this same debate a year ago with Ponder. He played a few adequate games but described by fans as AMAZING. I have zero faith in Cassel. Play Teddy.

  12. Ok Titus, can I pick two? Although we have a powerful offense in place I will say Joseph and the Captain. Our offense won more games than the scoreboard showed. Our Defense allowed the losing points.

  13. Even if you’re not a hockey fan, this is still funny….(Everybody in Canada outside Toronto hates the long-suffering Toronto Maple Leafs)

    (Q)….What do the Toronto Maple Leafs and whales have in common ?
    (A)….They both get confused when surrounded by ice.

  14. So, as I watched the trailer for Terminator, I had a strange revelation– I found the one with the female terminator– Terminator 3 and watched the trailer– I don’t think I ever saw that one. How can that be?

    • Met a lot of people doing room service– all the Highway Men– Kris Kristorferson, Johnny Cash, Waylan Jennings, Willie Nelson, Grateful Dead– Jerry Garcia several times, list goes on and on– taht is a teaser for now.

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